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Here, you will find download links and reviews of free android games. We pick up free android games available in the market and review it for you.

Air Control Game Review

Air Control game is a technically free, ad-supported release. Air controller Game being one of the most applied and working application. This concept is being used in this game. Let me tell you that by just the use of your finger you can guide planes to land properly on the strips. It proves completely a new experience as this game is something very new from others.

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For people who play on complications, this game acts widdershins…! Don’t gaze at how it could be designed. For that moment have fun playing and let off other thoughts subside else where. Knowing on your taste try the air control and am sure it would be a great experience for fresh users…

Click here to download the game.

The Red Stone Android Game Review

The Red Stone – the name elucidates that you need to push the big red stone out through the exit. Reading this you might think that’s not a major task! Is it? Then you really need to cognize that it’s pretty hard. You have to shuffle the big ‘King’ square that’s four times of the normal ‘pawn’ squares to move out through the exit.

Red Stone Photo Android

Square-shuffling games are not new to us, but this one has few squares and requires high skill of how you can exit your red stone. In most cases, chances are you getting baffled. This does not mean give up, push through and do it.

Angry Birds Season Game Review

Amazingly new goody bag game Chocolate eggs and bunnies have been introduced in the Angry Birds Seasons after St.Patricks, Trick or Treat and Season’s Greedings. You can play the game for hours long till you get yourself something else to do. The challenges are physics-based demolition action and have lots of replay value. At each level, you need logic, skill and extreme force to knock your enemy down. You do this using the Angry Birds whose survival is protecting the chocolate eggs.

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A whole bunch of golden eggs – a bigger bonanza along with the chocolate eggs. The game is played by employing the unique destructive power of the Angry Birds to lay wastes to the pigs’ hideouts and drive them away from the eggs.

Now moving on to what the game actually possess..! it has exclusively over 85 new levels. Its obviously not a bird shoot game as we all might imagine on the words Angry Birds!! The birds face new obstacles flying over the elegant landscapes.

How did the journey of this game-The Angry Birds actually start? To this, Holloween theme kick started the series with pumpkins, bats, dangling lanterns, a full moon, and spooky trees offering 45 levels. Followed by the “Season’s Greetings” Christmas-themed pack with 25 levels which was a little lacking.

The game is dedicated to the wildlife and gives a logo out to “Protect wildlife” by playing Angry Birds.



The Rovio team’s effort is really worth appreciation for development for such a cute game. It is really one lively game that can change your mood on if you bored of your same old routine life. Playing this game can relieve you off your stress for sure atleast for a clock of time.

Though the levels become repetitive once you’ve played them a lot of times. You do expect a lot of tasks to be performed by the birds. Its obviously the human nature to yearn for something new every time. Not curse anyone apparently!!

Adding to this are the number of ads which count to a large number while playing. They do annoy atleast to an extent. Rather the applications and the ad-based models are really worth the pay. But the display of them at the start of every turn or at every four turns do interrupt the game.

Some amount of vicissitude must be brought into the game for the long life of it. Say not it goes out of the people’s minds very soon..

On the categories of usefulness, stability, fun, attractiveness and the expectations being met the game has been reviewed to be on an average of 40-50%

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Math Scramble Lite – Android Game for math lovers


Do you love to train your math knowledge when your idle? Then you must try out Math Scramble. Math Scramble is like a math game. From the given number balls you must select an equation to match the target answer. It is truly a brain challenging game from the math lovers. Further you can have a look at the top score in the ladder board. You can post your top score in the board only in the paid version. What for you’re waiting? Come challenge with the other math masters in the globe. A bigger equation will fetch you high score and also bonus time.

Math Scramble Lite

Review of Math Scramble Lite

When you begin the game, you will see a grids filled up with basic math operators +, – , x and digits starting from 1 to 9. A value will be appearing at the screen bottom and your aim is to make an equation within a given period of time that comes out to that value. You will get high scores if you use more numbers. More numbers = High score

Regrettably, the interface is simple and uninteresting. After a short while the game begins to feel repetitive. Something that actually displeases me is the fact that once you choose a number or a math operator, you cannot unselect it; if you like to change your ideas; you must clear the board and begin your equation from the foundation. In a game you playing against the ticking clock this can be frustrating.

Math Scramble is truly a good idea, but it requires some little bit work. The paid version features no ads and lets you to upload your top score to an online leader board.

Star Traders RPG Review

The Star Traders RPG is a wonderful game for your Android mobile. Start commanding your ship and have a fun journey all around the galaxy in a marathon Space City Simulation. Pick up the sides that you like in a big solar war and you start playing as Smugglers, traders, assassin or even pirate. You can buy or sell or battle and also pilot over eighty unique starcraft. Being a captain you can explore, discover and quest on forty plus planets.

This Star Traders RPG is an awesome animated turn-based tactical RPG (Role Playing Game). If you like this Star Traders RPG Please Rate it. This Star Traders RPG features a pro soundtrack. This is very well hit with the fans of Serenity, Star Wars, Battlestar Galatica and Firefly.  Your ship which is under your command will be under constant risk both internally and externally. Will you be in position to manage all your available resources, officers, crew well enough to make a good profit on your contracts and trades? Those who do will come under the Faction’s elite Star Heroes and those who fail will be branded bandits and crimelords.  The elite is upgraded with new ships, new contract types and new rumors on a regular basis. Enthused by games like Master of Orion, EVE online, Pirates!, Space Trader and many more classic computers RPG’s. If you truly like adventure, sci-fi RPG, Action RPG with in-depth you might have fun with Star Traders space role for sure. This is the one with full character control and customization. Have a great journey around the galaxy in this RPG.

This Star Traders RPG features five different skills, six character classes, hundred different capital space craft. Modify your crafts and ships with twenty five different improvements. If you think that something that has to fixed don’t hesitate to email or post a post in the forum.

Review of Star Traders RPG:

Star Traders RPG is an animated indefinite game of combat, trade and exploration. This looks similar to the Pirates and Traders game, but with a Science-fiction alteration.

As with the Pirates and Traders, the way you play the game and what kind of ways you get engage is purely up to you. You move to many star systems trading goods, exploring planets, attacking other spaceships and going on missions. During these times you will accumulate a forever growing crew that you should feed and keep them happy. As you progress into the game, you can pick up your attributes and also your ships, which often need repairs. And also you can purchase new spaceships that are available. Accepting a precise mission can be a risky proposition. Gaining good turn with one political group or merchant might involve earning the hostility of another. But you require some money to carry on, so you can’t turn your nose up at each and every mission which comes on your way. You’ve to risk in making some foe sooner or later.

My very big protest with this Star Traders RPG is that there lacks polish in writing. Few of the Game’s prompts are quite hard to understand, and also help segment was not always lucid either. Overall this Star Trader RPG is very well developed and very interesting game to play.

The above review covers only Star Traders RPG – Free version. There are 2 other version available – Paid version and Star Traders Mini. Paid version features much more complexity. Star Traders Mini is the one for the people who has mobile like G1 mobile phones which has simpler hardware.

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Bebbled : Free Andorid Application

Bebbled Review

Bebbled is one of the most addictive, challenging and enjoyable games present in the android market.

Bebbled Free Andorid Game

If you are a die hard fan of Bejewled then you will definitely find it easily to get addicted on bebbled. Bebbled is a challenging one yet it is highly addictive puzzle game which makes intelligent use of the phone hardware; I have tested under several Android devices, and it worked fine on all of them. Sometimes this games look as if almost too challenge – but then again, I have been enjoying it for about a week only. In any case, the difficulty is part which makes this game so impossible to quit.

Your game is a grid consists of orbs in which you have to match by colour in order to score. The more orbs that you match, the more points you will score. The orbs should touch horizontally or vertically and not diagonally – to count as matches. This application also makes use of your handset accelerometer, so that you can flip your phone 180 degrees to reorganize your orbs and create lots of groupings.

In campaign mode you will fly for hours attempting to beat the entire 33 levels. On the other hand you can also play in freestyle mode that lets you to customize your gaming experience. Among all online mode is the best where you can challenge your mates to some aggressive Bebbled gaming.

The mistake might lie with my faintly outdated Nexus One phone, but at times the accelerometer lagged a quit bit when I attempted to flip the gameboard. That is my only moan, though. Bebbled is surely a game well worth playing on your android.

Abduction! 2 : Free Android Game


Abduction! 2 Cow is back! Jump over the top up to 120 levels in fifteen colourful and different landscapes.   Now with Feint accomplishments and global leader board! Dream/HTC Hero/Magic/Mytouch/Eris users: unable to begin levels? You might have to disable the map in the options.

Abduction! 2 Review

Abduction 2 Free Android Game

This game is an addictive and also challenging one with lots of fun.

Abduction, the 1st version was one of the famous games in the android market. I liked the first version very much, but it is too repetitive, and I want more difference in each levels. Enter Abduction 2, the latest version which addresses all the above concerns. Psym mobile came up with a cool, challenging and addictive game which won’t get bored of very easily.

Both the version of abduction titles is vertically scrolling platforming games. You will be controlling a continuously jumping cow directing it to higher and higher on the way to spaceship which has abducted the critters friends and making the cow free.  You will be making use of your handset accelerometer in order to control the motion of the cow and it is really quite responsive. The Issue with most of the vertically scrolling games like this one is that they are tending to be alike over and over. However, Abduction2 becomes much more difficult as you move on. You will be come across falling bombs, spikes, crumbling platforms, moving platforms, rockets, draggable platforms, power-ups, rockets and much more.

Furthermore, every level sets a few diverse objectives. As you finish the first level you will move on to the next level and so on. You can try and set all the animals free and thus you will unlock more items and characters. Or else you can go on for Speed – the faster you complete, the more coins you will get. Once you got enough coins you can redeem them in the store and you can buy accessories for characters to wear, new playable characters and also new game modes.

Abduction 2 offers 60 adventure levels and 60 haphazardly generated classic levels. Furthermore, if you are the aggressive type, Abduction2 is integrated with the Feint network, so that you will be able to compare your scores with the other players around the world. This game also offers a Quick game mode, in which you simply hit start to get up and jumping.

Abduction 2 is really an addictive and challenging game which is available at a cost of $3. It would be really great if the price drops to a buck or 2, but still the game is challenging and full of fun.

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Reckless Racing – Android Racing Game

Here, We are going to review Reckless racing, a free android app. Enjoy this android racing game.


The waiting time is over! A dirt road racing type game, Reckless Racing is here. This Reckless Racing is a combination of attractive top-down conventional game play together with the modern graphic visuals. You can enjoy the skids, slips, and slides with accurate controls, and play multiplayer mode online with your friends. Yippee, get ready for a rash bumpy ride! A recent update for this game has got few bug fixes, two new cars, and two new tracks.

Reckless racing Android Game

Reckless Racing Review

The game is an ideal mixture of game play, options and graphics making it awesome to play.

Reckless Racing is a race type game that has got all the important aspects like controls, graphics, options and speed making it exciting to play and enjoy the gaming experience.

Wave Blazer and Raging Thunder are some of the racing game that has got something to offer, was released by a team from Polarbit. Considering the famous Reckless Racing game, it is has got several advantageous features that would make it appear better compared to others. This game is a top-down racing game play type – the screen will not be following the point of view of the driver, but you will look down at the car to control it. This game might be missing the POV feel, but it gives lot of fun though.

The game gives you more rural flavour than the others. In the main mode, you can play in 5 tracks that are filled with hazards and mud, also in reverse direction as well – like ‘Tarmac Lot’, ‘Trasher Hill’, and ‘Bubba’s Yard’. You can find a range of cars for you to select – a big ol’ semi, a dukes of Hazzard-esque muscle car, a Formula 1 race car, a jeep, a pickup, and a roadster. The game play is that you have to run through the track as speed as you could, colliding with the barriers, against your opponents, spraying mud, falling into the pond or off the cliff, and damaging your surroundings.

There are other types of gaming modes available like Hot Lap – You will be racing against yourself, and delivery, in which you have to race in a special track, collecting items and drop them when racing against the timer. The game has got 3 difficulty levels like Beginner or Advanced Handling (you have to face extreme skids and slides in advanced difficulty level) and 5 types of control options for the car (tilt controls is one among them). The Multiplayer Online mode will let you play against your friends.

The Reckless Racing is fast paced games that will be easy to play once you have good handle of the controls. The graphics also looks sync with the game play. You will never be bored of the game, due to its customization options challenge and difficulty levels to offer different gaming experiences. Some areas of improvements are to increase controller options for keyboard type mobiles, some additional tracks. This game is quite a lot of fun guaranteed considering its price of 3 bucks.

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