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Top 5 cloud computing companies to watch out for

cloud computing
Cloud  computing  is  nothing but a marketing  term  that is used for technologies that provide computation, data access, software,  its storage services that does not require any end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that transfers the services. This is a general term for anything that requires delivering hosted services over the Internet. These services are generally divided into three groups:

  1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS)
  2. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The name was inspired by the symbol of cloud which is generally used to represent the internet in diagrams or flowcharts.

cloud computing

Cloud Computing Companies

Following are the Top 5 cloud computing companies in the market to watch out for:

1. Zimory:  This is a Berlin-based company that offers a technology that suites all the transition virtual data and centers into cloud based infrastructure. The main aim of the company is to offer high-quality cloud solution maximizing the efficiency as it knocks into resources that are underused. The novel open technology of this company can easily level thousands of machines to connect with several clouds. This firm’s Carrier Grade Cloud Computing collection is billed to be a widespread solution for organizing and managing safe and scalable public, private and hybrid clouds.

2. Abiquo:  This Company is the most promising company in this area.  It possesses a complete hypervisor support range which includes primary vendors, like,   Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Zend. The organization offers a permission-based ladder that enables ventures to forge public, private or hybrid clouds spanning data centers on as well as off the premises. It offers a support system to remove vendor lock-in problem through a drag-and-drag conversion for essential machines from one hypervisor to another.

cloud computing

3. Standing Cloud:  The simple scheme of Standing cloud company is “We do the sys admin so you don’t have to.  Sure, you could handle Web application management. But why?”   The Standing cloud organization provided various types of management services of big league cloud operators.

4. Appirio: Appirio hold itself with   technological as well as consulting challenges of enterprise’s adoption of cloud computing. Since 2006, the firm has helped to implement cloud deployments for 200 enterprise clients along with some of the most important vendors, which includes, Google, Sales force and Amazon.  It has also acquired VMG, a consulting firm which has been specializing in the learning programs as well as training of computing clouds.

5. Spanning Cloud Apps:  Spanning Cloud Apps, this company mainly specializes in the back up services for Google Apps on its LinkedIn page, which was originated to become the Norton Computing of the cloud computing age. This firm offers its famous service of Spanning Backup product on a free trial or annual subscription.

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JBL 2.0 Wireless speaker system Review

Sound evokes feelings and emotions and every resonance that you hear makes you feel alive. When you watch a movie, hear music or listen to a concert it is the sound that resonates from the speakers that makes listening a memorable experience. One of such outstanding speaker systems is from the JBL engineering group that has an expertise of renowned and quality loudspeaker brands for more than a decade. The JBL speakers give you a crystal clear sound clarity, power and precision in terms of sound features. The digital technology used in the JBL loudspeaker systems gives you a real time experience of pure joy of listening.

Technical Specifications

JBL 2.0 wireless speakers are a pair of set systems that have wireless installations. These speakers can be mounted on the walls in any part of the rooms and the unit includes a transmitter, amplifier, transceiver and remote control. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers operate on 2.4 Hz frequency giving a high quality presentation and powerful sound that can go above 70 feet and more. The speakers have magnetic protection for video applications, compact monitors with mini-jack input connection and a subwoofer output. The woofers have polylaminate shielding and a powerful 15 watt amplifier that gives a high frequency deep bass sound. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers can be used for home theatres, computers, and music players and any wireless sound system applications. The speakers and transmitters for JBL 2.0 system comes with wall brackets that can be surmounted anywhere in the walls of the rooms.


The JBL 2.0 Wireless speaker system comes within a price range of $200 and from 2 stores of internet the prices start at $ 179 and $ 186.95 at the and eBay respectively.


The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers do not have wires and give you a high quality sound performance. The speaker works with any products of wireless applications or headphone jacks including as surround channels for your home theatre system, music system, digital music system or computer system. The JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system gives a high quality crystal clear sound performance with the titanium laminated tweeters and on air control transmitters with a high frequency bandwidth of 2.4 GHz that can echo the sound up to 70 feet. The JBL speakers have titanium that makes it powerful and lighter in weight as well as producing high quality sound without any distortions and quirkiness at high frequencies.

The set up of JBL 2.0 wireless system is simple and as the speakers connect easily to the source of any wireless sound system application products. You can set up the speakers at choice of your place and plug the main speaker to the wall outlet. Match the ID codes and connect the second speaker and the system works in perfect symphony. You can use the remotes to control the volume or can switch to product source inputs. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers and transmitters come with surmountable wall brackets. Although there are some hitches with standby mode as the speakers go into stand by mode if the music volume stops or gets silent even for few seconds and at times the Wi-Fi connectivity slows down when the music starts streaming. Apart from this the JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system is great on sound quality, wireless application and a great buy for within $200 range product. So if you want to get the live musical experience of a concert, action movie or just music JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system is a good investment.


Card 2.0 : Time for advanced Credit/Debit Card

Citibank will starts testing an innovative new device called “Card 2.0” for credit card and debit card which securely links several accounts by next month.

Last month in Silicon Valley this innovative credit card shawls the show at the demo start-up conference. The card consists of embedded buttons and graphic displays. This card thin and flexible as a normal credit and debit card.

What is new in Card 2.0?

This card goes beyond the “credit or debit” cards to give you more. It allows the users to choose between 2 buttons on the card at register. One button allows the users pay with the reward points and the other button allows the user to pay with credit. The person who has these cards can pay with reward points that they have in the card.

What is it named as Card 2.0?

This Card is named as 2G (it is the second generation which is similar to the name which are given for the mobile gadgets); each one consists a chip and battery with about 4 yrs of life.

According to the reports, since May the Citi’s employees have been testing 2G cards and the bank is planning to roll the cards out to the customers in the mid 2011 or by late 2011. Some cardholders will be chosen by Citi to start using 2G card now.

Citi’s Dividend Platinum selected the MasterCard and its Premier Pass Elite, the both rewards-focused cards; this will be the 1st to be offered as the 2G cards.

The technology that is used in this Card 2.0 will be combining both the credit accounts and debit accounts enabling the card issuer to remotely neutralize the card, rewriting the card’s magnetic strips and turning it into a hopeless piece of plastic. The card 2G expects to radically lower down the efficiency of card robbery, lessening the amount of fake charges for which Citi is responsible.

Jeff Mullen is Chief executive officer of Dynamics, Inc., the company behind the cards. He said to The New York Times that the Citi’s 2G cards were just at the baby steps, saying, “We’re just scraping the surface with what these cards can play with these first products… We’re trying to be the novelty arm of an industry that has never had one.

Citi is hopeful the attraction of a ground-breaking product will draw customers that may otherwise have taken their card business elsewhere, giving Citi an aggressive advantage in a competitive market.

With more and more payment choices presenting themselves each day – and several experts are viewing this mobile devices as the payment method of the future – Citi is taking the steps to stay on the technology front position with the card 2.0. I think this card will be making a big revolution in the credit card system. We will have to wait and see how these flashy cards will play around this world in the future.

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New 3D Laptops – Soon Gonna Release

After the Avatar, a 3D movie peoples are very much interest in watching many 3D movies and this made the directors to make many 3D films. You can now see that many 3D movies are released. And recently all would know that the IPL are watched as 3D in theatres. This also made the many television makers to make a 3D television so that the people can watch 3D movies and also 3D TV shows.  And now, after a surplus of 3D video games, now the recent buzz that is around this world of technology is 3D laptop.

3D laptop

Although the idea of 3D laptops in India is relative at a emerging stage with not so many players competing for it as of now, yet the way in which the television industry is betting on 3D TV oblige the technology lovers to believe that the laptops comes with a feature called 3D and this will be soon launched in the Indian markets.

Well, the DTH players are also too making out plans to get themselves geared up to the next level of generation technology, the globe of 3D is simply becoming more exciting. What’s more, the 3D revolution is making their inroads to the globe of mobile phones as well.   There are some players who already planted their 3D laptops, realising that the economies of scale and many product innovations seems to be quite feasible.

Most of the 3D laptops are coming with a 15.6 inch display or even bigger than this display. According to the experts the time for the smaller screen may take some more period of time.

A 3D laptop requires a larger display say 120 Hzs or higher in order for having a high resolution transmissions, a wireless transmitter, a very powerful processor, active shutter glasses, very high end graphic card and memory any thing which ranges between 2GB to 4GB.  Polarising filters present in the laptop will be converting the 2D transmission to a 3D which needs the polarised glasses for viewing.

With a 3D laptop you can do things like digital photography, you can also capture images and also videos, you can also convert the existing video and also the photo documents into  3D by making use of software which converts your stills and the videos from 2D to 3D. 3D laptops are also a customisable one.

Are you a game lover?? If you are a game lover you can really enjoy playing 3D games by making use of 3D laptops. Usually a game lover will play the games more keenly and also more interestingly. If he starts playing 3D game in a 3D laptop he will be very much amazed and he will be playing it more keenly and more interestingly than previously. The 3D effects which looks like a real one to the player and this add up more fun to the player. Since 3D Laptop is portable you can carry it to any place you like and you can enjoy watching 3D movies and playing 3D games.

Its time to learn jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod or iPad

Unlocking your mobile phone is easy with But, this is still not 100 % perfect, but a better one, with which you can get some and lose some things.

The iOS UI is easy to use or jailbreak. A better way of jailbreaking is to use the safari browser and visit and slide the slider to start the jailbreaking that will be complete within minutes.

How to jailbreak iPod, iPhone, iPod

How to jailbreak iPod, iPhone, iPod

The Facts

The devices that run on iOS 3.2 and later version platform can be unlocked this way. The iPad iOS 3.2 or 3.2.1 version, the iPhone 3G or 3GS or 4, and 2nd or 3rd generation iPod touch iOS 4.0 or 4.0.1.

The method is independent of the ROM or SHSH blobs or iTunes version or PC or Mac, but depends on iOS only. You just need a Wi-Fi connection to connect your mobile to that site through safari browser. Update your iOS and backup your device before jailbreaking it.

Jailbreaking Issues

Jailbreaking cause your mobile to be unstable and it becomes worse as you start to use jailbroken applications. So delete those apps that you don’t want then and there. Some reported a problem that jailbroken mobile’s Facetime and MMS stopped working. Some got “server time out” issues while jailbreaking process was going on. When this happens, close the safari web browser and clear the cache and restart the browser and head to the jailbreakme site.

The jailbroken device may lock often and you have to restore factory settings. Apple has said that, when you jailbreak your device, you will lose out your warranty. 3rd party warranty issuer, Squaretrade though said that they will give warranty even for jailbroken device.

Real Easy

This method is commonly used by many from the year 2007 and is popular. Every iPhone or iPad or iPod user can make use of this method. There is a flaw in the iOS, which makes the jailbreaking process easy. This flaw will be fixed by Apple in the next version.

Apps for jailbroken devices

Use these apps for your jailbroken devices:

Here are a few of the important apps to consider once you do jailbreak:

  1. Backgrounder: providing Background for apps.
  2. Five Icon Doc: Places 5 icons in bottom dock
  3. My3G and 3G Unrestrictor: Used to trick apps that your mobile has Wi-Fi, when it only has a 3G.
  4. MyWi: transforms your 3G iPad/iPhones to a WiFi hotspot.
  5. Screensplitr: Depicts the iOS device on a PC/monitor.
  6. Multiflow: Move around your open Apps, right or left.
  7. Lockdown: Lock your apps with passwords.
  8. Spoofapp: phone calls recorder.

Its Legal

During June, the United States government has declared that jailbreaking of mobile are legal and the users are free from punishments.

But, Apple is clear that those devices that are jailbroken would los out their warranty. This means more ways for jailbreaking will be released soon and will be safe from the Apple’s lawyers. This means from now, you can enjoy jailbreaking or unlocking your devices in a legal way.

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Explore the world with Kayak’s iPad application

A new app for Apple iPad from Kayak will help users to select the best flights, which offers best fares to go to their destinations. There was a recent update made to the app which helps the users to know how far their budget can take them.

On Monday, the Kayak’s iPad app has got a recent update 12.2.0 which has reached the App store which has a new feature termed as Explore. This will guide the user in estimating the place where they can go based on the amount of cash they are ready to spend, the type of weather that they want to enjoy and the actions that they want to do after reaching that location.

Explore the world with Kayak’s iPad application

Kayak has changed its app name after the new update in order to show the app’s real function. Before the update, it was referred to as Kayak Flights and now after the update it is called as Kayak Explore & Flight Search.

Working of Explore: Once you start the application, you can select the destination place by selecting a button on the screen at the top right end. There will be 3 pop down panes at the bottom, where you can select the place you want to go, the type of activities that you want to enjoy and the weather condition of the place you are looking for, and an option to allow to pick a nonstop flight or not. When you have given your requirements, an orange coloured dot will emerge on the world map and on selecting the dot, will give you information about the destination and the cost for travelling to the point in flights. You can zoom in and out of the map by using the zoom feature on the app. You can refine your search with the slider at the top, by specifying your maximum and minimum cost that you are willing to pay. While you move your slider various dots may appear or disappear on the map.

The multi pane look on Kayak application will allow you to look out for flights, rooms and rent cars. You can activate the view by clicking at the flight button at the top. The update will allow you to do multi city searches.

This newly updated app is free and works on iOS 3.2 or higher.

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Anti-Theft Alarm Application for iPhone

Many iPhone users are concerned with the security of their iPhones. iPhones has about 1.7 million consumers in the world. It is important that you protect your iPhone from the theft as it is not a cheap gadget. To address this concern, LOLer Apps had created an anti theft app called Anti Theft Alarm. The Anti Theft Alarm is able to protect your iPhone by releasing a loud alarm.

Anti theft alarm application for iPhone

The developer created the Anti Theft Alarm app after being inspired by the world famous Viper car alarm systems. The app can be used in iPad, iPod and iPhone. If you installed the app, you will be able to set the alarm when you are about to leave your iPhone. If someone happens to move your iPhone, the alarm will sound aloud. After setting the alarm, you must quickly set it down within 5 seconds.

The app has a built in accelerometer. The accelerometer is able to detect movement of the phone. The alarm is a combination of 7 types of car alarm sound. The loud sound is designed to frighten the thief and bring attention to the owner. When the alarm sounds, the phone will vibrate. It also show police light animations. While the alarm is sounding, a car alarm message that says “please step away from the phone!” can be heard.

The app is useful for people that want to leave their phone in public place. If you are at the library, you can activate the alarm system to prevent people from stealing it while you are away. It is not suitable for people that are leaving their phone at home. Since you are away, you will never know if someone tries to steal your phone when the alarm sounds.
In addition, the app is easy to be deactivated. You just have to press the home button to deactivate the alarm. Therefore, the alarm is not effective and cannot be used to protect your iPhone in real life. It will work only if you are away to a nearby place and attending to it. The app does not recognize the owner of the iPhone. Anyone who comes across it can just press the home button to deactivate the alarm and steal it. Just like most of the app in the app store, it is a fun gadget that can be used to pull prank on your friend. The Anti-Theft Alarm app is for sale at $1 at Apple’s app store. It operates on MAC OS 3.1.3 and beyond.

Go : Google Programming Language

Go Google programming language
When Google is bound with any product, it is ought to be efficient and unique in its own way. Google has always been in for the excellence they render in whichever domain they enroll.

In the era when cloud computing and open sourced development is in progression, Google has launched a new programming language “Go”. This is an open sourced language based on C programming family. As also it incorporates elements of python and Pascal, which will help make the web pages faster and dynamic.

The computers are becoming more and more compact and advanced but the software development is far more sluggish. Today when web and computing have changed so dramatically and have reached upto cloud computing yet the languages empowering these developments are the same. Thus, “Go”, an amalgamation of python and C++ is expected to bring a revolutionary change in the computing world. Go seems to be more inspired by python , as python being one of the favourite languages practised by Google since the time, Google search engine was launched solely using python.

The “Go” language has been in development since Sep 2007, but is supposed to be revealed by Google along a free open source computer. One feature of ‘Go’ which makes an excellent innovation is that it has all the commonly used features like trash collection, maps, referring different parts using a single syntax etc. In the existing languages one had to choose efficient compilation, implementation or ease of programming all the features together were never available in the same current language. ‘Go’ is an attempt to combine the ease of programming of an interpreted and dynamically typed language. This language aims to the new computing world where all the applications and softwares will be available through various networked and multicore systems. This is expected to be very fast with the web pages and various other applications.

“Go” has very attractive features but to meet and maintain all of them is also very essential. This will be fulfilled by an expansive but lightweight system which will accompany the launch of “Go”. Later on you never know this might conquer the other systems too.

If you know the basics of C and python it won’t be difficult at all for you to understand the below code.

package main
import “fmt”
func main ()
fmt, printf(“Hello World” \n)
“Hello World”

What Solar Energy can do for us?

What solar energy can do for usSolar is a natural and the most valuable source of energy available to mankind. It is now that we have realized that this source of energy should be efficiently utilized. As technology advances we have now come up with various means of storing and reusing this energy. The energy produced by the sun is 6000 times the totally energy consumption of the entire universe.

There are various natural sources of energy like wind, solar, hydrogen and tidal waves. If these can be used at a wider scale can bestow an orotund economic boon for the nation. As these are clean sources of energy, they can become beneficial for nature and mankind. Man today has become more intellectual and smart. No doubt that the world has immensely advanced and explicated. But seeing the other side of this scenario, we have ruined the nature for a more a civilized lifestyle. So instead of adopting the route where we favour civilization against environment and nature, we should adopt the one which can have both going hand in hand. So we take a crucial step towards this by efficiently utilise the radiated solar energy for various purposes.

Solar power is generated by collecting the sunlight and converting into electricity by solar panels which are made up of solar cells. This energy collected and stored can be useful for many applications like the major one is to generate electricity. The alternatives can be for cooking by using various solar cookers, cooling your home by using solar air conditioners, solar chargers and solar watches. Taking into account all these applications and benefits of solar energy the world is unanimously progressing towards the development in this field.
Solar parking lot: – This is the first solar parking lot in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara County, California. This was the first solar powered parking lot which can sustain the sunlight and light up its own lights. As also the future electric vehicles can be charged here too.

Solar trees in the parking lot:
Dell sets up a very innovative way set up by Envision Solar to set up solar powered lights as also providing shade for parking spaces , an innovative way to use sunlight as a viable energy source.

World‘s largest solar power project:
India is one of the leading countries in the development of alternative sources of energy. This is a project in Gujarat state which was previously to provide 500 MW of electricity by 2014. But this has now increased to 3,000 MW.
Storage of solar energy:

MIT professor, Daniel Nocera who worked on catalysts found out that water molecules can be divided and can be utilized to store energy. He is known a “huge centralized energy person “.His recent researches are to find cheap ways to store solar energy and reuse it. Apart from this the has also found a chemical which is easily available and cheap for this purpose.

Many such projects are coming up all over the world every day. Thus ,we see that solar is the future technology which has to be made available at a larger scale at a cheaper and efficient way for current systems to work on it and make the environment eco friendly by using carbon free fuels.

Google Chrome- Cloud Computing Operating Sytem

Google Chrome Cloud Computing operating systemIn the 21st century where everything is automated and customised, we have a new type of computing technology taking a boon i.e. ‘cloud computing’. This is entirely based on the web. So it has become essential for computers to be upgraded to a new level now. Today, when most people spend most of their time on the internet , there is a need to grow in this field. There is so much evolution of web from Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and the upcoming Web 3.0, thus there is a demand for internet oriented operating systems. When Microsoft announced its new venture, “Midori”, which is based on internet and cloud computing platform, so how is Google going to be behind in this air steamed competition of demand and supply of open sourced, internet based operating systems.

Google is not a search engine, it is in fact one of the biggest company till date. With various successes through Google earth, Google navigator, Google chrome a long list to go. Google has always stood undefended by its research and development of their totally outstanding products. So , on July 7th 2009,Google announced its new operating system “Google Chrome OS”. They embarked their beginning to the era of operating systems. “Google Chrome OS” is going to be an open sourced , internet based operating system which will be based on Linux platform. This is mainly targeted for netbooks initially, but will be soon be available for desktops too. The focus of this OS is for people who spend most of their time on the internet. Google OS is a complete package of operating system consisting of web applications, Google navigator, Google wave and gear. The design goal for the Google OS will be to minimise the space and increase the number of applications, which is going to be a big task and challenge for Google. Also, they are working on the split screen feature where you can view various other contents side by side.

Android and Google chrome OS are the two latest ventures of Google. Though these two are completely different from each other and are developed for various purposes , one for mobile and other for netbooks but as said by Google “these might merge in the near future”. This OS will be supported by x86 and ARM hardware. The operating systems were developed when there was no web so now is the time to develop what can cope up with the ever changing requirements of the users. Google says that Google OS is just the extension of Google Chrome where they are working to satisfy their agenda of “speed, simplicity and security”. The designing of the OS is expected to be flawless so that the users may not have to deal with any security hazards or viruses.

So, as we see the competition to innovate an open sourced system is growing each day. But we can trust Google on creating something really unique and dynamic and hope they continue to invent more knowledgeable and innovative products in the near future.