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Experience Office on your Android. Editing and Viewing Office files. View several image formats and PDF docs. It feature with options to ‘Create New Documents’, ‘Edit Word, PowerPoint & Excel’, ‘Cut, Copy, Paste’, ‘Format & Save’, ‘3D Document Viewing’, ‘Visual File Explorer’. Agree to the terms and conditions and start the download at Latest modifications are enhanced handling of email attachments, saving edited attachments, multi lingual support, Korean and Japanese screen layout, performance and general stability improvements.

Picsel Smart Office Review

The app can be used to edit and view all the common file formats, but the discomfited user interface makes it tougher for editing purposes.

Picsel Smart Office Android App

Among the several apps that tries to resolve the problematic & pathetic office doc support on Android, the USD 9.54 Picsel Smart Office app provides a way to edit and view PowerPoint, Excel Files, and Word Files, and can View but not edit PDF docs. Considering as a doc viewer, it can render many formats flawlessly. A toolbar present at the top section of the screen has a Find button that lets you search for texts. The Help button provides you with fast access to working manual, while the Reflow button will optimize the view in sync with the small screen.

3D feature is a unique button present on the toolbar that when pressed will switch the document view into bold formats and other formats that would make them appear in 3D.  You should make use of the 3D Glasses that has one blue lens and one red lens to visualize the 3D view. This feature will work perfectly for sure with this 3D glass on. But though, this feature is actually an eye catcher but has got nothing to do with technical aspects.

The Document Editing feature is a mixed bag. On one hand, one can do edit and save PowerPoint, Excel, and Words, and the formatting doesn’t distort in the process. On the other hand, you would probably doesn’t like to use the editing interface because it is so awkward. Even it is a challenging one for describing this awkward interface.

An integrated local file browser offered by Picsel allows you to find and open the files in your SD card. While the Picsel app doesn’t have cloud storage, you can open files and edit in the Dropbox if you’ve the application installed. Once you’re done with your editing of an existing file you won’t get the Save As option; the application simply overwrites the file. When you’re creating a new file you can choose the name for the file but not the destination – it simply saves the file in the /documents folder on your memory card.

You can also apply other features like lists to text, basic formatting, colours, but there is no option for inserting image. Picsel application consists of few basic default document templates like Dark and Light Presentations, Letter, Expense Report, which might be great useful than starting from scrape.

On the whole, this application is the best document viewer. Conversely, Documents to Go, the competitor offers superb free file viewer, so you really doesn’t need to purchase picsel for simply viewing the files.

Picsel will become a great application if its user interfaced improves, but for the time being you may try Documents to Go app.

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