Angry Birds Season Game Review

Amazingly new goody bag game Chocolate eggs and bunnies have been introduced in the Angry Birds Seasons after St.Patricks, Trick or Treat and Season’s Greedings. You can play the game for hours long till you get yourself something else to do. The challenges are physics-based demolition action and have lots of replay value. At each level, you need logic, skill and extreme force to knock your enemy down. You do this using the Angry Birds whose survival is protecting the chocolate eggs.

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A whole bunch of golden eggs – a bigger bonanza along with the chocolate eggs. The game is played by employing the unique destructive power of the Angry Birds to lay wastes to the pigs’ hideouts and drive them away from the eggs.

Now moving on to what the game actually possess..! it has exclusively over 85 new levels. Its obviously not a bird shoot game as we all might imagine on the words Angry Birds!! The birds face new obstacles flying over the elegant landscapes.

How did the journey of this game-The Angry Birds actually start? To this, Holloween theme kick started the series with pumpkins, bats, dangling lanterns, a full moon, and spooky trees offering 45 levels. Followed by the “Season’s Greetings” Christmas-themed pack with 25 levels which was a little lacking.

The game is dedicated to the wildlife and gives a logo out to “Protect wildlife” by playing Angry Birds.



The Rovio team’s effort is really worth appreciation for development for such a cute game. It is really one lively game that can change your mood on if you bored of your same old routine life. Playing this game can relieve you off your stress for sure atleast for a clock of time.

Though the levels become repetitive once you’ve played them a lot of times. You do expect a lot of tasks to be performed by the birds. Its obviously the human nature to yearn for something new every time. Not curse anyone apparently!!

Adding to this are the number of ads which count to a large number while playing. They do annoy atleast to an extent. Rather the applications and the ad-based models are really worth the pay. But the display of them at the start of every turn or at every four turns do interrupt the game.

Some amount of vicissitude must be brought into the game for the long life of it. Say not it goes out of the people’s minds very soon..

On the categories of usefulness, stability, fun, attractiveness and the expectations being met the game has been reviewed to be on an average of 40-50%

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