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How to connect two Wi-FI devices?

In this modern world the technologies are getting developed drastically. And according to the modern latest technology peoples are making themselves to get suited to the conditions. In this world you can see almost everyone has a cell phone on their pockets.  And also you can see around 80 percent of the people using computers and approximately 50 percent of the people using laptop. In this world all the peoples are looking for technologies which are to be flexible and also portable one.
How to connect two Wi-Fi Devices

At first people were using dial up connections and then the technology moved on to broadband connection and then moved to wireless USB broadband and then to Wi-Fi. Now you can see almost all the people who have laptops or computer in their house has any one of the above internet connection. And now most people are using Broadband connections. The dial-up connections are outdated. And the Wi-Fi connections are usually used by the big corporate peoples only.

Now you can see that Wi-Fi options are found in laptops and also in the latest cell phone models. Usually the Wi-Fi connections are used by big companies and also by business persons. And also Wi-Fi is also used in colleges. Students are using their laptops or the latest cell phone to connect to Wi-Fi in order for browsing.  And now a new technology called Wi-Fi Direct is launched which will connect and Wi-Fi device with any other Wi-Fi device.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is about to launch a new connectivity called Wi-Fi direct which has the capable of connecting to Wi-Fi devices by using the current Wi-Fi standards. Starting form today the Wi-Fi Alliance will certify Wi-Fi direct services.

The communication via Wi-Fi devices are not at all a new one in this world. For example, the Nintendo DS already had device-to-device Wi-Fi interactions for a period of time, but that technology was proprietary

Wi-Fi Direct is differentiated by the Wi-Fi Alliance by certifying the standard, ensuring interoperability. The devices which are stamped with Wi-Fi Direct Certification don’t need any wireless networks, as they basically become micro-hotspots.

This latest technology will possibly allow the devices such as Eye-Fi memory card to directly beam an image to a wireless printer. Since this new Wi-Fi direct is of mostly software based, numerous recent devices must be upgradeable.

The Wi-Fi Direct Speed is based on the 802.11b/g/n channels, so we look at intra-device throughput at rates rising of 300 Mbps. The range also will be a major point and it is reasonable to imagine that the future Wi-Fi Direct devices will finally attain the distance as like to our home wireless networks.

The technology which will be undoubtedly suffering as a result of Wi-Fi direct is obviously Bluetooth. Though the Bluetooth is aimed, almost collectively, at close connections such as headsets, it will be tough to trump the speed of Wi-Fi Direct. Additionally, as like the other Wi-Fi functions Wi-Fi direct also uses the same transponders, so the manufacturer will possibly be fast to cut laid off technologies.

10 Reasons to Try out Ubuntu 10.10

Once the Ubuntu 10.10 hits the streets by this Sunday, I bet that all the existing Ubuntu Linux users will damn sure update to the new release. After all this looks to be the most user friendly Ubuntu Linux yet, and most of the new features swear to be the must haves.

For those, who are in the business world who haven’t tried Ubuntu yet, however, the reason to download and give a twirl are even more undeniable. Here are a few of them.

Ubuntu 10.10

Here are top 10 reasons to try out Ubuntu 10.10

1. Speed

Ubuntu 10.01 is the damn – darn fast. According to the reports the beta version could boot within 7 seconds.

2. Price

There won’t be any contest because Ubuntu is free. You don’t need to invest anything, unless if you need to buy the professional support later on.

3. No Commitment

Ubuntu can be tried out in the computer without any changes or affecting anything thro’ options such as Live USB or Virtualization, LiveCD. You have nothing to lose in trying out this in your computer.

4. Hardware Compatibility

Ubuntu will be working well on any machine you may sit around, so you can try out his on an extra one to keep it off your Windows machines on the whole.

5. Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is the one which gives you the personal cloud services which allows you to synchronize all your notes and files and then you can access all these from anywhere. And also you can combine your computer and cell phone contacts and share the docs and the pictures with them. By using Ubuntu One you can buy music’s and gets it delivered to the computers of your own choice

6. Windows Compatibility

Ubuntu 10.10, a beta client for windows also lets the users to integrate their Ubuntu worlds and Windows by accessing the files from either of the platforms. You don’t need to worry that you can’t able to get at your windows files.

7. Applications

Ubuntu has the key business productivity software for free which include There is also Firefox included but there is also support for Google Chrome and Flash. Anything which is not there already, in the interim, can be found in the Ubuntu’s Software Center. Finding a software on windows is like a hunt-and-peck process, with so much hours has to be spent on the Google – and your debit card – the software center offers you the central place to locate and download 1000’s of open source app for free in just a few seconds.

8. Security

Ubuntu is extremely secured one, particularly when compared with windows and Mac OS X. The experts all recommends us that using the Linux for online banking is secured one and the other are just not secure enough.

9. Multi-touch

When you try out the Netbook Edition of Ubuntu on a Netbook, you can find out the new multi-touch features in Maverick’s new Unity interface.

10. Beauty

On chief thing that can be found on Ubuntu is that it’s more aesthetical and beautiful to use. The Unity Interface in the Netbook Edition and the Ubuntu’s Font Family are all looking beautiful.

Starting form this Sunday Ubuntu 10.10 will be available for download from Canonicals’ Ubuntu site. If you once started using Ubuntu for your business, then you will keep it for longer period.

Apple’s iPad – Some Good things and Bad things

Here in this article I am going to describe a few important things about apple ipad that every iPad users must know.

Good Things about Apple iPad

Apple iPad Good things

I feel that iPad is the one which truly looks like a notebook.  The basic interface found in the iPad is really damn good and the performance is truly swift.

Although we use portable computer for reading, computer doesn’t gives us full satisfactory result. but the iPad is a book-like with touch screen, instant-on ability and its simplicity makes me to think that this really superb one for reading e-books, magazines if you stay out from direct sunlight.

The battery keeps on going. When I first bought my iPad and when you took the iPad out of my box I found it was 89% and I didn’t charge it for that whole night and I found on the next day it was only 20 percent.  This is well suited for all the working days.

The keyboard was quite surprisingly tolerable one. The keyboard of the iPad is of different beast. Already the iPad app store is fully packed with lots of interesting application. I believe there is no platform which doesn’t have these many applications as like the iPad.  Apple’s ipad $40 is surprisingly effective. This case really protects your iPad from many hits.

The Bad things about Apple iPad (or at Least the Imperfect)

Apple iPad bad Things
I see that the ones which I have encountered are of 3rd party application rather than the system software.

You may get trouble in charging it. Many people from American’s iPad users got a message “Not charging” when they plugged their iPad via USB cables. The Apple said that if the iPad is charged while in it is off condition there won’t be any problems.

I thought that iPad’s version Safari will run web application as like as the OS X safari than like iPhone safari. But it works only for some time. We got a good Gmail version for iPad but the version of Google docs is not good except spreadsheet.

I am not quite sure if anyone nailed the magazines and newspapers yet. The New York Times Editors choice application is a gem User-Interface and also it is free, but it just offers only handful number of stories. The Times interface will really make everyone to scroll down to view the most of the content.

Another thing about papers and magazines on the iPad: IPad is really such a beautiful device for reading the web that the bar is tremendously high for the contents that is given in other forms. I believe that the publishers who need us to pay for the contents in the downloadable form may need to snatch the free versions from the sites.

Even thought the iPad keyboard is not so good, typing is really an interesting challenge. Using the laptops and computers, you can easily type by using your fingers on the keyboard and your eyes on the screen as long as your typing is good. But on an iPhone the keys and display area will be displayed in a compact form and it is easy for us to have a good glance simultaneously. But in iPad the size is intermediate and the all-in-one design is different. Till now, I have trouble in typing and i keep on looking at the screen what I am typing simultaneously.

Apple iPad – 5 useful Tips and Tricks

The people who doesn’t like to see the owner’s manual can read this article to know some tips and tricks about Apple iPad, which helps you to get the most out of your tablet.

Here in this article I will be speaking about few points on how you can use your iPad very easily and also quickly. In this article the apple ipad tips that you find are all tested and thus you can share these tips to your friends.

Apple ipad Tricks

1. Open Links in a New Window

Remember that in Safari you can simultaneously load multiple pages. If you see a link in page and if you want to see that link without affecting the current page you can open that link in a new window.

In order to do this step you must press and hold on the link until you see “Open in New page” and thus doing so Safari will be loading that link in a new window.

If you want to move on to another page or to return to the previous page you can click on the icon which looks like a 2 overlapping boxes or pages. Thus when you click on this icon you can see view all the pages you have opened. Form this you can click on any of the X buttons to  close the page.

2. Activate AutoFill option in Safari

The person who allow only trusted persons to use their iPad can make use of the AutoFill option which is really a wonderful time saver which automatically remembers all your user Id’s and passwords.

In order to activate this option you have to save all the details in your contact then click on the settings and click Safari and then click on the option AutoFill and then keep both the options ON and then choose the files form the contacts in the My Info field.

3. Quick Mute on Your iPad

Though there is no mute button in iPad, you can still rapidly make your iPad silence by just pressing the volume button. By doing so the volume in your iPad will quickly reduced to zero within 2 seconds.

4. Make Use of the Home Button

There is a button in iPad called Ipad’s home button which will direct you to your homepage, but this also has other functions and it is worth knowing about it as well.

In order to access these functions move to settings and click on the General and then choose Home. Here you can choose which functions you like a double click on the home button to carry out, such as accessing the iPod or opening up Spotlight Search.

Here in this area in settings you can make the iPod Controls to ON, which means that while you the music is playing and you are in accessing another program or application, a double press of the Home button will direct you to the basic music controls.

5. Add a Website Shortcut to Your Home Screen

In iPad there is quick way by which you can add your favourite sites as a shortcut directly to your home screen.

Go on to the webpage which you want to create a shortcut to, click on the + sign which is at the top of the page and then click on the “add to Home screen.” This shortcut offers you one click to your frequently used sites.

Top mobile phones 2010 – Hottest Mobile Phones

This article contains list of top mobile phones of 2010.
Nowadays, Mobile Phones are considered to be one of the important things that add up to your fashion element or style. Most of the people, right from young to old, have a mobile phone on their pocket. So, it is essential that you remain different from the others on choosing your mobile phone. I can help you on this, by briefing some of the hottest mobile phones that are talk of the town now.

Top Mobile phones

Top Mobile phones 2010

Samsung Galaxy S

The Galaxy S handset that is launched by Samsung sports a beautiful glittering display screen, am8 mega pixel Camera that allows 720p Video Recording. The hardware specs of the handset consists of powerful 1 GHz Processor, inbuilt GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, all working on Google’s Android 2.1 Operating System (will be upgraded to Android 2.2 soon) and a whole lot of apps from the Android makers. The Samsung Galaxy S comes for Rs 29,000.

Apple iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS from the Apple is one Smart Phone that sets the standard for all other handsets. The support from App store for free downloads along with the brand name makes it a tough phone to beat. It is expected that the Apple iPhone 3GS will continue to dominate even after the new arrivals like Samsung Galaxy S, until the iPhone 4 reaches Indian stores. The Apple iPhone 3GS will be available for Rs 31,000.

HTC Legend

The HTC Legend is made up of a single complete Aluminium block making it more rigid and to give a better or rich feel. HTC Legend with the HTC Sense User Interface atop and running on Android 2.1 Operating System platform making it a tough competitor to beat, when comparing with other ordinary Smart Phones. The TC Legend will be available for Rs 25,000.

Motorola XT720

The XT720 from the Motorola appears odd with its Sleek look is a capable phone featuring a wide range of connectivity options. This handset also works with the Android 2.1. XT720 has got an 8 mega pixel Camera that allows 720p High Definition Video Recording, HDMI output support to connect the handset directly to the HDMI supportable TV. The Motorola XT720 is available for Rs 28,000.

Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 looks complete in its specifications, appearances, features and functionalities. The Nokia N8 sports an AMOLED Capacitive Touch Screen and is perfectly built. The Nokia N8 runs with the latest Operating System Symbian ^ 3 OS. The handset comes with inbuilt memory storage of 16 GB and can be expanded up to 48 GB. This memory storage capacity is regarded as the maximum so far from the Nokia or any other Smart Phones that are released till now. The other exciting features include USB On the Go (connect the phone with USB supportable devices and perform data transfer easily), Wi-Fi connectivity, High Definition Video Recording along with the HDMI output port to connect it with the HDMI supportable TV. It sports a 12 mega pixel Camera that has the Xenon Flash. This Nokia N8 has got all the features you want and is available for Rs 24,000.

Now, it is up to you on deciding what is best for you!!! Tell us by commenting how did you find our list of top mobile phones in 2010

Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

Ritepen is an amazing tool to which helps you to write on your computer screen. By using computer you can type your words into documents. But in practical we use our fingers around pen and papers as a more convenient platform than using the windows application. Thanks to the tool Ritepen ($40, 30 day free trial), however, You can use pc that has graphics tablet or you can use your tablet PC to write notes, sign contracts, mark up documents and do a 100 other stuffs, for all their advantages, the pc’s doesn’t handle very well.

Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

RitePen uses any manual input devices, like your finger on a touchscreen, graphics tablet or even mouse also. RitePen’s primary function is that it runs in the background waiting for inputs. If you make use of a graphics tablet or a tablet PC, just placing your finger on the screen engages RitePen. When you run a word processing application you can simply write whatever you like anywhere on the touchscreen and the RitePen will be turning your handwriting into an electronic texts in the doc. Obviously it will not be perfect, so the program lets us to review the words which it has converted, and make the corrections if RitePen was not able to fully convert the chicken-scratch handwriting. If the program doesn’t precisely guess the letters, simply scratch out the incorrect letter and the RitePen offers us a list of words from which you get the exact words.

In 64 bit version of Windows Vista the RitePen works swimmingly, but I got a problem when I tried to annotate a doc in writer: A default settings present in the word processor responds to a long mouse-click, where it pops up context menus. Some of the program also does this, so I turned off the feature in just in order to trigger RitePen, and pops up the context menus. But these kind of problems are exception ones. Word, Adobe reader and excel takes the inputs from RitePen very easily as if I was typing the letters or words or numbers directly to the programs.

RitePen also offers you to mark up the text with the handwritten notes or highlighting the paragraphs with a translucent highlighter marker. When you are using the Microsoft Office the program automatically start inserting the mark ups as comments, so that they don’t mess the body of the document.

This RitePen is sold by Vendor Ritescript, a division of Evernote Corporation for $40 and gives forthcoming customers a 30 day trial. However, there is an alternate way offered by the company to get this program: using a service called TrialPay, where you can sign up for other services or products via a website. Some the services offered are very much useful than others and some are just the trial versions of the other products. TrialPay cautions you that they could stop your access to ritepen when you cancel the trial, but a spokesperson of Ritescript clarified that, “once a person got the free licence for the entire copy of RitePen, he can/she can use that licence continuously.” It doesn’t matter however you got the license key, the RitePen does its works very well, you may just wonder how you managed these days without it.

Top 10 best free applications for Android phones

Now a day people started moving from using basic model mobile phones to high class mobile phones to keep them self entertained. Youngsters have started purchasing Android phones which keeps them entertained. It can be little overwhelming when you buy your first android mobile phone. There are many free applications available for android owners. Here in this article you can find a list of 10 free applications for your Android phone.


As a first step download free Appolicious application that will helps in building your application library by suggesting applications you may like based off the applications you import.


Bump application is a virtual business card. This bump applications is available at free of cost. By using this free application you can swap all your contact information, applications and photos with other users of the bump application with a just fist bump.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote notepad notes application is available at free of cost in internet. This application makes it easy for you to make a to-do list and you can place it on your mobile home screen using Android widget. This free application is perfect for setting remainders, color-coding notes and password protecting private information.

Google Earth

Google earth application can be downloaded via internet at free of cost. You can teach you kids by yourself by simply swiping your finger with this free application. By using this application in your hand you can have an unbeatable view of this world. Personal Finance

By using this free application you can monitor your multiple accounts and loans from your suitable place. This application includes password protection, global search function and an android widget for your phone’s home screen displaying the recent transactions.


Nook is a free application which can be downloaded via internet. This free applications is powered by book seller, Barnes and Nobles, which offers billions of ebooks for sale and also a library of free selections. By using this Nook application you can share your purchases with one Nook-loving friend for 14 days.


Peapod is an application available at free of cost. By using this free peapod application you can easily order your weekly foods from the comfort of wherever you are.

Pandora Radio

The great music website is also available as a free application. You can create your own free customized radio stations by using this Pandora radio application. By using this Pandora radio application you can listen to any songs at anytime and anywhere.


When I began to move to from using iPhone to Android, I thought that I would be lost without my Words with Friends application. But I found a free Wordfeud application for my Android phone. By using this free application you can play fake scrabble with friends and strangers

Vignette Demo

Vignette Demo is an application which is available at free of cost. By using this application you add more than 100 effects to spice up your photos.  With this Vignette Demo application you can take full screen and also panorama shots and you can effects such as cinematic, vintage and much more.

Tips to keep your Laptop Safe

In today’s life people started to move from using personal computer to laptop. The reason behind using laptop is that you can use it anyplace you like. Buying a laptop is not a great thing but keeping it and using it safely and securely for a long time is the great thing. Here in this article you can find some few tips which will help you to keep your laptop safe and securely for a longer period of time.

Lengthen your battery life.

In a laptop, the laptop screen consumes most of the battery power. So, go to the settings and keep your laptop screen to dim in order to keep your battery last for long. And also disable all your unnecessary CPU cycle eating processes like Wi-Fi detection and Bluetooth devices to make your battery for a longer time.

Protect your keyboard and screen.

Keep your keyboard protected from stray crumb getting into the cracks with a protective cover. By using the iskin you can protect both your keyboard and screen from scratches. Alternate way is to use some piece of smooth thin cloth on your keyboard. By using some compressed air, cotton swabs and elbow grease you can clean your sticky and fury laptop keys

Keep it cool.

After few hours you can feel the heat from the laptop which burns your thigh and wrists. If this happens just keep a material which does not conduct heat in between your skin and lappie.

Secure your data.

Secure data on laptop

Secure data on laptop

When you’re on open wireless networks just make sure that you got a firewall installed on your laptop and the settings are made restrictive. And also make sure that you have turned off folder sharing and any local servers that you run to keep others peeking on your data’s. Make sure you assigned a strong password for your laptop login.

Carry it carefully.

Carry Laptop carefully

Carry Laptop carefully

You will be carrying your laptop to so many places where your laptop will be placed in different positions. So, make sure you carry it well so that you don’t make any damage to your laptop. Make use of a bag to carry your laptop which will protect your laptop from when the bag falls or when it is kicked. There are so many bags available for laptops but choose the best one which will protect your laptop when it is kicked or when it falls down.

Back up data once you get home.

backup laptop data

backup laptop data

Since laptop is a portable one, it is leading to more wear and tears and this makes failures to your hard drives. So create a back up on your laptop. So once you reached your house back up all your important data to an external drive.

Pack few helpful extras.

If your laptop has CD-R and DVD-R drive make sure you have empty CD’s and USB for easy backing up your data on the road. And obviously an extra charged up battery, Ethernet cable or phone cord, extra mouse will be a helpful addition to your portable laptop.

Drawback of iPhone 4G

Drawback of iPhone 4G. Apple has released their new version, iPhone 4G. Let’s took a look on this and have the latest drawback of iPhone 4G.

One of the major changes we have found in the iPhone 4G that is lightweight body. Apple says, new version is 25% thinner and lighter than previous models. Of course, the weight difference is barely noticeable and just aesthetic changes.

New Release IPhone 4G have a high resolution display capabilities. Maximum output on screen artificially maintained at 960 x 540, with half display that can project on Full HD LCD / LED TV. It is a great improvement. Many people like to watch videos on portable devices. The new resolution just made the iPhone as a powerful multimedia mini monster. Of course, playing audio line is already legendary.

Previous models were capable iPhone to connect WI-FI net phones. But now 4G technologies, which makes it even more portable stronger internet device.

It also contains high resolution 5 mega pixels camera and added front camera for one of the most prominent enhancements.

iPhone 4G can do video calling now. This is a new feature, however, depends on user preferences. Some people may find it as a good novelty.

With an updated style, shiny new screen, fast processors, iPhone 4G have become the market leader among the smart phone. In addition, its brand advertising device for Apple’s new operating system, which gives long-overdue collection of functions which are not available in other smart phones.

The device is coated with a total black chrome finish and engraved with the Apple logo on the back and recording. The device supposedly came from some prominent features of iPhone, such as a tiny speaker that has a rectangular shape and the home button. It seems that the iPhone 4G bit thicker, higher and sharper. In your new iPhone you can use 80 GB capacity, front facing camera with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, 3G HSDPA, HTML (Safari) browser, and A-GPS.

Display of iPhone is always high at standard. According to the report, mobile phone comes with a stunning display to feature 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touch screen, which boasts 16 million colors and 640 x 960 pixels. Some high-end features on display include scratching the surface, the sensor to automatically shut off, accelerometer sensor for auto rotate.

iPhone 4G is a compact, nice and attracting, but there is some concerns. Call admission even now there is a problem and we are concerned about the new antenna. At the edge features, we welcome the multi-tasking with outstretched arms.

5 Best iPhone Apps to Read Latest News (Italy)

5 Best iPhone Apps to Read Latest News. Today we offer five useful iPhone applications to read latest news from your favorite news sources.

1. Il Sole 24 ORE
The Il Sole 24 ORE iPhone app will keep you informed regarding news from the world economy , finance and legislation. They provide quality graphics to ensure a good reading experience, possibility to save the items and mark them as Favorites are the main characteristics of the application. (To use the service you must subscribe).

2. SKY TG24
Sky TG24 app for iphone allows you to view on your iPhone the channel dedicated to Sky News, leaving them constantly updated on news from the world. The Services that allows you to access Sky TG24 Active thanks to which you have access to a range of insights about the most important news of the day by video on demand. The iphone application has functionality Adaptive Bit Rate adapting video quality to the actual bandwidth of your connection. (To use the service you must subscribe)

3. La Repubblica
Simplicity and pleasure of reading. These two elements that characterize the application for the La Repubblica iPhone app. With this app you will read not only the national version, as well as 9 locales La Repubblica. Ability to store items for a reading even when offline. (To use the service you must subscribe.)

4. Corriere della
The free iphone application offers comprehensive coverage of news of the day and promotes, photo galleries, weather forecasts, stock market quotes and financial news as well, worthy of note, the Archive function, whereby you can save the articles to review them off- line, Special feature with which you can deepen the news about the major events of the day, and the Live tracker through which you will see scrolling real-time breaking news. (To use the service you must subscribe.)

5. La Gazzetta dello
The application on iPhone will once again all the news on the official website of Gazzetta dello sport. Among other functions, to highlight the many images relating to news, the opportunity to receive information customized with your favorite team, as well as the ability to save the news and making it available for later reading offline. (To use the service you must subscribe.)