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Talk back Android App is here to help

Have anyone thought about how can a blind person use a mobile phone? Is this possible? We wouldn’t have thought of such things even once. But one of the android tools named Talkback helps blind people to use phone. This innovation is really effective for blind people or people who do not have proper vision to use mobile phones.

This Talkback is not any application which you need to install in your phone. But it’s a feature which is already installed in all android phones; all that we need to do is to enable the feature and this adds spoken, audible, and vibration functionality services to the android phone. There are a few simple steps which we must follow to enable this tool.

To use this app you can enable the Accessibility checkbox from Accessibility option in settings. After which you need to just enable the Talkback option present in the list. Like Talkback you also have similar options like Kickback and Soundback. All these provide voice and vibration through which the blind people can recognize an incoming call or message.

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WhatsApp Messenger For Android

WhatsApp Messenger is a smart phone messenger offered for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. It uses WiFi or 3G to message with family and friends and can receive and send pictures, audio notes, messages and video messages. Group chats are also possible.

Whatsapp Messenger Android

It is FREE for First year and they may charge $1.99/year. This allows you to send millions of messages of any kind per day because it uses 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi with out getting logged in as like any other conventional computer devices and other added assert is that if you go offline , this app will save your messages offline until you come again to use.

Apart from this allows you to Exchange contacts, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Broadcast messages ,Precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Custom wallpaper, Share location and so enjoy it.

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Dolphin Browser HD for Android

The superfast, clever browser for android 2.0.1 and above is the Dolphin browser HD. Mobotap presented this browser and this is the best mobile browser that lets you interact with the web through the mobile device in a easier way.

Features of Dolphin Browser HD:

Dolphin Browser HD for Android

The Dolphin browser HD has the following features in it:

  • It has an add entry to exit dolphin directly via menu selecting exit option.
  • Hot apps for speed dialing are available.
  • Supports bookmark sync(Beta)add on.
  • Supports webzine in landscape mode
  • Has options to format the text applications.
  • Accuracy in gesture recognition
  • Fixes and crashes bugs in browsers and webzines.
  • The browser can read all the recent URL visited and also has the feature to modify bookmarks and history. It also has the option to erase and also reads the sensitive log data.
  • The users who installed Dolphin browser also installed Dolphin google services, Dolphin fullscreen (froyo), Dolphin morning coffee and dolphin speed dial. Dolphin mini HD browser’s new version has the functions like fixing selected text issues on devices, auto-fit issues on HTC incredible, double tap to maximize and minimize in android mode on HTC devices, crashes bugs and has options to change application icons.

Review of Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin browser for pad, which is specially designed for Android tablets, allows you to interact with the web via mobile devices easily. Dolphin browser mini aims at providing something fast, simple, new, powerful and user friendly experience for all of us.

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