A guy’s experience with iPhone: Ups and Downs

On one fine morning, I woke up and the first thing that came to my mind was, “I had to get my new iPhone 4 today”.

It was known that Apple store would be more crowded and so I pre ordered my iPhone 4 from Best Buy, where it was less crowded and I got my new iPhone4 within few minutes.

iphone 4 experience

Now, it is in my hand, my new iPhone 4. I called many of my buddies and many of them were in lines to get their own iPhone 4.  I silently laughed at them without knowing that it may back fire me. I called my girl friend and she was also waiting in the line for her iPhone 4, it hurt me more when she said that she loves me.

That was her final words and from then it was just blank. I found that the call was dropped automatically, but it would seem like I have cut it intentionally. Reasonably, that was my last dropped call as from that time onwards I had avoided using my iPhone 4 in that position again.

This was reasonably better than its previous iPhone 3GS but the fear of the call being dropped due to antenna problems was always running in mind, whenever I was on a call. There were other disadvantages as well.

This retina display has made up of more pixels and so gives you sharp and crystal clear images, which only means that you would hesitate to use older mobile (screen display) again.

The multi tasking experience was great. You can not see the all the apps on the same screen simultaneously, but it still continues to run at the background. You can listen to songs at the background and surf on the internet. There are no slowdowns during multitasking due to A4 chips used. The battery allows it to run for many hours with various applications running simultaneously.

The camera with 5x zoom and HD 720P video recoding with LED is flash is great.

Apple has not got the flash support and so I can’t enjoy ESPN or hulu. I was not able to use Facetime, which needs you and your friends to be on WI-Fi and use iPhone 4 respectively.

I hope the free iPhone cases should solve my problem and make it special for me once again.

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