3D TV’s might be ordinary in homes within 2 years

Now within 2 years or so the 3D televisions will become ordinary as the prices of the 3D TV steps down. However most of the customer doesn’t like to wear 3D glasses at their homes and the 3D TV’s are only been on sale for a few months.

3D Television

Often, the new technology is not consumed by the consumers until the content is present, while the media companies are not encouraged in providing the content until the consumers consuming the new equipment.

But already the TV’s from Samsung are on sale, which are converting the 2D signals to 3D in real time, which means that the consumers are already started enjoying the images that are leaping out the screen.

Europe’s 2nd biggest electronics retailer DSG said that the TV sales are rising up to 50 percent every year.  However the spokesman of the DSG said that it is still in the early-adopter stage.

Samsung is the first company to sell the 3D TV this year, but the companies like LG, Sony and Panasonic are not just far behind.

Technology research firm ISuppli anticipate more than 4.2 millions of 3D TV’s are to be sold this year.

Interest in 3 dimensions is growing fast among the public and experts. The blockbuster movie “Avatar” has made interest for all people towards 3D TV’s.

ESPN had used the world cup “soccer” for launching its first 3D channel and the president of ESPN Reuters said that it had a great success with its coverage.

And in Britain, BSkyB, satellite broadcaster and its majority shareholder news corp are making its huge bets on 3D.  And by this year Sky planned to launch a 3D channel.

Robert Kerr, projects consultant said that when the price of the 3D TV goes down to 1200 pounds I won’t hesitate in buying 3D TV.

In Britain, the 1st Samsung TV was first sold in March for a price of 1800 pounds, and also 150 pounds for 3D glasses, which will be picking up the alternative images for right and left eyes.

Already some of the models prices are fallen down to 1000 pounds which includes the whole kits including the 3D glasses.


Generally, the new consumer technologies are considered to reach a blast-off point when 20 percent of the populous has it.

Imforma believes that the 3D TV will be taking off only when the need to wear 3D glasses is been removed, which may happen after the year 2015. However the IEEE’s Lipoff is saying that it may happen within 2 or 4 years.

Recently LG started providing 3D TV which can be seen by wearing a passive glass which is cheaper and also lighter than the battery-powered active-shutter glasses

But the TV sets are more expensive because of the intricate works done inside the TV set, which costs $2,200 in U.S.

This year, in Las Vegas, a new technology has been found that we can view without 3D glasses but only it can be viewed from particular angles.

Video and neurobiology expert Sean McCarthy said that “Not wearing 3D glasses might be more constrain than wearing 3D glasses”

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