Seagate Barracuda 1TB Review

Seagate one of the top manufacturers of External and internal hard drive brings its new and large Seagate Barracuda 1TB internal hard drive. Seagate is well known for providing excellent storage devices at very reasonable prices maintaining a perfect balance between capacity, performance, reliability and power consumption. For extensive gamers, and data collectors here is the perfect drive with 1TB storage and impressive throughputs. Lets find out what Barracuda provides.

review of seagate barracuda 1tb

Specifications of Seagate Barracuda

Features Description
1. Device type Hard drive- Internal Hard drive
2. Width 4 in
3. Depth 5.8 in
4. Height 1 in
5. Weight 1.4 lbs
6. Form factor 3.5” * 1/3H
7. Capacity 1TB
8. Interface Type Serial ATA-300
9. Buffer Size 32 MB
10. Compliant Standards S.M.A.R.T.
11. Drive Transfer Rate 300 MBps
12. Spindle speed 7200 rpm
13. Expansion Interfaces 1 * Serial ATA-300- 7 pin Serial ATA
14. Compatible Bays 1 * internal -3.5” * 1/3H
15. Service and warranty       5 Years Limited


The Seagate Barracuda 1TB is a standard internal hard drive that packs a whopping 1TB storage space with the standard form factor of 3.5 in. The Barracuda is on par with the very first commercially available 1TB internal hard drive Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000. 3.5 in form factor will give you a hint that it can be installed into any of the bays of your Network storage device for a hone server.

With a capacity of 1TB on Seagate’s shoulders it is a necessity that its throughput must be excellent for the drive to survive in the market. Well nobody like slow computers and slow noisy hard drive.

In an effort to satisfy the growing consumer needs Seagate Barracuda comes with the High speed advanced Serial ATA-300 or SATA interface providing incredible data transfer rates. As we all know SATA-300 enables data rates up to 300MBps. Benchmark tests indicate that Barracuda 1TB hit transfer rates of nearly 112 to 131MBps.

If you are talking about throughputs and performance Seagate Barracuda is very competitive. With spindle speed of 7200rpm and a large 32MB buffer size, its no wonder that is has such spectacular throughputs. These statistics are a little more for the price tag it carries, which brings a smile on all our faces.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB internal hard drive also has low read seek and write seek times and a high burst transfer speed. All these stunning stats make the drive very loud during operation.

The service and warranty Seagate offer is very impressive. The Barracuda comes with 5 years limited warranty, which is expected of Seagate.


Seagate Barracuda 1TB internal hard drive costs only $79.99 in Amazon.


The Seagate Barracuda boasts some breathtaking stats in terms of throughputs; transfer rates, latency and access times making it a fierce competitor to the first 1TB drive, Hitachi Deskstar.
The annoying part of this drive is that it is very loud which may shadow its pros. During heavy operations you can actually hear the movement of read-write head, which is very disturbing.

The noisy drive provides the much needed, speedy data transfer and is available at a comparatively low cost. For people who are not intimidated by a little noise this drive will serve your best interests as additional storage or even as a drive for NAS devices.

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