1 out of 3 Flights in U.S having Wi-Fi services

Getting connected on the internet is easy now, even on a midflight. Nearly, 1 out of every 3 of the flights that flies in the U.S is now having the Wi-Fi facility.

Though this is an indication for advancement in technology, many passengers think Wi-Fi in flight to be more costly, as for using the service for over 3 hours would cost you $13. Based on some criticisms on various blogs, passengers say that they get mystified on identifying the planes which has got the Wi-Fi service and which has not. Wi-Fi uses up your laptop’s battery power faster and so it is necessary to take a DC power chord with you.

1 out of 3 Flights in U.S having Wi-Fi services

Every flight except some are using Wi-Fi service provided by an Ill – based Aircell called Gogo from Itasca. The Website of Aircell states that, “Totally 8 carriers use these Gogo service, which is present on 968 flights. This means, out of the approximated 2,800 flights of U.S. Airlines that flies in the U.S, more than one-third of flights contains this Wi-Fi service”.

Spokesman said, “After May, 6 of the flights from Southwest Airlines has got Wi-Fi service on them from Row 44 Inc. Before May, there were only 5 but by the start of 2012 all the flights will have the Wi-Fi services”.

Row 44 and Aircell gives same experience, but Aircell provides its signals from radio towers in ground and Row 44 gives signals from Satellites.

West lake Village, Calif. – Based Row 44’s Spokesman said, “Row 44 was battling out with Aircell, but fell down in the race to equip the Southwest Flights, as it was waiting for approval from Federal government on the additional antenna vendor. Now, we are ready to resume the works with Southwest flights. Southwest is bringing Wi-Fi services at the rate of 15 flights every month and looking to accomplish the same for its 540 flights by the start of 2012. This was revealed by Southwest in his own blog”.

It is not sure if other US carries would try to offer services of Row 44. Hyman added that, “Aircell has grown well, but Aircell offer services from ground and so will be used in US only. Whereas, we use satellites and thus we offer “Global services.”

Mango Airlines from South Africa and Norwegian Air Shuttle also uses Row 44 services. Hyman claimed that, “We cover the entire airlines field with our services, while Aircell is only for US continents.”

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