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The total number of good downloads almost equals up to total number of bad downloads in the Android Market. Nearly 60,000 apps are available for Android devices. High Quantity doesn’t mean High Quality. There are nearly 19 apps that are waste of time.

The apps are varying from worse to danger. Some are ambiguous and undeveloped apps.

Google android useless applications

Type N Walk: This application is available at free of cost. By using this you can type while you are walking. This app allows you to see what is in front of you while you are typing. This application is using the android phone’s camera and overlay the text messages over the view while you are typing and walking, So that you may fall into a pit which is outside the viewing area of the camera.

Flight Deck– Artificial Horizon: This application is available for free. This application developer says that I am a private pilot and I designed this app as a back-up artificial horizon while I am flying. This uses the in-built orientation sensor in the android phone in order to provide the pitch and yaw info in real-time. Nice.. If you all the time wanted to be died in a plane crash.

Car Safety: if you have met with an accident the emergency alarm in your android phone will blow up. If this doesn’t happen within 1 min, car safety will be sending SMS with the GPS coordinates and the address where accident took place to a pre-determined number. Doesn’t works in the sleep modes at few phones. It uses the accelerometer of the Android’s phone to identify whether you are met with an accident. If I have drooped my phone the alarm may go off and the messages may sent and this makes some unnecessary troubles. Also this application will be sucking off your battery life.

Pocket Agent: Available at free of cost. This app allows you to contact your agent, view insurance policy information, submit a claim, check balances of State Farm Bank and Mutual Fund accounts, etc. you have to create online, protecting your account with password to file claims with the app. If you did mistype the password 3 times then the app will be locked and invited to make a call to a toll free number to reactivate it.

Instead of doing this you can simply make a call to your agent and you cna discuss.

Time Bandits

My Perfect Egg Timer: available for free. This will calculate the accurate time for boiling the eggs. By taking in to the account of the diameter, temp, and hardness of the egg the app starts an egg timer once the egg is in the boiling water. When the egg is about to be done you will be insisted to take off the egg from the water. This is really a waste of time. You can simply put the egg in a container which consists of water and boil it and take it off within few minutes

GTD Timer: Available at free of cost. Are you getting distracted easily? Or having a long list of jobs but not knowing how to start? The Merlin Mann’s idea might help you. Work for 10 min with full focus in completing a single task. Then have a 2 min break. This application will be timing you for 10 min and then for 2 min.

Try and install a real timer application like MultiTimer which also does the same thing, plus a lot more.

USA TV Guide: this application is also for free. This is claimed to be a time zone based three day TV guide. Actually, it simply opens up the Google Mobile page with the Spanish language.

Wow, if you converse Spanish, now you can look for a real TV guide.

Share your Board: This app available for free. This application is for capturing, processing and sharing up whiteboard data.  Save each idea which is popping up during meeting, a brainstorming conference.  With this application you can photograph and simply share the whiteboard from your office conference.

Alternatively the same thing can be done in a Android Phone. It is called camera.

eScrap Free. This provides the scanning documents with your phone camera. Functions: brightness, Fix geometry, contract. Share the docs with other apps. Limit of the free version: doesn’t support large size. Scanning is limited to 800 x 600 pixels

Actually this application has very less functionality than your phones in built camera and camera app. This is a negative point.

Getting Down to Business

Howtask: Free. This is like a To Do App. You can make a task, label it and assign a date for it. You mail the task or you can modify it or you can delete it. .. and that is all. The 1st task is to install a good app like Gtasks.

Second task: Uninstall the HowTask.

MyLetter-Handwriting on Phone (free): Exercise the MyLetter to make handwriting letter, MMS, notes, etc. full of your personal style. i.e. if your personal style is unreadable and childlike. The interface is uncomfortable and the resulting letter is in just a .png image with poor quality of words..

Why just make a letter on a paper and photograph it and mail the image?

Business Cards (free): shoot a picture of your business cards. Systematize them by organization and persons. The business cards can be zoomed. Find them. Mail them by email. You can also do the same thing using the inbuilt camera in your Android phone.

If you need a constructive way to systematize business cards, Google Goggles can pull out text from the business cards, and then add info to your contacts.

Beauty in the Eye of the App?

Skin Cleanser app: this app is available at a cost of $0.99 which utilizes a explicit sound frewuency and wavelength (yellow colour) form the Imperial Topaz gemstone to aid clean the skin of dark spots, acne scars and sun spots.

Ultimately, an expedient option to soap and water!

Acne cleaner: This is available at a cost $0.99. This uses explicit sound frequency and wavelength (blue colour) from the Lapis Lazuli gemstone to aid clear and detox the skin.

Move over, Proactiv.

Baby ESP Trial (1 week free trial) assists you “track when your baby Sleeps, eats, poops (ESP).”

If you require an Android application for that, possibly you must employ a nanny. Just a notion..

Beauty Weight Test (free): “Women’s Health is your cause for health, weight loss, fitness tips… can pass this baby- blocker test. Um, okay. It affords you with a chart which matches your (metric system) weight and height to let know you if you are overweight, thin or “ideal.”

Eye Brightener: This is available at a cost of $0.99. this uses a explicit frequency and a wavelength ( magenta colour) from the Rose Quartz gemstone to assist decrease the dark circles and bulging eyes.

I deduce it beats holding actual stones on your eyes.

Odds and Ends

Facebook for Android: This app is available at free of cost. This makes it easy for you to share your info with your friends. From your home screen you can share your status updates. Check your inbox, upload images etc.

Actually this functions less than web browser version of Facebook. Just make a bookmarking of the Facebook URL

Man Up! (Enhance Male Power): This is available at a cost of $1.99.  Just by hearing and listening to special brainwaves you can cure sexual dysfunctions which are caused due to stress.

Conceivably you and your mobile phone are spending a bit too much time in concert.

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