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Blackberry torch 9860 review

BlackBerry Torch 9860

BlackBerry has introduced many models in the market and the latest one is the Black Berry torch 9860 which is very helpful in browsing as well as in the media field. The 3.7 inch touch screen is amazing and has more space due to which it becomes easy to view web as well as screen space. It also has a highest resolution with 480 x 480 displayed pixels. The displayed images in this model are bright and clear.

BlackBerry Torch 9860

The measurement of the device is 4.7″ (l) x 2.4″ (w) x 0.5″ (d), and weighs around 135 grams. If compared with other models the Black Berry torch 9860 is little bigger because of its large bezel. The front panel is all sleek and the metallic back with rubber grip looks elegant. The buttons below the screen are well spaced. It is powered by a single-core 1.2GHz processor which is a plus point as single-core processor never does any harm. And since the BlackBerry Torch 9860 doesn’t deal with HD 1080p video like many other phones do, it is doubtful whether it will get along with a single-core CPU for now. It has 4GB of on-board storage. There is a provision to add up to 32GB more storage through the microSD card slot, which is handy if you want to shoot more videos with the 720p HD recording. The video player supports MP4, DivX, XviD and WMV videos up to 720 p. The video playback is smooth and can be saved for future viewing.  The back of BlackBerry Torch 9860 has a 5MP camera’s lens, and the LED flash.

BlackBerry Torch 9860

BlackBerry Torch 9860

The usual wireless accessories are included with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi available, and 3G with a download speed of up to 14.4Mbps. Bluetooth is available and there is cabling with the micro USB connector.

The design of the BlackBerry Torch 9860 is somewhat like RIM’s range and Samsung’s Galaxy line. It’s quite appealing.  The keys are easy to press and the 3.5mm jack is also on the side, which people may not like and prefer to be on top or bottom.  The phone is comfortable to hold due to its shape and metal back plate with matt feel.  The sound quality is also good for your ears. Therefore, overall the multimedia performance is good compared to the older Blackberry phones. It has a durable battery of 1320 Ah, which can be used up to 12 hrs under normal use.  It also offers a proper touch screen experience. It lets you to sort your contacts under various groups. Therefore, overall taking into consideration the entire specifications and modifications of Torch 9860, it is very good, affordable and one should have it.

What to expect from Nokia Gem?

The concept like Nokia Gem is an All-Touch-Screen phone that changes every time you use a different function. This concept was pioneered by Mr. Jarkko Saunamaki who is senior design manager in Nokia and though it will a long wait before we find this phone in market, the company pointed it out that this phone is a proof that they are committed  towards development of game-changing technologies. Both the designers Wenhing Chu & Kok Keong Wong have previewed a futuristic transparent touch phone with twin-splitting displays on design blog Yanko Design in September.

nokia gem

This Finland based company which manufactures handsets, has introduced a brand new smartphone on the eve of the silver anniversary of the research center of Nokia. Its entire body will act as a touch screen. Nokia Gem is like a priceless stones as because just like the precious stones which have many sides, the front and the back and the obvious sides in the phone works as an interactive display. These displays change, according to whatever application you will be using at that time. For example suppose you are using an app for navigation on this cell phone, you can see a map showing overview on one side and then turn it over to check out the more detailed map about your present position in the city. In the video mode, another instance has been shown where the girl clicks a photo. Then she uses the touch-screen feature of cell phone to wrap that complete image around the phone as wallpaper. As there are no such things as buttons on this phone, so gestures and actions are used to use apps, for example you draw a circle to use the camera app.

nokia gem

The most important feature is the technology which Nokia Gem uses to interact with various other cell phones. Now suppose you use an application on this phone. Let us suppose that you use the camera; when you do so, still your mobile phone will look like a cell phone. But with Nokia Gem, when you use the camera function, the whole phone will look like a camera. Then you can see one wrapped image around the camera, just like you saw in that cool video where the lady clicks some wallpaper and then uses it as the art for her own cell phone casing. No default appearance will find with it.

nokia gem

Games lovers will generally find that it looks a lot like, for example, a gaming pad. It is called Nokia Gem because just like the polished precious stones which have many sides, it also has many sides. This phone would be also able to display images in 3D as it allows view from all possible angles. But according to Jarkko, the most important use of this phone would be the interaction between its various sides and its ever changing appearance. This new mobile phone is a concept phone which utilizes the entire device.

Nokia Lumia 800 review

Nokia’s Lumia 800 has been always on demand as it is the first mobile phone from Nokia that can run Microsoft’s Windows Phone operation system and is a smart phone. The handsets have fast processor, AMOLED screen with camera and Carl Zeiss lens are the added features.

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia  Lumia 800

Nokia  Lumia 800 is a stylish looking handset and the built in quality is also first class. Microsoft’s slick Windows Phone 7.5 software makes it a fun phone and has a very good assimilation of social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook. You can also chat with your friends when you are travelling. The Radio streaming service has a good selection of tunes that can be played as welcome tune and soothe your caller’s ears. You can also download maps and avoid roaming charges when you are using it abroad.

The battery life of the phone is very durable compared to other smart phones. You can charge the phone and it can stand for a long time in normal use. The call quality is best in even weaker signal areas. If the high resolution screen or the camera does not matter to you then Nokia Lumia 800 is the right choice for you.

Nokia  Lumia 800

You can easily store and pin applications, pictures and contact details to its home screen and can use it as shortcuts. You can just press the search button to find a particular app. The phone automatically arranges your apps alphabetically, which makes it easier for you to look for a particular app.

Nokia  Lumia 800 review

The design of Nokia Lumia 800 is sleek and the body is hewn with polycarbonate material and is available in black, magenta and cyan colors. The curved long two edges remind us of old iPod Nano and the back panel is sloped gently from top and bottom. The phone looks oblong when it is viewed from side. The feeling is sturdy inspite of using plastic material for the body of the phone. The front panel has gorilla glass which easily covers the screen and the bottom three touch buttons. Due to this the phone has a smooth face and seamless look. The physical buttons are on the right hand edge in Nokia  Lumia 800.

There is volume rocker switch, lock button and a dedicated camera button that help you to jump directly to the camera app. This phone also has a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top of the phone corner, which is hidden behind a delicate flap. Next to the headphone jack is the micro USB port for charging as well as syncing. There is also sliding cover that gives you direct access to the SIM card slot when released. The SIM used is a micro SIM. Overall the phone is the perfect choice when you are always on a move.

Overall, Nokia Lumia 800 is not yet launched by Nokia. We will be updating the release date here.

How to get root Access on Kindle fire?

Amazon has launched Android-powered Kindle Fire e-reader or tablet which is very useful for eagerly awaiting Android enthusiasts. We have recently got a trick through which you can get the root access of the Kindle fire.

root kindle fire

What is the benefit?

Getting root access means you are in the complete control of the device, you can install anything you want. So just follow these simple steps and get the root access.

Note: Do this only if you know what you are doing, or else you will mess up your Kindle fire.
To root kindle fire you have to install a custom Android ROM that can make use of your full featured tablet of Kindle Fire and never forget to use root privileges for added features to access your system guts. For its performance you may need Android SDK and an important root app, Super One Click.

root kindle fire

Gudie to root Kindle Fire.

  1. Switch on your kindle fire and click the top bar that is near the battery and Wi-Fi icons, then press little more and you can choose from the drop down menu. Fo to device and click the allow installation of applications to turn on.
  2. Turn on your computer and install Android SDK. Make sure you have java installed on your computer, or else install Java 7 JDK. You can download the Android SDK from Android Developer website. Install the latest version only.
  3. You can simply open the installer_r15-windows and install the Android SDK.  Then open the installer_r15-windows.exe and follow the simple instructions. And when you have installed the Android SDK, the SDK Manager app will open up automatically with software packages list which you download and install them, but you should also make sure whether the Google USB Driver package that are listed under the Extras are  properly checked or  not. As you will require this file to communicate while you root kindle fire. Click on OK when the SDK manager finished downloading the installation.

    root kindle fire

  4. As you have installed the SDK, you have to modify it. Open your Windows User account folder (C:\users\Your_name) and find a new directory named “.android”. Now find a file adb_usb.ini. open it in Notepad, add at the bottom of the document a new line about the document, then type 0x1949, save and close it.
  5. Now go to the directory where you have installed Android SDK and navigate to the \extra\google\usb_driver\directory. Now find the file android_winusb.inf and open it in notepad. Find the sections
    [Google.NTx86] and [GoogleNTamd64] in the document and paste the following code:

    ;Kindle Fire
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006&MI_01

    Now save the file and exit and if windows ask permission to replace android_winusb-inf, allow it.

  6. Now plug your Kindle into PC. You may need micro-USB cable. Windows attempts to install the driver automatically and can be mounted in a normal storage device.
  7. You can open Android SDK to check whether it recognizes the kindle. Now open Command Prompt in Windows (Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt) or Press Window + R and type cmd. Find the way wherever you want to install the Android SDK. Don’t worry if you have forgotten your DOS commands; just open the Command Prompt and type cd followed by file path to the directory of platform tools. Now type
    adb kill-server
    Press enter and type adb devices and enter. By this you can make out that it has recognized kindle. You can also go to control panel and scroll down to device manager to find the kindle fire listed.

  8. Just download SuperOne Click and install apps, open the SuperOneClick and click Root. Rest of the work is done for you in a few minutes by SuperOneClick and you can click on the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject the Media icon, now eject the Kindle and unplug it, and you are done with rooting.

Enjoy!! Let us know in case of any issue.

Top 5 cloud computing companies to watch out for

cloud computing
Cloud  computing  is  nothing but a marketing  term  that is used for technologies that provide computation, data access, software,  its storage services that does not require any end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that transfers the services. This is a general term for anything that requires delivering hosted services over the Internet. These services are generally divided into three groups:

  1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS)
  2. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The name was inspired by the symbol of cloud which is generally used to represent the internet in diagrams or flowcharts.

cloud computing

Cloud Computing Companies

Following are the Top 5 cloud computing companies in the market to watch out for:

1. Zimory:  This is a Berlin-based company that offers a technology that suites all the transition virtual data and centers into cloud based infrastructure. The main aim of the company is to offer high-quality cloud solution maximizing the efficiency as it knocks into resources that are underused. The novel open technology of this company can easily level thousands of machines to connect with several clouds. This firm’s Carrier Grade Cloud Computing collection is billed to be a widespread solution for organizing and managing safe and scalable public, private and hybrid clouds.

2. Abiquo:  This Company is the most promising company in this area.  It possesses a complete hypervisor support range which includes primary vendors, like,   Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Zend. The organization offers a permission-based ladder that enables ventures to forge public, private or hybrid clouds spanning data centers on as well as off the premises. It offers a support system to remove vendor lock-in problem through a drag-and-drag conversion for essential machines from one hypervisor to another.

cloud computing

3. Standing Cloud:  The simple scheme of Standing cloud company is “We do the sys admin so you don’t have to.  Sure, you could handle Web application management. But why?”   The Standing cloud organization provided various types of management services of big league cloud operators.

4. Appirio: Appirio hold itself with   technological as well as consulting challenges of enterprise’s adoption of cloud computing. Since 2006, the firm has helped to implement cloud deployments for 200 enterprise clients along with some of the most important vendors, which includes, Google, Sales force and Amazon.  It has also acquired VMG, a consulting firm which has been specializing in the learning programs as well as training of computing clouds.

5. Spanning Cloud Apps:  Spanning Cloud Apps, this company mainly specializes in the back up services for Google Apps on its LinkedIn page, which was originated to become the Norton Computing of the cloud computing age. This firm offers its famous service of Spanning Backup product on a free trial or annual subscription.

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Nokia Asha: A New Hope in Nokia Series

nokia asha

Everybody is familiar with the brand name Nokia in the field of mobile phones and has made a big name in the market. To add to its successful list, it has launched a new range of Asha (means hope in Hindi) phones.  Four new ranges of phones under the banner of Nokia Asha series are, 200, 201, 300 and 303. All the series has a loud stereo sound.

Nokia Asha Phones

Nokia Asha 200 and 201 are lookalike to the Nokia C3.  Whereas Asha 200 has dual SIM and 201 has single SIM device with a QWERTY keypad. Nokia has incorporated the WhatsApp messenger in the 40 series. Both the devices have up to 32 GB memory storage. They can download and run simple Java applications, in addition to the already build in applications. Pre-installed software has a web browser, a music player that has a good loudspeaker like MP3. The Asha 200 can take two SIMs at the same time, and the built in SIM manager helps to handle up to five different SIM cards. The slots for the second SIM is in the side of the phone, and the cool feature is that they can be hot-swapped .These two series caters to the younger generation with its cool and stylish features.

nokia asha

Nokia Asha 300 is a touch and type phone which is powered by a 1GHz Processor. It comes in traditional 12 key numerical pads and visual rendering touch screen. The design has a classic look for monoblock device. The built in quality is solid, stylish and powerful for a non smartphone class device. It has a 5 megapixel camera on the rear side and can be used for social networking, like chatting etc. It also has a music player with a good sound and 32 MB extendable storage.

Nokia Asha 303 looks like Asha 300 and has a good display capacity. It is a part of Asha collection of S40 series of touch and type feature phones. Comparing all the above Asha series, 303 is the most powerful and interesting series.  It has a 2.6” capacitive touch screen and a combo of keyboard. It also has a 5MP camera at the back. The screen is sunlight visible and you can easily connect to facebook, twitter, it also has the Nokia maps of 40 series. Therefore it depends on your need and amount of work you do through your phone.

All the Nokia Asha series phones are quite affordable, as it can fit in any pocket, stylish with rich in features compared to other phones available in the market. The colors are attractive and young generation must have one of these phones in order to suit their taste and pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Everyone in this world knows that it’s an age of on the go and people need easy accessible devices that can make their work easier and faster. As per consumer research people want to do better task in less time without wasting their precious time, e.g. browsing web, checking their mails, playing games or watching  videos/photos etc. For carrying out these day to day task,  people carry various devices, as each device has its own benefit and help them in that  particular situation.  Therefore, instead of carrying multiple devices a new type of smart phone has been launched which bears an insight and innovation that is truly very smart and that is Samsung Galaxy Note.

samsung galaxy note

samsung galaxy note

Samsung Galaxy Note Review

TheSamsung Galaxy Note has a Large and immersive screen of 5.3” screen size with smart phone portability and the large screen allow you to view more with less scrolling for a fast and effective work with one touch feature. It also has a unique feature of S pen which is combined with a full touch screen, so that you can easily create and capture your ideas at any place.  Its S Planner gives you the freedom to manage complex schedules in an easier way.  You can easily draw or even write notes with greater accuracy.   You can even send your emotions, ideas through text messages, and emails along with Chat on communication service of Samsung.

samsung galaxy note

samsung galaxy note

The powerful 8MP camera captures your every moment with accurate detail. You as well as your friends can easily view your photos with its large and clear display. The durable 2500m Ah battery   increases Samsung Galaxy Note experience and lets you to have the benefit of all the features provided by it. It also has 1.4GHz dual core processor for first class web with fast network speed.  Businessmen are the most benefitted as they can easily stay connected for their important/urgent meetings while travelling. Its unique feature of Cisco WebEx makes easier for them for web conferencing, telephonic or fixed mobile communication. The users can easily view shared desktops, browsers, applications and documents.

Samsung Galaxy Note is very useful to people who are on the go, businessmen as well as creative people. The social use of these Galaxy note is also beneficial. The Galaxy Note is a basic device that certainly decreases the need to switch to other devices when you are on the go and introduces you to a newer experience of mobile phones.  The Galaxy note does offer an advanced Android experience with its striking AMOLED display and fastest processor. People can definitely like the model and take advantage of this Galaxy note as it is fast, accurate and easy to use device compared to other devices.

Is Kindle Fire really good? Can it beat iPad in popularity?

Yes and yes, it can. Amazon has launched a new tablet, Kindle Fire. It is a hybrid and portable device which has features of both an ebook reader and an Android tablet. Basically it is giving you the best of both worlds. Be honest and think what do you use iPad for? Watching movies, reading books etc? Let us be real. Not many of us are jet setting executives who use the Apple tablet for video conferencing calls.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Amozon Kindle Fire Review

Amazon is the first company to recognize this and has given us a product which gives us exactly what we want. Yes, Kindle Fire keeps us entertained. You can read thousands of books, watch movies, listen to songs, play games and download apps. You can also access internet and check your mails and Facebook. And all this at a price you would not believe. Kindle Fire is priced at just 199$. Compare this with the price of cheapest iPad. To be fair, it lacks features like camera, microphone and GPS because of its low price. But I can live with that. It has a 7 inch wide display with a screen quality which is exceptional for the price.  It has a web browser, Amazon Silk, which gives good speed. It has Wi-Fi internet connection.  It is powered by 1GHz processor which is fast and efficient.

Kindle Fire uses a heavily modified custom version of Android, Android 2.3, which is basically for phones. You can use the Android app store to download popular apps like Zulu, Pandora and Netflix etc. Yes, you can play Angry Birds on this. You can read thousands of books available on Kindle library. Amazon has an enviable collection of more than 17 millions of songs which you can listen to using your tablet.  You can read your favourite magazines in color. I am sorry if this has started sounding like an ad for Kindle tablet, but I am smitten by it. Yes, it was love at first sight. On a serious note though (because it’s a review), THE Amazon tablet has two cons. First it has only 8 GB of memory, which is, alas, not expandable. But fear not thee kindle fire lovers, because Amazon has offered free digital content storage on Amazon Cloud. Its second irritating lack of feature is no 3G wireless connection. But it has Wi-Fi. As I getting a neat 300$ discount, I will adjust a little bit and though the lack of 3G connection pains me but I will live. Kindle Fire is totally worth your money.