My Passport Essential Portable External 500GB 2.5″ Hard Drive Review

Western Digital My Passport External Hard drive is as the name suggests a fancy, slim and compact half a terabyte external hard drive. This attractive passport sized hard drive is not just an external drive, but also a fully featured Backup solution for all you data, videos, music and more. With your beautiful compact hard drive you also get comprehensive backup software. Finally Western Digital have put an end to the need for third party software to backup your data.

Review of my passport essential portable external 500 2.5


Features Description
1. Device Type Hard Drive- External
2. Width 4.3 in
3. Depth 3.3 in
4. Height 0.6 in
5. Weight 7.1 oz
6. Enclosure color Black
7. Capacity 500 GB
8. Interface Type Hi-Speed USB
9. Features Password Authentication
10. Interface Transfer Rate        480 Mbps
11. Interfaces 1 * Hi-Speed USB 2.0
12. Cables Included 1 * USB cable- External
13. Microsoft Certifications Compatible with Windows 7
14. Power Source USB bus
15. Software Included Smartware
16. OS Required Apple Mac OS X 10.4, Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/7, Apple Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.5
17. Warranty 2 Years


The all-new My Passport Essential External 500 GB external hard drive is merely 1.5 cm thick with a black durable enclosure. On the outside looks very amusing, not just on the outside it is also highly performing on the inside.

This 500Gb external hard drive connects to your computer with your Hi-Speed USB 2.0. This drive is so compact that it occupies much less space that most hard drives in the market. This drive can be stated as all in one backup solution. This will eliminate the much laborious work of buying a hard drive and installing third party software to create a backup image. All you need to do is plug in your external hard drive and run the software provided. Setting up is as simple as plug and play allowing you to start transferring immediately.

One disappointing feature in this otherwise perfect hard drive is that it has only one interface and that too it is the slow USB 2.0. USB 2.0 provides average transfer rates and the hard disk would be complete with support for eSATA provided. The mini-USB port delivers data and also power to the device making it very compact and good for carrying along with you.

When you plug in your external hard drive for the first time you will find two partitions- one is the empty storage space and the next is the Smartware software.

This complete and user-friendly Swartware software has a range of tools provided in a very lucid manner. This software provides an automatic backup solution that is flawless. After you have backed up your data the first time, Smartware will schedule backup and constantly altering the backup according to the changes made in your drive.

Certain features provided by the Smartware are SMART(Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), Encryption, Password authentication and more.

You can encrypt your drive or also password protect it to avoid illegal use or loss of your data. Smartware provides a powerful 256-bit encryption algorithm that protects your data. Your backups are stored as images on your drive that does not allow you to view your backed up data.


My Passport External Hard drive 500 GB is available for $120 USD.


Western Digital My Passport External hard drive is your solution for an automatic backup hard drive. It is compact and sleek and occupies very less space that is definitely an advantage. Although it could have been provided with faster interfaces, the USB 2.0 provides average performances.

The Smartware software is the most credible feature in this external hard drive that has a lot of native features. The Backup is stored as images that cannot be viewed which could be a possible let down for certain people, but in case of a device crash the image can be restored only with Smartware.

Finally I would say My Passport Essential is very portable and well suited for people who are on the move and comes with a reasonable price tag.

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