Apple has called Press conference on iPhone 4, to be held on Friday

As per the reports from Reuters (San Francisco), A surprise press conference was called by Apple Inc which will happen tomorrow i.e. Friday July 16 in order to discuss about the iPhone 4 problems. The company is currently dealing with reported reception problem that were found on its iPhone 4.

Apple press release on friday iPhone problems

On Wednesday, The representative of Apple Steve Dowling informed that, “Apple will hold a press conference on Friday at 10 A.M in its head office in California (Cupertino).

No more information was given by him regarding the need for the surprise press conference. During the press conference, Apple may address about the reception issues caused in the iPhone 4 when it was held in a particular way or may discuss about other issues.

iPhone 4 was launched on June 15th and from that day, Apple has been under fire from many customers and analysts regarding its inability to handle the reception problems on its smart phone.

Though this is a minor issue, Apple has made it to be a headliner due to its way of ignoring the problem or dismissing them and thus has strangled the customers’ relationship with them.

Lot of customers know that Apple will not provide replacement but may provide some solution like giving a iPhone Case for free or repair them all.

According to analysts, the iPhone 4 was a big hit and made history within 3 days as more than 1.7 million phones were sold out but it is an unacceptable success as there are mounting controversies or problems on the iPhone 4.

Lot of problems that were reported was about the reception issue on the phone. The report was that the signal strength gets decreased every time when some particular parts of the iPhone are touched.

The company has been charged by lot of customers regarding this issue. But, this problem was not reported by all the customers.

Apple has issued a statement earlier this month, that the cause of the reception problem is a software anomaly that impacts on the signal network strength. Some thought that the reason alone was not enough.

Lot of people feels that the problem was with hardware only. The antenna for the iPhone 4 is the steel band that goes around the phone, which may be the cause.

On Monday, the influential publication Consumer Reports suggested that iPhone 4 is not worthy to buy due to its signal problem and it has instructed Apple to fix the issues for free. This influenced on the Apple shares yesterday on Nasdaq, as it closed up 0.4 % at 252.73$.

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