OliveOffice is an application which is suited for Viewing files like presentations (ppt/pptx), word processing (doc,docx), spreadsheet (xls,xlsx), compiled help manual (chm) and portable documents (pdf). This application is available in different languages and this can be downloaded at free of cost. More features will be available in the later versions.

OliveOffice Review

OliveOffice Free Android App

OliveOffice lacks few key functions which makes it less attractive.

You can find that the Android is lacking an integrated office doc viewer. Few mobile manufacturers are bundling a crippled version of this application as a biased solution, but the function of the app is not so good until you purchase the upgrade key ($10) which unlocks all the features. OliveOffice application is a free document viewer which consists of a local file browser, but it also lacking key functions which would make it actually useful.

The main reason I don’t like this application is that it won’t appear as an entry in the Save dialog while downloading files from web browser or while previewing attached files in Gmail. These two are the most regular way of getting your office files to your Android and OliveOffice is of no help with them.

Another issue in this app is that few “supported” files are not really supported very well. When I tried to open files like .xls and .ppt the app got choked. We can only read the data’s in spreadsheet and we can’t do functions like calculations. The word files are looking fairly good, but the table formatting occasionally doesn’t render properly.

The interesting one in this app is the ability to view compiled help manual (.chm). This doc format is not so widely used as it was once, but it might be handy to have a manual doc on your handset, if you needed one. If you’re a tech support person then you may like this feature.

At present there is no editing capability offered by OliveOffice.   Other doc viewers such as Document To Go performs well, so for now there is not much reasons to go with OliveOffice

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