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Your own Virtual PC preloaded with dominant desktop applications such as Firefox and flash, Dropbox folder, Open office suite and much more! Faster and also more dependable than VNC/RDP remote desktop setups. With AlwaysOnPC application plus Fast internet you can place you laptop behind. Try it at free of cost from your PC or Mac at the site Recent changes:  Updated to high-speed hosting capability, So AlwaysOnPC application is way faster and also more reliable than the VNC/Remote desktop.

AlwaysOnPC – Office & Android Review

This dominant application allows you to contol a cloud-based desktop PC running Fedora Linux with 2GB of storage, Dropbox, Openoffice Suite, Firefox and many more open source programs.

AlwaysOnPC Free Android App

There are few applications available in the android market attempts to solve the issues of how to access, view and edit office doc with an android device. It is a hard job compounded by the boundaries of the small screen and keyboards, and by the fact, too, that lots of doc’s formats are proprietary and is thus hard for the developers of third-party to work with. AlwaysOnPC application offers a dominant, customizable, cross-platform solution which uses open-source software hosted on cloud-based, Fedora Linux PC.

This application is fundamentally a VNC client which allows you log in to a virtualized case of a full-scale desktop. You can register an acc for you in-app or online. Once you logged into your account, your android device will be opening a window of your remote desktop, which you can arrange and customize as like a normal PC. AlwaysOnPC comes up with a disk space of 2GB which is arranged as a usual Linux home directory. Furthermore, the superb Dropbox cross-platform cloud storage client comes up with preinstalled, so that you can add up an extra 2GB with a free Dropbox acc or pay for additional storage if you require it.

The thunderbird email client, firefox, the GIMP image editor, OpenOffice, the FileZilla FTP client, Adobe reader and the pidgin IM clients are some of the many full-featured programs present on your remote desktop. You can also install add-ons such as Xmarks or Firefox Sync in Firefox, so your bookmarks can be synced between the computers. And also you can use Web applications in Firefox, just like as you’re in your desktop PC.

I am very well stupefied with the performance of this application. Response times are also extraordinarily speedy with little latency. The interface is very well suited for touchscreen, with the pinch-zoom function featuring nicely. You can also toggle between the mouse mode, which makes use of your screen like a trackpad for moving the cursor, and touchscreen mode that keeps the cursor directly beneath your finger. According to me I feel mouse mode is quite precise.

Using Menu à send file you can simply upload your file from your device to your desktop PC. Unluckily, you don’t have the option of choosing the destination folder – all the files will directly goes to your Home folder. And also there is no direct way to download your files to your device. By installing the Dropbox application on to your android you can work around this and you can place the files to your Dropbox folder. The Dropbox application will allows you to save files on to your device – but that is a discomfited way to do something which really must be achievable in AlwaysOnPC.

This application offers the best doc viewing and editing experience among the other android application I have tested. Since it uses the tough and established OpenOffice suite, roughly every office file types works really well. Some Microsoft formatting might rarely provide incorrectly, but that’s factual to an even greater extent in other applications.

AlwaysOnPc application is also available on Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Linux PXs and Windows. This shows that with just an Internet connection you can access your remote desktop from anywhere.

Obviously, there’s a drawback: If there is no internet connection then you can’t use AlwaysOnPc application.  So if you want to have all the local copies of your files, make ensure they’re synced to your Dropbox folder.

So as long as you’ve internet connection, AlwaysOnPc is a great means to get some desktop-powered works done using your android device.

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