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Why Apple iPhone 4S Remains Scarce in Market

When the iPhone 4S was launched towards the end of 2011, there were some who were skeptical about its ability to sell as well as its predecessors. This was due to the perception that Apple had only made minor improvements to the iPhone 4. However, shortages of the smart phone quickly ensued, proving this idea to be false and causing Apple to announce that some orders could well be delayed. The question is whether the iPhone 4S is still scarce in the current market or have manufacturers have finally got up to speed, allowing supply to meet demand?

Perhaps the biggest indication that the iPhone 4S is no longer in short supply comes in the form of Apple’s Q1 2012 sales reports published in January. They suggest that the first three months since new CEO Tim Cook took office have been the most successful ever for the firm.

Mr Cook was handed the position of CEO after Apple founder Steve Jobs died last year, stepping into a role that has seen him take charge of one of the world’s most valuable companies. Some had assumed that the untimely departure of Jobs might signal a downward spiral for Apple because of the importance of its visionary leader. However, Mr Cook has clearly had a positive impact and has been able to sustain the company’s growth during his early weeks in charge.

The iPhone 4S and the other available versions in this range sold just over 37 million units over the past three months, helping Apple to increase its revenues to more than $46 billion, with a profit of $13 billion. Shareholders enjoyed a dividend of $13.87 for each share, which is clearly due in part to the 128 per cent increase in iPhone sales that was fuelled by the popularity of the 4S and the increased affordability of 2010’s iPhone 4 and 2009’s 3GS.

There is little doubt that Apple has clearly worked through any problems on the production side of things so that the iPhone 4S handsets can be pumped out of the factory just as fast as they are being snapped up by consumers on the other side of the planet.

Of course, the iPhone 4S was created during a period of supply-chain problems for Apple, with the Japanese tsunami of March 2011 forcing it to push back the launch of the handset into the autumn. This upset its usual summer launch schedule and is likely to mean that the sixth iPhone, due in 2012, will also arrive later in the year to give the iPhone 4S a chance to corner the market once more.

Apple could experience shortages once the iPhone 4S replacement hits shelves because it will almost certainly be using a completely different design and set of internal components compared with its precursor. Experts are predicting that it will have a larger screen, perhaps as big as 4.3 inches across the diagonal, which will completely alter the shape of the device and prevent Apple from using the same parts as it did for the 4S.

Providing there are no major natural disasters, or indeed problems with paint that prevented the white iPhone 4 from emerging for month after month, the next iPhone should be launched on time. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S is unlikely to sell out in the immediate future.

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iPhone game: Astronut – Game that takes you deep into space

The IconFactory developed the Astronut, an enjoyable Game Center ready, space hop game that is developed for Apple iPhone. Do you remember Maelstrom, A classical space game that worked on the pre OS X period? This Astronut game’s appearance and experience will be little bit like the Maelstrom game, but will be easy to play and features an uncomplicated game mechanism.

You will be playing as titular Astronut and your ultimate goal would be to hop in the Space among the celestial bodies like stars, planets and so on. Based on the space object that you will land on, you will be spinning in regards to the object’s rotation. While in mission, you should gather powerups and star shards. Ultimately for each level, you will have to reach the highest point in space i.e. finish line.

You have to hop in the space, basically with only 2 buttons for the Jump and the Boost. The Jump button is used to hop around from one planet to another planet. The Boost button is used to give additional oomph (Speed) that can be used to move when you are flying hopelessly in space, or to fight through aliens who are trying to damage you, or simply to provide burst of swiftness. Though, this is not like the Mario’s B button. Each time you use the Boost, you will have to give some time for it to get restored, and so use the boost strategically.

Planet landing is easy; you can stay on the planet, as long as you want to stay. But other celestial bodies will not let you stay for long, like Sun like star and black hole that will damage you.

Along with the points earned by the progress you made, the star shards collected and the same, you can also get bonus points in the game for unbeaten hang time. You can score more, as long as you stay floating up without hitting an alien or landing on a planet. You will have to float upwards for most of the times into the unknown dangers, aliens and planets that are waiting at the top, in order to crash you down. So, you will have to have an eye on the top of the screen in the iPhone and hope that everything goes well.

The Astronut game is free to download. You can play the first 4 level for the free demo and you will have to pay a $2 to get additional in-app 20 levels purchase. This game will surely be a time killer app in your iPhone. The game is multitasking type, addictive, fun to play, state switching iOS resident: play some time and continue with your work, resume the game later from the place you paused in the past.

Even if you face death in your current progressing level, you can restart your game from the current level itself, without needing to start your game from the beginning once again. You would never get bored, as you have additional levels or free play mode that feature random objects and obstacles that are to be navigated. The Sounds and Cartoon Graphics make the game more fun.

iPhone Game: Numbl – A Math Game

If you want to test your basic Mathematic skills, Numbl is the perfect addictive iphone math game . Andy Wise developed this Numbl game and is available at USD 1.99. This game is sure to create fun and entertainment among your math loving or non-loving friends in your circle. The advantage of this game is its simplicity, ease to play, better user interface, awesome and its mathematical beauty.


The Numbl is really interesting. You will find 20 tiles, and you have to click those tiles to sum up to the needed number (this number changes after each turn). Every tile will be having a single digit number and the total you have to obtain will be along 1 and 27. When you click a tile to use the number, the tile will disappear. Your aim is to remove the required no. of tile from the board, as soon as possible. The game will feature a timer (running continuously), a progress bar (this will indicates the no. of tiles you will have to remove from the board), and a move counter (this will indicate the no. of moves you made to clear the board). In case, you have crossed the total sum needed, obtained from those tiles, the board will flash red. Finally when the game ends, your accuracy reading will be displayed.

This game has a dual player support, where you and your friend can compete with each other. In this Dual mode option, 2 side by side Numbl boards will appear on screen and each player will have to sit across each other and will try to sum up the total needed as soon as possible, as displayed on their side. This mode has no timer, it is not a race. Whomsoever finishes the board first by achieving the target sum, wins the game. If you want, Numbl will have a winning record of each players, this lets you to organise a Numbl mini tournament.

The game has Leader board online, that lets you compare your records with players all over the world. It gives the all time highest score details, weekly records, and daily records). When you want to know your record, you can do, as there is a separate list of high score achieved by you.

The other fascinating thing about the game is its beautiful user interface. The display gives an elegant blue and black display, with no messy or unwanted details or functions on the environment. When you open a new game, the tiles will fall down from the top up on to the board making it appear modern pattern. When considering the sound effects, it has got no music but only regular sound effects that are clear and complete.

Even if you are going to play single game, Numbl will actually make you addictive. A reasonable shortcoming would be that the game would appear short, when you finish mastering it. The 2 player mode will be interesting always, as long as you play with a competitive opponent or you might get bored soon enough.

The new releasing iPad 2 and its features

You might have heard lot of rumors about the new releasing iPad 2.0 from the Apple. Apple’s report “Guess what you can expect from iPad 2.0” from the supply chain has every chance to become true. This Apple iPad 2.0, without saying would be enhancement or the upgrade of the earlier Apple’s successful iPad.

Apple iPad 2 Releasing features

According to a Chinese language newspaper, sources from industry state that this new iPad 2 will be having these 5 new features.

1) 3-axis gyroscope
2) Better mobility
3) New display technology
4) USB
5) Video phone

The gyroscope feature isn’t actually fresh for Apple, but for iPad. The gyroscope feature has already been introduced in its iPhone 4.

Features of Apple’s iPad 2 :

Better Mobility

What do you mean by “better mobility”? The iPad that could be carried anywhere you go. Apple is suspected to use a better material technology for manufacturing their iPad 2 device lighter in weight. According to Brian Blair, the analyst from Wedge Partners said that Apple is going to release a “World iPad” that will run on the Qualcomm’s Multimode CDMA GSM chips.

New Display Technology

What about the new display technology? Does this mean the device being more thin, light in weight and more malleable? The device could sport a 9.7” inch Retinal Display made up of Gorilla Glass. According to the reports, the device would feature a enhanced image and colour output performance.

Based on the latest reports, the Video Phone feature suggest that Apple will be providing the video cameras on both front and back, made by Omnivision.

This only means that we are free from the Apple’s own cable technology issues. The reason for Apple to bring this mini USB feature might be due to the regulators of the Europe trying to brand it as a legal requirement for products to use standard interconnections.

Till now there has been speculation over the fact that Apple providing mini USB supportability for connection and synchronization of the device, but not anymore, as the supply chain sources have confirmed it.
This concept of a latest interconnect give legs.

Last week, Apple has confirmed that its latest iPad 2.0 will surely feature a landscape connector. According to the reports, the Apple iPad 2.0 will be looking like the one shown on the screen shot.

For instance, from the screen shot, we can understand that, when you connect the iPad 2.0 along with the Keyboard kit from Apple, you can experience the full landscape display entertainment. This could eventually mean that this iPad 2.0 becomes a significant alternative for your notebook/netbook replacement.

According to Nielsen, Apple iPad 2.0 sits right at the top in the wish lists for most of the teens, this Christmas. This means, Apple iPad 2.0 is expected to be in most of people’s hand before this year ends.

If you are going to buy one, it would be better to compare the prices given by the two giants the Amazon and the Apple, as they are usually competitive enough with each other, considering the price factor.