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Flip Video Mino HD Review

This ultra-slim camcorder i.e. Flip Video Mino HD which comes in a highly functional design is not only easy to use but also allows the shooting of solid 720p videos. Its feature of one-touch video uploading to YouTube, AOL, and MySpace gives easy access and sharing of various details online. The FlipShare software is compatible with both Macs and Windows machines thus making it extremely portable in and out.

review of flip mino video


Features   Description
1. Brand name   Flip Video
2. Product type   Camcorder
3. Design highlights  
Color Generally available in:
Weight (with battery and media)   3.3 ounces
4. Photo and video quality details  
Focus   2x digital zoom
Recording Format   H.264 video- MP4 format.
Stereo AAC audio-   MP4 format.
Mode   Audio- Digital mode
5. Video- Digital mode in High Definition  
Resolution   Video- 1080p
Focusing   Fixed Focus
Recording time   Maximum of 2 hours recording time at its highest quality
6. Menus and control details  
Technology   LCD display technology
Menu Navigation Touch sensitive buttons  
LCD details   2-inch LCD
transflective (antiglare)   LCD
Resolution   960×240 pixels
7. Connectivity  
Connectors (Available)   Upgraded USB connector port- 1 nos.
Mini HDMI connector port (optional)  
Memory   8GB of built-in memory
Allows storage of   2 hours of HD (High Definition) video


Immediate Buy Price of Flip Video Mino HD is: $ 69.00


  • It comes in a slightly slicker ultra-slim and highly functional design.
  • It allows shooting solid 720p videos.
  • A large 2-inch LCD provides a good High Definition view of videos.
  • The available FlipShare software is compatible with both Macs and Windows machines.


A very pocket friendly electronic item that provides videos of high definition and wonderful clarity, which is pretty shocking for this size. It is also compatible with a number of platforms and works on a number of operating systems, thereby allowing easy access to the net for sharing videos.

This is one of the nicest models available, and this generation of the Flip Mino HD (High Definition) offers an improved design, double the memory, and an HDMI output for a price that is very affordable.

Canon FS200 Review

Canon has come up with a number of technological innovations for decades and have always delivered optical excellence, advanced image processing and excellent performance, right from photographic and broadcast television cameras to a complete line of consumer camcorders. A part of this tradition is this flash memory based, standard definition camcorder which is provided with a 37x optical zoom lens and an LCD of 2.7 inches. Canon FS200 is a lower-cost option for people who are looking for a highly portable camcorder at a very affordable price.

canon fs200 review

Canon FS200 Specifications

Features Description

Brand name   Canon

Product type   Camcorder

Color   It is available in the following 3 colors:




Weight   10 ounces

Lens   37x optical zoom lens

Display   2.7 inches

Display Technology   LCD Technology

Memory   32GB SDHC card

10 Photo and video quality details:
Recording Format   MPEG-2 format

Mode   Digital

Resolution   Videos: 720 x 480

Photos:   1,024 x 768

Settings   A High quality mode with a bit rate of 9Mbps

A medium quality at   6Mbps

A low quality   3Mbps

pre-set scene modes   Portrait

Highest record length   7 hours and 20 minutes of video in the highest quality setting.

Menus & control details:
Menu Navigation   Joystick provided

Focusing   Fine tune focusing using a ring around the lens.

Price of Canon Fs200

Immediate Buy Price of Canon FS200 is: $ 329.00


Canon FS200 provides a very good video quality for the specified price.
• It comes in an ultra-portable package.
• It has a long zooming capacity.
• It is easy-to-use as it provides a fairly intuitive menu system that is very easy to operate.
• It comes with one of the benefits of flash memory, which Canon has put into good use in this camcorder to allow rapid start-up time.

Canon Fs200 Review

This slender designed and portable device comes very handy for those of you who would like to have something that is very light in weight and would provide a very good quality of captured videos. For a standard definition camcorder in this very affordable price range, the FS200 offers an excellent video quality. It is one among the most affordable ways to get stunning videos in a light, compact and a user-friendly package. Adding on to the usefulness of this camcorder is the Canon’s Quick Charge feature which reduces the recharge time for the camcorder’s battery and the Pre-Record option gives a head start on capturing the action.
A blend of the FS200’s exclusive features such as the Advanced Zoom, DIGIC DV II Image Processor, image sensor, Image Stabilization, a 2.7 inches Widescreen LCD and the all new Quick Charge feature provides a wonderful Flash Memory camcorder that is very hard to beat, extremely affordable and very unmistakably “Canon”.

Top Google Android Games

Long gone were the times when Symbian and Apple iOS were the most popular Mobile platforms. The Google Android is on the rise from the moment. With over 100,000 apps in the Android Market, and scoring nearly 27% of the smart phones sold in the US in 2010, Android is creeping ahead of Apple’s iOS. Android users will have a pool full of choice to make about their applications especially with the games. Read to know the top google android games in the android market.

google android games

All you Android users will have lots of exciting, interesting and action-packed google android games to choose from. With a powerful handset like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or the Google Nexus S with powerful processors and dedicated graphics you can enjoy all the top games in the Android market. Some of the top games of Android are listed and not all are action packed, some may involve tweaking your brain also.

Top Google Android Games

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded google android games on the market. Its simple nature makes it one of the most interesting, exciting and creative games. The story revolves around a revenge dyed story where in filthy green pigs steal the eggs of the birds. Now the Angry Birds have to avenge the pigs by dishing them out with their special powers. The game has more than 105 levels testing your skills and strategies to take out the pigs, as no two levels are the same.

Robo Defense

Robo defense is yet another interesting game that tweaks your brain and tests your strategic skills. The aim of the game is to prevent enemy robots from accessing your area by planning carefully an array of weapons units in its path. Among the entire Tower defense games available this one is the best mainly because of its unparalleled design.

Hungry Shark

Hungry shark is one of the most addictive games available for your Android Handset. The game is simple, you are a shark and you have to gobble everything in your way like fishes and swimmers but watch out for the poisonous jellyfish and mines. The accelerometer helps you explore the ocean. The sound effects and graphics sound really tempting and challenging.


Zenonia is an action packed fantasy game loaded with loads of weapons, spells, quests and lovely visuals pleasing to the eyes. The Korean game has been translated well to English and really exciting to try out.

Turbo Subs

Turbo Subs is much like a strategic diner game, focusing on your time management skills. You have to keep the customers of your sandwich shop happy by serving their favorite baguettes as fast as possible. Controls involve just tapping to serve the customers.

Hyper Jump

Hyper Jump evolved from the classic Doodle Jump of the IPhone. You have to keep moving up the ever-growing height leaping heavenwards for as long as possible with the use of platforms and power ups.

Air Control Lite

Air Control Lite is a flight traffic monitor game that tests how well you can handle air traffic and land planes and helicopters with varying speeds. Flights and helicopters keep appearing along the edges of your screen and you have to carefully land them without any two colliding. As you land planes the difficulty and the number of planes increase giving you a hard time. It is a very interesting and a must have game for your Droid.


NinJump is a traditional yet interesting game that first appeared on the Apple app store. It is available for Android users with a touch screen. The game is quite simple where you have to maneuver your Ninja avoiding obstacles or cutting through them by tapping on the screen. You can gain power ups by slashing through same obstacles for three times that enables you to go higher up which is the main aim of the game.

Need For Speed Shift

Need for Speed Shift is the most famous racing game on any platform. It is not a free game though but it is worth the cost for gamers who have a fierce liking for racing games. The NFS Shift tests your driving skills through a series of different races where you can earn money and stars to improve your car and finally compete in the World Tour, by unlocking levels and races. It is a must have to taste its rich gaming experience if you have a powerful Android handset.

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is not a thrilling or an action packed game. It is very unique where all you have to do is throw crushed paper into the dustbin. Its not as easy as it seems, you will have a fan on either side with varying wind velocity that will disturb your paper’s projectile into the dustbin. You have to comprehend considering the wind velocity to beat the game. The game has different difficulty levels varying with the distance between the paper throw and the dustbin.

Tank Hero

Tank Hero is a neat little arcade game. The objective is to go up the levels by shooting missiles at enemy tanks directly or by reflecting against the walls once. The game tests your accuracy and your ability to maneuver the tank with the touch controls.

Shoot U

Shoot U is a rather smart game that tests your basic physics skills. The graphics might seem simple but your objective is to hit the red star by getting the trajectory and speed right and most importantly avoiding obstacles.

These google android games are a few very smart, creative and interesting games available in the Android market that any genuine gamer would want to have on his Droid.

Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS Review

We have in our market several portable, energy efficient and fast performing external hard drives, especially from Western Digital in various sizes, but for people who want more space inside their Desktop or even Laptops Western Digital Caviar GP is an obvious choice. This internal hard drive fancies a 1TB storage space. Since when did terabyte internal hard drives begin to surface? This drive may be closely similar to Hitachi Deskstar 1TB. Advanced Serial ATA technology employed in the Western Digital Caviar GP enhances its performance making it a clear upgrade choice for consumers. Western Digital always provides an adequate solution to all hard drive upgrade issues but not always the perfect drives.

Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS


Features Description
1. Device Type   Hard drive- Internal
2. Dimensions   4 in* 5.8 in* 1 in
3. Weight   1.6 lbs
4. Hard drive form factor  3.5” * 1/3 H
5. Capacity   1 TB
6. Interface Type   Serial ATA-300
7. Buffer Size   16 MB
8. Features   StableTrac, IntelliPark, IntelliPower (5400-7200),
  IntelliSeek, Preemptive Wear Leveling (PWL)
9. Compliant Standards   S.M.A.R.T.
10. Drive Transfer Rate   300 MBps
11. Seek time   8.9ms (average)
12. Average Latency   5.6 ms
13. Spindle Speed   7200 rpm
14. Storage Hard drive/ Non-Recoverable Errors   1 per 10^15
15. Start/Stop cycles   300,000
16. Interfaces 1 *   Serial ATA-300- 7 pin Serial ATA
17. Shock Tolerance   65 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (operating) / 250 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (non-operating)
18. Vibration tolerance   0.75 g @ 20-300 Hz (operating) / 4 g @ 20-500 Hz (non-operating)
19. Sound Emission   24 dBA


For those who don’t like to carry around an external drive along here is Western Digital Caviar GP internal hard drive allowing you to expand your Desktop to 1TB. That’s some huge space isn’t it!
The Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS is a standard 3.5” 1TB hard drive just like every other drive but a little cheaper comparatively. Now you will have lots of space to store you data.
At present the Serial ATA that is SATA is gaining wide acceptance because of its blazing transfer speeds and energy conservation abilities. Western Digital Caviar internal hard drive connects to your PC through this Serial ATA-300 interface allowing the transfer speeds to soar to 300MBps. In this particular drive WD seems to have swapped raw drive speed for better energy conservation widely required by industries. WD Caviar has better energy saving capabilities but at the cost of drive speed of course.
The Disk has a whopping spindle speed o 7200 rpm combined with SATA provides blazing transfer rates. The seek time and drive latency is quite on par with other internal hard drives. The burst time is slightly higher than other drives, which is quite laudable. The very important feature in this internal hard drive is the energy savings ability that will outweigh its low speed and slightly high read write times.
The Western Digital Caviar internal hard drive packs some attractive features like S.M.A.R.T. that intelligently monitors change in data and reporting different indicators like reliability and more.


Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS internal hard drive costs about $210 USD.


The WD Caviar internal hard drive packs a huge 1TB storage transferring at 300MBps with a Serial ATA-300 interface. The 16MB cache is credible along with good seek time and latency. The Energy savings feature is an important feature that overweighs its comparatively low speeds. On the whole it is an economical upgrade for your hard drive, which also provides reasonable transfer rates.

Synology Disk Station DS710+ Review

With the burgeoning and the developing demands for the need for robust, expandable and sophisticated network storage devices the Synology Disk Station DS710+ achieves a major feet in terms of fast throughputs, sophisticated and intuitive web interfaces.

Synology Disk Station DS710+ review




1. Device Type   NAS server
2. Host connectivity   Gigabit Ethernet
3. Max supported storage   4 TB
4. Installed devices/ Modules Qty   2 (max)
5. Dimensions   4.1in*6.2in*9.1in
  3.7 lbs
6. Processors installed   1*Intel Atom D410 1.6 GHz
7. RAM installed   1GB
8. Storage controller type   RAID
9. Controller Interface Type   Serial ATA-300
10. Data Transfer Rate   300 MBps
11. Supported Devices   Hard drive, Disk array (RAID)
12. RAID Level   RAID 1, JBOD, RAID 0
13. Hard drive Type   Hot-swap-2.5”/ 3.5” shared
14. Networking Type   Network adapter
15. Data Link Protocol   Gigabit Ethernet
16. Network /Transport Protocol   Apple Talk, FTP, PPPoE
17. Remote Management Protocol   HTTPS, SSH, Telnet
18. Network Services Compatibility   HTTPS,
  Microsoft CIFS,
  Apple File Protocol (AFP),
  Network File System (NFS),
19. Features   iTunes server, Samba support, Print server
20. Expansion Bays   2(total)/2(free)* hot-swap-2.5”/3.5” shared
21. Interfaces   1 x eSATA – 7 pin external Serial ATA,
  3 x Hi-Speed USB – 4 pin USB Type A,
  1 x Ethernet 1000Base-T – RJ-45
22. Power   AC 120/230 V
23. OS required   Microsoft Windows 2000 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.3 or later, Linux
24. Sound emission   33 dBa


The Synology Disk Station is the first Network storage device that is based on 3.5” hard drive providing easy storage access. Removing and installing the hard drives is easy than the Synology DS209+, accessing the bays from behind.

The storage can be expanded to up to seven hard drive bays by installing the DX510 expansion enclosure that costs another $500. The DX510 is bulky than the DS710+ and connected via the eSATA port. Disregarding the expansion the DS710+ works wonders as a dual bay network storage device.

The DS710+ has three USB ports, apart from the eSATA port, two in the back and one in the front. The one in the front can be used to backup data completely into the hard drives. The ports can be used to connect external hard drives or printers.

The Disk Station DS710+ comes both with and without storage. The hard drives can be set up in RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations. When connected with the DX510, the DS710+ supports other RAID configurations and also Synology’s Hybrid RAID providing support for hard drives of different capacities.

The initial setup is quite easy if you have a little knowledge of the network storage devices. The NAS server comes with an application called the “Synology Assistant” guiding you through the setup, although not very efficient. Unlike the setup application, the Web interface is a state of the art. Upon its launch all the features and operation are well organized and listed.

The Synology DS710+ network storage device packs several advanced features like support for Windows Active directory services. The NAS server provides clean file sharing across multiple platforms including Mac, Linux and Windows. It has several application stations that include surveillance station, Download station, File station and photo station.

The Surveillance station provides support for 16 IP cameras although only one camera license is included and for the rest its $49 per license. The surveillance feature is sophisticated and allows viewing several images and records them. The Download station allows downloading from authenticated web sites and also supports BitTorrent client.


The Synology Disk Station DS710+ costs about $499 USD.


The Synology Disk Station DS710+ network storage device offers great and fast throughputs in both RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations. The server scored 321.8 Mbps for write test and 322.7 Mbps for Read test. The NAS server functioned very quietly and remained pretty cool during peak operations.

Synology DS209+ NAS Server

The Synology DS209+ NAS server is an upgrade to the last year’s Synology DS107+. This NAS Server is robust and intuitive with a convincingly compact design and a wide range of features, making it one of the most powerful devices available in the market today. Its expandability, flexibility and speed are outstanding.

Synology DS209+ NAS Server


Features   Description
1. Device Type   NAS Server
2. Host Connectivity   Gigabit Ethernet
3. Dimensions   3.5in*8.6in*6.3in
  2.2 lbs
4. Built-in devices   Print server

5. Processors installed   1*800 MHz
6. RAM installed   512 MB
7. Storage controller Type   RAID
8. Controller Interface Type   Serial ATA-300
9. Data Transfer Rate   300 MBps
10. Max storage Device   2
11. RAID level   RAID 1, RAID 0
12. Hard drive Type   Standard 3.5”
13. Networking Type   Network adapter- integrated
14. Data link Protocol   Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
15. Transport protocol   FTP
16. Expansion Bays   2 (total)/2 (free)* internal -3.5”
17. Interfaces   2*Hi-Speed USB -4 pin USB Type A,
  1* Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX /1000Base-T- RJ-45,
  1*Serial ATA-300- 7 pin external Serial ATA
18. Features   Security lock
19. Power   AC 120/230 V
20. OS required   Apple MacOS 9.0 or later, Microsoft Windows 98 or later
21. Min operating temp   50 ½ F
22. Max. Operating temp   95 F


The 800 GHz Synology’s DS209+ packs all the features of its predecessor DS107+ including RAID configurations and several other features. The Synology’s DS209+ houses a 800 MHz processor supported by 512 MB RAM that performs very well in Home and Office situations. The NAS device does not include hard drives during the purchase, allowing you to configure, expand your storage, as you require. Luckily, the device supports SATA drives of all sizes from various vendors. Adding to it, it also supports RAID configurations.

Unlike the other NAS devices, DS 209+ requires a Phillips head screwdriver to install the hard drives. Setting up the device requires installing the software that comes along with the product that detects NAS on the network, install printer and launches Web Interface. By default the device does not have any shared folders or its features turned on. The Web Interface allows creating a shared drive to be accessed by the users. All of the device features are conspicuously listed on the left pane of the software window.

You can also switch between the RAID configurations using the “Volume Management”
DS209+ comes with two USB ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a reset button on the rear. The appealing blue indicator lights are present on the front indicating the network activity and power status. There is also a USB port, an eSATA port on the front.

The surveillance station feature of the NAS device supports upto 10 cameras as compared to the 6 in the DS107+. Sadly only one camera license in included, which makes you pay $49 for each license.

One notable feature of the DS209+ compared to the DS107+ is its Download station, which is capable of downloading from Websites requiring authentication. It also supports eMule file sharing services. On the other hand it does not keep track of the RSS feeds, which is rather disappointing.

Some other features are The Data Replicator, PhotoStation and lots more.


The Synology DS209+ NAS server is estimated to cost around $499 and may vary depending on the hard drives.


The DS209+ clearly packs a whole lot of features than its previous edition DS107+. It runs quietly and smoothly. The performance tests in both RAID configurations provided unparalleled results topping the charts, thanks to the new configurations of processor and RAM.
RAID 1- 240Mbps on write test and 322Mbps on Read test
RAID 0- 256.3Mbps on write test and 375.5Mbps on read test.

These blinding throughputs make Synology DS209+ NAS Server a competitor for all the other NAS Servers. Its very much expensive for the features it offers but it surely excels in what its designed to perform.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB Review

Western Digital Caviar SE16 is yet another addition to the long list of internal hard drives available in the market. WD Caviar SE16 may not offer the largest storage like certain drives in the market but this deficiency is overshadowed by its reasonable price, exceptional overall performances and quiet operation. WD Caviar SE16 is a standard and quite attractive hard drive for having additional or upgraded storage. It can be considered one of the best in the market.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB


Features Description
1. Device Type   Hard drive- Internal
2. Dimensions   4 in* 5.8 in* 1 in
3. Weight   1.4 lbs
4. Hard drive form factor   3.5” * 1/3 H
5. Capacity   750GB
6. Interface Type   Serial ATA-300
7. Buffer Size   16 MB
8. Features   StableTrac, SecurePark,
  Perpendicular Recording,
9. Compliant Standards   S.M.A.R.T.
10. Drive Transfer Rate   300 MBps
11. Seek time   8.9ms (average)
12. Average Latency   4.2 ms
13. Spindle Speed   7200 rpm
14. Storage Hard drive/ Non-Recoverable Errors   1 per 10^15
15. Start/Stop cycles   50,000
16. Interfaces   1 * Serial ATA-300- 7 pin Serial ATA
17. Shock Tolerance   65 g @ 2ms (operating) / 350 g @ 2ms (non-operating)
18. Vibration tolerance   0.75 g @ 20-300 Hz (operating) / 4 g @ 20-500 Hz (non-operating)
19. Sound Emission   28 dBA
20. Microsoft Certifications   Works with Windows Vista
21. Warranty   3 years Limited


The attractive Western Digital Caviar SE16 internal hard drive packs a sufficient 750GB storage space with excellent performance that speaks a lot for the less space it offers compared to other similarly priced drives in the market. The WD Caviar SE16 is a standard 3.5” internal hard drive that connects through the advancing technology of Serial ATA or SATA.

Serial ATA-300 is used to interface the WD Caviar Internal hard drive for data transfers of nearly 300MBps. This SATA interface coupled with 7200-rpm spindle speed allows you to transfer data at nearly 120 to 131MBps. In addition to these top notch specifications the 16MB cache is an added advantage culminating at greater Burst transfer rate.

The Western Digital Caviar SE16 has some impressive average read seek and write seek times with 8.9ms and 10.9ms respectively. This is very strong for a drive in this category. The WD Caviar internal hard drive showed amazing throughputs of roughly 80Mb/s. Well from the performance testing we know the unparalleled throughput and transfer speeds makes the space deficiency look rather inferior.

When the drive is in operation in your Desktop you can barely hear the drive. The device is very quiet even during heavy operations.

One noticeable feature in the present tide of internal hard drive is the manufacturers warranty period. WD offers a three-year warranty for your Caviar SE16.


The Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB costs about $249.95 USD.


The Western Digital Caviar SE16 provides 750GB storage, which is definitely a little less than what several internal hard drives provide now. But this can be clearly overseen considering its strong unequalled performance and throughputs. The read and write seek times are very impressive coupled with 16MB cache, 7200 rpm spindle speed and SATA interface makes it an obvious choice for upgrade of your Desktop drives.

On the whole the WD Caviar SE16 is also a very economical choice if you need additional storage.

Best Zombie Games for Android

It seems that we are never going to fed up with horrifying faces of zombies who do everything to let you down in games. Still we have many of the Zombie Games for android and there is not do doubt of being their best out of other games. The top four Zombie Games for android are here with which you can surely entertain yourselves.
zombie game android

    1. Stupid Zombies

With the name of Zombie Game, this gives the illusion that the game is abuse for the zombies but the meaning has maintained its deep meaning inside the game. In this Android Zombie Game, the player is consecrated with five bullets and with these bullets he has to kill all the zombies by using his mind and accuracy.

In the beginning, this Android Zombie Game was on fifty-fifty as this sort of games work better only when the controls and levels are highly accurate. And with the capability of both the features, this Android Zombie Game is high on the sky. Also the level designs and skill testing with the passage of game is highly appreciable. Stupid Zombies is available free for android 2.2 or better than that.

2. Plant Vs Zombies

Another Zombie game for Android is the Plant vs Zombies which is developed by famous game developing company advert as Popcap.
This is a tower defence sort of game and is different from all the other Android Zombie Games as the player faces the zombies coming to his lane. The way of protecting your lawn from zombies is to plant the flowers there that kill the zombies and also slow down their speeds. There are various plants each having its own speciality also you has to face different type of zombies at each level. Plant vs Zombies game is available at at $2.2 and there is requirement of android 1.5 or better than that.

3. Typing Zombies

This Android Zombie game makes use of the keyboard better. In Typing Zombies, those who are familiar with keyboard typing can gain a lot of fun along with each of their heartbeat running faster than ever. For those who are not the one that uses keyboard ever, this can learn them to type fast. This game is available for free and it requires android 1.5 or better than this.

4. Zombie Runaway

In this Zombie Game you don’t have to run away from the zombies as in Zombie Runaway, you are the zombie yourself and you have to run very fast to cross the area of graveyard.

This Android Zombie Game is real fun. It seems easy in the beginning but with time you have the face various obstructions in your way and you have to prevent yourself from these obstructions hitting you down. If you don’t get the success in preventing from these obstructions and get hilted down by 3 obstructions then you are dead. Zombie Runaway is available for free but the android should be 2.1 or better.

If we missed any zombie game for android, do tell us through comments.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD Review

The Popular PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation arcade game of Tom Clancy has now finally been transported to the Symbian 3 Platform also. It’s available on the Ovi store for your Nokia N8 handset. Adding to it, the game is in HD, which means better user experience and crisp graphics taking the mobile gaming to its end. The Benchmark game used to rate processors of your PC is going to push your N8 to its limits with its flamboyant and rich graphics.

review of tom clancy's hawx hd

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD tests your skills by placing you in the cockpit of an advanced fighter jet, testing your skills as a pilot to survive. The game puts you in the shoes of David Crenshaw, an ex-military pilot who is recruited by a corporation called the ARTEMIS, a military company, to work for them to fight and eliminate dangerous terrorists and fighting to stabilize the planet. Your job is to complete mission after mission of course with increasing difficulty to move higher up in the game. As you complete missions and earn money you can buy much better and powerful fighter jets, but they are pretty expensive.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD gives you the option to choose from twenty-five modern jets including the F-15 jets. The use of different jets adds spice to the already high rated game. You have to steer your flight skillfully, dodge missiles and hit targets accurately and adeptly to win complete missions. The gyro sensors and motion sensors on your N8 enables tilt to control feature making it all the more addictive. You can tilt your phone either ways to guide your plane and touch buttons on the screen to evade or launch missiles.

The most credible and notable feature of Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD is it’s wonderful graphics that actually gives you a taste of flying a jet. The intricately designed Nokia N8 supports this exciting user experience. You can actually see fast jets of air off the wings of your jet when you turn the plane, giving you a more realistic experience of the game.


Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD is very well designed and intelligently brought into the mobile phones, although it seems to be stranded between a flight simulator and an arcade game. The game tends to get monotonous after a few hours of play, with just completing missions.

The option of configuring the controls and the choice of choosing your own jets is relishing. The story line is very plain yet satisfying for such a popular PC game. After having an experience of the PC or the Xbox or the Playstation version, the Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD for Nokia N8 might seem a bit inferior considering the lack of joystick. But bringing the enthralling experience to mobile phones is credible.

The grand and intricate graphics is the major turn on for the game and tends to over shadow certain negatives of the game that makes it one of the most recommended games to be downloaded on to your N8. This action packed game tests your flying skills discovering new levels by destroying enemies. The game is quite heavy for a Symbian^3 platform. It weighs about 146 MB and it is advisable to use a WiFi or 3G connection. I would rate this game a 4 on 5 for the rich graphic experience it provides. It is obvious that such an expansive game cannot be easily compressed into a mobile.

Synology Disk Station DS410 NAS server

The Synology Disk Station DS410 is the most affordable four-bay, full-featured device of all the Network storage devices released by Synology so far. It may be pretty intimidating for a tyro, but advanced users will milk the most out of this RAID 5 capable NAS server. It is intended for small-scale home or business environments.
synology disk station price


Features  Description
1. Device Type   NAS server
2. Host connectivity   Gigabit Ethernet
3. Installed Devices   4 (max)
4. Dimensions   7.2in*9.1in*6.6in
5. Built-in devices   Print server
6. Processors installed   1* 1.06 GHz
7. RAM installed   512 MB
8. Storage controller type  RAID
9. Controller interface type   Serial ATA-300
10. Data Transfer rate   300 MBps
11. Supported devices   Hard drive, Disk array(RAID)
12. RAID Level   RAID 5 hot spare,’
  RAID 1,
  RAID 10,
  RAID 6,
  RAID 5,
  RAID 0
13. Hard drive Type   Standard
14. Networking Type   Network adapter
15. Data Link protocol   Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
16. Network /Transport protocol   LPR/LPD, AppleTalk, FTP, PPPoE
17. Remote management protocol   HTTPS,
18. Network Services Capability   Microsoft CIFS,
  Microsoft Active Directory (AD),
  Apple File Protocol (AFP),
  Network File System (NFS),
19. Features   iTunes server, firewall protection
20. Expansion bays   4(total)/4(free) *internal
21. Interfaces 2 x Hi-Speed USB –   4 pin USB Type A,
  1 x Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T -RJ-45,
  1 x eSATA-300
22. Cables included   Network cable-6.6 ft
23. Power   AC 120/230 v
24. OS required   Symbian OS 9.1 (Series 60 Platform),
  Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0,
  Microsoft Windows 2000 or later,
  Apple MacOS X 10.3 or later,


The Synology Disk station DS410 is aesthetically pleasing and is pretty compact for a network storage device supporting four 3.5 inch hard drives. Unlike the DS710+ the drive bays are easily accessible to install and replace the hard drives. It is a bit laborious work considering that it needs a screwdriver to install the drives.
The Dual-Ethernet feature is missing in the NAS server. The Network Storage Device has two USB 2.0 ports and one eSATA port on the back, although it does not have a USB on the front.
The NAS device runs cool thanks to the two efficient fans during heavy operation. Its also easy replaceable.
The Disk Station is available both with and without storage. The storage drives can be setup in various RAID configurations, including the efficient RAID 5 configuration.
The Synology “setup assistant” application is not as robust for the initial setup, but the server’s Web Interface is exquisite, elegant and provides flexibility to the network storage device. All advanced features and menus are well organized and neat.
The features of the DS410 are similar to the DS710+. Certain basic features include FTP/HTTP server, media streaming servers, user accounts and support for external hard drives and printer and many more.
The DS 410 NAS server includes advanced support for Windows Active Directory Services. The server supports excellent file sharing across several other OS like Mac and Linux. It also provides support for Apple’s Time a backup solution.
The DS410 network storage device has several application stations like the surveillance station, Download station, File station and Photo station, which can be accessed even through the local network or the Internet.
Talking about the surveillance station, the DS410 supports 12 IP cameras, although only one license is provided. You have to pay $49 for each license. The surveillance system is quite comprehensive able to record based on scheduling and motion sensing.
The Photo station allows you to organize your photos into albums in a well-organized manner.
The Download station provides support for BitTorrent client and can also download files from authenticated websites like RapidShare.


The Synology Disk Station DS410 costs about $499 without storage and $1200 with 4TB storage.


The Synology DS410 offers the highest throughputs in its RAID configurations. It topped the charts with about 279 Mbps for write test and 422.6 Mbps for read test.
The NAS server functioned very quietly and comparatively cooler compared to the DS710 even during heavy load conditions. Holistically the DS410 is worth the cost and does what it’s designed for.