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Orvis Fly Fishing Review


This application works on Android 2.1 and 2.2 only. Buy now and register and acquire a $10 Orvis gift certificate. With Picture, maps, animations and more than an hr of video, this application has the information you need for a flourishing trip. It covers significant flies, knots and casting systems and has updated fishing reports for over 200 locations.

Orvis Fly Fishing Review
Orvis Fly Fishing android application

Orvis Fly fishing is one of the stylish fishing techniques and this could be little daunting for the fresher’s to grasp. This application is a multimedia guide to method, knots, lures, the great places to fish, and other related topics. It consists of a huge amount of meticulous colour photos, podcasts and video tutorials and it even contains an in-app store so you can buy the right gear.

The home screen offer many segments: Top 10 casting Mistakes, Fishing Reports, casting, Knots, Flies and podcasts. The casting segment includes video clips where the fly fishing specialists demonstrates the accurate method. So when you see these videos you will come to know about the accurate casting method is as significant as proper swing method in golf.

The Flies segment allows you to browse 100’s of flies by name, type and also by specific fly. Each and every fly entry contains a detailed colour photo, a detailed description of its material components, and where and how it must be used. If you choose that you want the fly, the screen also offers a useful button to purchase it on the Orvis site.

My favourite ingredient of this application is the Knots part, which is partitioned into Knots by Name and Purpose. While you choose a knot you will be able to watch step by step animated demo of the process for tying it. You will also be able to watch a video clip, but according to me the animations are easy to see and follow. If you don’t know anything about tying knots and if you want to learn, this application is definitely worth purchasing it.

The Fishing Reports part breaks the info into alphabetically by state, subdividing every state by chief fisheries. Reports consists of detail info about fishing activities, species which are biting, the finest time to fish, and the finest tackle to use. You will also find the links to the local fishing guides, if you need someone to take you the best spots. Regrettably, search by GPS location isn’t available.

In the Podcast part you will get a range of audio programs, most of them form Trout Unlimited, conversing different fishing topics. This application will download the full podcast before it starts to play, so Wi-Fi is suggested if you have it. I always prefer streaming audio, so that I can stop downloading the podcast when I am not interested. The Podcasts will be saved on your SD card so that you can replay them later.

There are few things that are missing in this application. For beginners a guide to trout and salmon species and habits would be useful. GPS location will be handy to tie the info together. Sharing option will be useful for allowing your fishing mates know about the specific fishing reports or possibly a fly that caught a lot of fish for you.

Despite from all these missing options, this application is very handy as is, and I highly suggest it to fly fishing fans.
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Save my Attach


Save all attachments in your Gmail to your Memory card. In Gmail click on the preview button present at the bottom of the mail and then a list open and then click on the Save my Attach. This application works with email application as well. Can resolve the real file name. Fixed wrong appearance in SMS/calendar/gallery etc. Crashes are fixed on some platforms.

Save my Attach Review

This application fills a noteworthy gap in the functionality of Android’s Gmail.

Save my attach android application

If you are using an Android mobile, you will definitely be suing the Gmail application and you definitely have came across the frustrating incapability to save your attachments from your e-mail to your SD card or to your device. The Gmail application offers only a Preview option for a few no of file types. Since Gmail otherwise so useful as a catch-all filing cabinet for diverse files, this inadequacy cries out for a solution.  Save My Attach application does what it says, without any commotion.

Using this Application is very simple. To use this application just click on the preview button which is present at the bottom of your mail and then a list opens with two or three options. In the list select the option Save my Attach application. Thus your file present in your mail is saved to your SD card. This Save my Attach applications works also in the Email application as well. While saving the file, you can specify the destination place where the file has to be saved onto your SD card.

There is nothing much to say about this application. This application may look very simple but it is great application which is very much useful for all the frequent E-mail users.

More than everything this android application is free. You can download this application at a free of cost from the Android market.

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