Math Scramble Lite – Android Game for math lovers


Do you love to train your math knowledge when your idle? Then you must try out Math Scramble. Math Scramble is like a math game. From the given number balls you must select an equation to match the target answer. It is truly a brain challenging game from the math lovers. Further you can have a look at the top score in the ladder board. You can post your top score in the board only in the paid version. What for you’re waiting? Come challenge with the other math masters in the globe. A bigger equation will fetch you high score and also bonus time.

Math Scramble Lite

Review of Math Scramble Lite

When you begin the game, you will see a grids filled up with basic math operators +, – , x and digits starting from 1 to 9. A value will be appearing at the screen bottom and your aim is to make an equation within a given period of time that comes out to that value. You will get high scores if you use more numbers. More numbers = High score

Regrettably, the interface is simple and uninteresting. After a short while the game begins to feel repetitive. Something that actually displeases me is the fact that once you choose a number or a math operator, you cannot unselect it; if you like to change your ideas; you must clear the board and begin your equation from the foundation. In a game you playing against the ticking clock this can be frustrating.

Math Scramble is truly a good idea, but it requires some little bit work. The paid version features no ads and lets you to upload your top score to an online leader board.

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