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Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speakers Review

Music is one of the best ways of relaxation for your mind and body and there is no joy as pleasant as listening to the clear sounds. A lot of people are passionate about their music system but somehow also wish that there was a better way to listen to music in all the places of home with high clarity and power performance and without any clutters of wires hanging around. Wireless technology solves this and there are abundant wireless speakers that are popular in the market. One such wireless speakers system is rocket universal wireless rear speakers kit. These can be used along with any of your surround speakers of any brand that add a high quality sound to your existing front speakers. They are economically priced that can also be used for your home theater systems.

Technical Specifications

The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear kit is plain styled box shaped with multiple options of mounting either vertically or horizontally on the walls or on the stands. The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear unit consists of a transmitter, receiver with stand, AC adapter, a set of two inches of speaker wires and a user manual. It uses a 2.4 GHz wireless technology powered by 25 watt digital amplifiers. The transmitters can be positioned in main area of the room and the two acoustic surround channels at the rear. The receivers’ rear panel has volume controls that can be adjusted to the baseline level and then you can use your remote of the main system to adjust the volume. The transmitters and receivers of Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear kit is intended to be connected to the surround speakers of the AV receiver or amplifier of HTIB. The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear provides high quality uncompressed sound to the rear speakers of your main system wirelessly.


The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear kit is very economically priced in the range of $100 that can be used for any brands of your music system or Home Theater In A Box System (HTIBs)

Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speakers Review

The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear is a wireless speaker unit that gives quality sound and works with any brands of surround speakers. The unit consists of small wireless transmitters, integrated receivers, and powered amplifiers with standard speaker wires. They are used as add-on speakers and give the same quality of sound as the front speakers. The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear kit requires a surround sound system of your home theater system or music systems. You home theater system surround mode should be 5.1 and the stereo mode of the home theater system should be completely off for it to work the best. The design of the kit is simple, plain and box type with transmitters in a very small size. The receivers are larger than the transmitters. The transmitters can be placed in front of the room and in the rear with two surround audio channels. It uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology powered by 25 watt amplifiers giving you a clear and high quality sound. You can play music in the audio-video receiver in one room and listen to a powerful sound quality while you are in another room.

The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear speaker kit is economically priced in the range of $100, easy to set up and can be used for any brands of music system and home theatre in a box systems. The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear kit not only balances the sound between the front and rear speakers but induces a sharp clarity of sound to the back speakers. It is a solid product at a low price range and a welcome wireless audio system kit worth a good buy.

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JBL 2.0 Wireless speaker system Review

Sound evokes feelings and emotions and every resonance that you hear makes you feel alive. When you watch a movie, hear music or listen to a concert it is the sound that resonates from the speakers that makes listening a memorable experience. One of such outstanding speaker systems is from the JBL engineering group that has an expertise of renowned and quality loudspeaker brands for more than a decade. The JBL speakers give you a crystal clear sound clarity, power and precision in terms of sound features. The digital technology used in the JBL loudspeaker systems gives you a real time experience of pure joy of listening.

Technical Specifications

JBL 2.0 wireless speakers are a pair of set systems that have wireless installations. These speakers can be mounted on the walls in any part of the rooms and the unit includes a transmitter, amplifier, transceiver and remote control. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers operate on 2.4 Hz frequency giving a high quality presentation and powerful sound that can go above 70 feet and more. The speakers have magnetic protection for video applications, compact monitors with mini-jack input connection and a subwoofer output. The woofers have polylaminate shielding and a powerful 15 watt amplifier that gives a high frequency deep bass sound. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers can be used for home theatres, computers, and music players and any wireless sound system applications. The speakers and transmitters for JBL 2.0 system comes with wall brackets that can be surmounted anywhere in the walls of the rooms.


The JBL 2.0 Wireless speaker system comes within a price range of $200 and from 2 stores of internet the prices start at $ 179 and $ 186.95 at the and eBay respectively.


The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers do not have wires and give you a high quality sound performance. The speaker works with any products of wireless applications or headphone jacks including as surround channels for your home theatre system, music system, digital music system or computer system. The JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system gives a high quality crystal clear sound performance with the titanium laminated tweeters and on air control transmitters with a high frequency bandwidth of 2.4 GHz that can echo the sound up to 70 feet. The JBL speakers have titanium that makes it powerful and lighter in weight as well as producing high quality sound without any distortions and quirkiness at high frequencies.

The set up of JBL 2.0 wireless system is simple and as the speakers connect easily to the source of any wireless sound system application products. You can set up the speakers at choice of your place and plug the main speaker to the wall outlet. Match the ID codes and connect the second speaker and the system works in perfect symphony. You can use the remotes to control the volume or can switch to product source inputs. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers and transmitters come with surmountable wall brackets. Although there are some hitches with standby mode as the speakers go into stand by mode if the music volume stops or gets silent even for few seconds and at times the Wi-Fi connectivity slows down when the music starts streaming. Apart from this the JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system is great on sound quality, wireless application and a great buy for within $200 range product. So if you want to get the live musical experience of a concert, action movie or just music JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system is a good investment.


KEF Universal Wireless System

Every sound is music and even silence has some sound. When you hear them you hear life. Music releases stress and gives immense pleasure to mind and soul. If you can hear these echoes without any distortions and quirkiness, you will wonder at the purity of listening sounds. One such amazing product is the KEF universal wireless system a high quality audio product with crystal clear sound performance. It is a higher end speaker system that can be used as an additional set up for your existing speaker system set ups including higher end music system, theatre system and computer system. You can place the KEF universal wireless system at any location inside your house and you will be surprised to have the same amazing sound quality without any oddness.

Technical Specifications

KEF universal wireless system does not use any wires and is an add-on setup for your any existing rear surround sound system set up. It can be used with any of the KEF speakers as well as speakers of any other brands. The KEF universal wireless system uses a 2.4 GHz transmission technology that gives a crystal clear clarity sound without any interferences, distortions and quirkiness. The KEF universal wireless system has a narrow band signal that features High Fidelity Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (HFADPCM) that ensures a high quality sound transmission. This is complemented by an advanced error correction technology that delivers a high quality transmission between the transmitters and the receivers. Finally KFL universal wireless system ensures interference free transmission of audio quality by using advanced frequency hopping spread spectrum that scrutinizes several channels at a time and switching to the strongest one. Due to this the high quality transmission is not affected by other home devices like wireless LAN routers, microwave ovens, mobile phones, cordless phones and many such devices.


The KFL Universal Wireless System is an expensive product when compared to other similar products and ranges from $569.95 to $599 on online stores.


KEF Universal Wireless System is an amazing wireless system that gives high performance audio solutions to wired speaker systems. You can hear a crystal clear quality sound from these by using it as add-ons to you present rear surround sound system set up. It can be used with any brands of speakers and can be placed anywhere in the room and still receiving astounding quality sound. The KEF universal wireless system unit consists of transmitter, a set of receivers and power adaptors that are small in size and can be easily concealed. The system is easy to set up and requires three AC plugs connecting the main parts to the receiver speakers and adapter. To give you a powerful sound experience KEF Universal Wireless System uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology that has advanced error protection and adaptive frequency hopping to give you a signal transmission without any interference and hitches. You can place the KEF Universal Wireless System in any part of the room or move to anyplace as line of sight is not required for transmissions from transmitters to speakers and still can get exceptional sound quality and clarity. The KEF Universal Wireless System is high on pricing but an exceptional high quality product because of its sheer sound quality and high performance.

Angry Birds Season Game Review

Amazingly new goody bag game Chocolate eggs and bunnies have been introduced in the Angry Birds Seasons after St.Patricks, Trick or Treat and Season’s Greedings. You can play the game for hours long till you get yourself something else to do. The challenges are physics-based demolition action and have lots of replay value. At each level, you need logic, skill and extreme force to knock your enemy down. You do this using the Angry Birds whose survival is protecting the chocolate eggs.

Free Android Games

A whole bunch of golden eggs – a bigger bonanza along with the chocolate eggs. The game is played by employing the unique destructive power of the Angry Birds to lay wastes to the pigs’ hideouts and drive them away from the eggs.

Now moving on to what the game actually possess..! it has exclusively over 85 new levels. Its obviously not a bird shoot game as we all might imagine on the words Angry Birds!! The birds face new obstacles flying over the elegant landscapes.

How did the journey of this game-The Angry Birds actually start? To this, Holloween theme kick started the series with pumpkins, bats, dangling lanterns, a full moon, and spooky trees offering 45 levels. Followed by the “Season’s Greetings” Christmas-themed pack with 25 levels which was a little lacking.

The game is dedicated to the wildlife and gives a logo out to “Protect wildlife” by playing Angry Birds.



The Rovio team’s effort is really worth appreciation for development for such a cute game. It is really one lively game that can change your mood on if you bored of your same old routine life. Playing this game can relieve you off your stress for sure atleast for a clock of time.

Though the levels become repetitive once you’ve played them a lot of times. You do expect a lot of tasks to be performed by the birds. Its obviously the human nature to yearn for something new every time. Not curse anyone apparently!!

Adding to this are the number of ads which count to a large number while playing. They do annoy atleast to an extent. Rather the applications and the ad-based models are really worth the pay. But the display of them at the start of every turn or at every four turns do interrupt the game.

Some amount of vicissitude must be brought into the game for the long life of it. Say not it goes out of the people’s minds very soon..

On the categories of usefulness, stability, fun, attractiveness and the expectations being met the game has been reviewed to be on an average of 40-50%

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Top Nokia N8 games from Ovistore

Nokia N8 is a response for Apple and Android by Nokia. Here we will present you top nokia n8 games which you can download directly from Nokia OviStore. These games are paid but certainly are value for money.

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Avatar HD

Avatar HD Nokia N8 Game

Avatar HD is another addictive game developed by Gameloft. Gameloft is the one which develops different types of game for different types of platform. Avatar HD is available at a cost of £3.00.

Based on the movie Avatar released on 2009, this game makes your mind to transform your body to an alien on a strangle world. But this is game is not same as the movie, in this you will be the first avatar to have been created. You control a very huge blue alien and begin the training camp where you will learn every skill to survive in the real world. Moving around the pace will be an easy task as you’ve got the simple on screen touch points. There will be a navigational pad available for movement which is truly sensitive. When you move it just a bit more your avatar will start run than a normal walk. I was not expecting this much sensitive controls. Fire, Jump and Use are all used by clicking on the various areas in the bottom right of your screen. In total there’re fifteen levels starting from military strongholds to jungles packed with plants and trees.

Cricket T20 Fever HD

Cricket T20 Fever HD nokia n8 game

The name of the game itself suggests that this is cricket game. Cricket T20 Fever HD is available in OVI store at a cost of £ 1.00.

I am a great fan of cricket. I’m very much impressed with the game play of this cricket game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At firs t you must choose a team and I chose my favorite team India. Next select a team that you like to compete with. Since this is a game of cricket you will get chance to do both tasks; bowling and batting. So you’ve to master both the skills. Luckily, there are in-game tutorials which are truly easy to follow. Fielding is another skill that you’ve to master. You must place your fielders at the exact place to catch the high flying balls to beat your competitors. There are game modes available in this game. You must spend some few time in the game to hit a six.

Tetris HD

Tetris HD nokia n8 game
Tetris HD is another addictive developed by Electronic arts. Tetris HD is available in OVI store at a cost of £ 3.00. This game comes with a very good graphics and a cool sound track. This song is still the similar song but with more upbeat. This game is available since the mid 80’s and most of us know about this game and I like this game very much and I am playing this game for over decades. For those who haven’t heard about this game and people who haven’t tried this game; the idea of this game is that there will be blocks of random shapes falling down in your playing screen and you must make them to fit together, one way or another. You can do this by rotating those random shape blocks in 90 degrees. This can be done by tapping the screen until the block correctly fits together. By doing so you will win points and you will move on to next levels.

In Tetris HD there are two methods to play. One is Marathon where you can continue playing without dying. That happens when you fail to complete the horizontal lines and the blocks piles to the top of the screen. And the other is one is the Magic. This one is quite different. In this you will be having some special abilities like The Minimizer which lets you to shrink any piece into a single block that can fill up the small gaps. Another power that I available is Bubble Wrap. By using Bubble Wrap power you can turn all the blocks that you’ve collected at the bottom into bubbles, just waiting for your poking finger to burst them.

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Google Launched Google Voice in India: Free calls to US and Canada

Finally, after their testing in US and Canada, Google has launched Google voice in India. The best thing is calls to US and Canada are free up to the end of December 2010.

Google voice allows you to call mobile phones or landlines direct from your browser. To open Google voice log into your Google Account and open chat

How to Use Google Voice India

There you will see a “Call Phone” button. Hit this button and it will show you Google voice privacy policy policy page. Accept the policy and then you will find a cool Google voice pop up at the right side of your browser.

Google Voice India

Google Voice charges

Google is offering special tariff for their first month. In the month of December, people can call US and Canada absolutely free. Google is currently charging 6 cents per minute for calls to India, which is relatively cheap than other mobile operators. You can view detail of rates here

Enjoy using Google Voice India and call to your relatives in US and Canada for free.

The new releasing iPad 2 and its features

You might have heard lot of rumors about the new releasing iPad 2.0 from the Apple. Apple’s report “Guess what you can expect from iPad 2.0” from the supply chain has every chance to become true. This Apple iPad 2.0, without saying would be enhancement or the upgrade of the earlier Apple’s successful iPad.

Apple iPad 2 Releasing features

According to a Chinese language newspaper, sources from industry state that this new iPad 2 will be having these 5 new features.

1) 3-axis gyroscope
2) Better mobility
3) New display technology
4) USB
5) Video phone

The gyroscope feature isn’t actually fresh for Apple, but for iPad. The gyroscope feature has already been introduced in its iPhone 4.

Features of Apple’s iPad 2 :

Better Mobility

What do you mean by “better mobility”? The iPad that could be carried anywhere you go. Apple is suspected to use a better material technology for manufacturing their iPad 2 device lighter in weight. According to Brian Blair, the analyst from Wedge Partners said that Apple is going to release a “World iPad” that will run on the Qualcomm’s Multimode CDMA GSM chips.

New Display Technology

What about the new display technology? Does this mean the device being more thin, light in weight and more malleable? The device could sport a 9.7” inch Retinal Display made up of Gorilla Glass. According to the reports, the device would feature a enhanced image and colour output performance.

Based on the latest reports, the Video Phone feature suggest that Apple will be providing the video cameras on both front and back, made by Omnivision.

This only means that we are free from the Apple’s own cable technology issues. The reason for Apple to bring this mini USB feature might be due to the regulators of the Europe trying to brand it as a legal requirement for products to use standard interconnections.

Till now there has been speculation over the fact that Apple providing mini USB supportability for connection and synchronization of the device, but not anymore, as the supply chain sources have confirmed it.
This concept of a latest interconnect give legs.

Last week, Apple has confirmed that its latest iPad 2.0 will surely feature a landscape connector. According to the reports, the Apple iPad 2.0 will be looking like the one shown on the screen shot.

For instance, from the screen shot, we can understand that, when you connect the iPad 2.0 along with the Keyboard kit from Apple, you can experience the full landscape display entertainment. This could eventually mean that this iPad 2.0 becomes a significant alternative for your notebook/netbook replacement.

According to Nielsen, Apple iPad 2.0 sits right at the top in the wish lists for most of the teens, this Christmas. This means, Apple iPad 2.0 is expected to be in most of people’s hand before this year ends.

If you are going to buy one, it would be better to compare the prices given by the two giants the Amazon and the Apple, as they are usually competitive enough with each other, considering the price factor.

Apple Iphone 4G

When choosing the best mobile phone to buy, it is important to consider a number of things—one of which is its functionality. When it comes to performance, iphones might be the best options. Aside from the many features and applications they offer, they also facilitate free conference calling service through the help and partnership of different network providers. This feature is really advantageous and quite important especially for those who run their businesses. Through this, anyone can hold and conduct meetings without being physically present. Know more about apple by reading its other features below.

The apple has been known for its unique functionality and features. When Iphone 3gs hit the market it out numbered every cell as far as selling is concerned. Apple has made its mark regarding the technology and its innovation and with the release of Iphone 4G, Apple has once again proved its name in the field of technology. The technology being used by Apple is no different from the rest of the cells but the thing which really makes a discrepancy is the quality and more smoothness of the technology.

As expected the Apple iPhone has sleek stylish design, simple but cool. As far as the display is concerned the whole eulogy can be put in one simple word ‘fascinating’ with out of the box multitouch user interface. iPhone 4G offers high speed net surfing with its Safari browser and the applications are not that hard to comprehend.

Now let’s look at the some of the drawbacks of it. Well, there are some receptions glitches in the phone and lacks some of the basic features such as 3G compatibility and stereo Bluetooth support. Regardless of lacking some basic features, call distortions and sluggish data network, the iPhone 4G has set standards for the integrated mobile phones and MP players.

Nikon intended to ties up with online and mobile device companies

Whenever we hear the name Digital Camera the famous brand that will be striking our mind is Nikon. Nikon is the leading Digital camera manufacturers and sellers across the world. Nikon is known for its high quality performance, high quality pictures and high quality videos. Nikon manufactures different models of digital cameras at different prices for the different level of peoples to purchase it.

On Thursday the Nikon corporations has planned to form the ties with the extensive online and the mobile device company in order to provide extra ways of storing up and sharing up the photographs that are taken on the digital cameras.

A spokesman said that till now there are no details about on which companies the Nikon will be going to join with and cooperate with. Nikon which is the world’s number 2 manufacturer of the digital cameras, high-end models that uses the interchangeable lenses, which already offering the online service for storing up and sharing up the images, which is well supported with the Apple inc’s iPhone.

Nikon intended to ties up with online and mobile device companies

Makoto Kimura, the president of the Nikon’s corp. uttered the anxiety earlier in the year that the expansion in the market of digital camera would be slowing down over the coming years due to the markets dispersion and said that he was searching for other different ways of stimulating growth.

On Thursday in an interrogate with the Nikkei business, Makoto Kimura said that he was not consider expanding by purchasing any other company’s camera, but didn’t exclude obtaining a firm in the fields such as software.

Apple Achieved A Record With The iPhone Launch in April

U.S. computer maker, Apple said Monday it has sold 1.7 million iPhones in April until Saturday three days after it arrived in stores and becoming the most successful product of the company in its release.

Smart Phone Sales (phones with functions similar to those of a simple computer), it competes with Nokia models, the BlackBerry from Research In Motion and Motorola, exceeded expectations of some analysts, as well as Apple, who has struggled to meet demand.

In a statement, company CEO Steve Jobs apologized to the “customers who were sent back” because the firm did not have enough inventory.

“This product launch is the most successful in the history of Apple,” Jobs said.

Daniel Ernst, analyst with Hudson Square Research, said it is likely that the figure includes 1.7 million stocks, which began to be admitted on 15 June.

The analyst said the phone seemed to be exhausted in some stores in New York, Connecticut and Maryland over the weekend after the official launch on 24 June.

Ernst said it had estimated sales of well over one million phones. “This number is close to two million, so it is above our expectations. There is a model of smart phone that has been so popular as this,” said the expert.

Apple began selling the phone through the website on 15 June. That day, both the technology company’s website such as AT & T operator collapsed because of high demand, causing delays in orders from various customers.

AT & T is the exclusive provider of the iPhone in the U.S..

The phone, which enables video calling and has a battery of longer duration, caused long lines the day of its launch last week.

Verizon Wireless, AT & T’s rival, is trying to counter the rise of the iPhone with a strong advocacy campaign on phones that use the Android operating system Google Inc.

The iPhone in April, the fourth generation in four years of multifunction phones from Apple, is on sale from Thursday in the U.S., France, Japan, Germany and Britain. By late July, is available in 18 other countries, including Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Even before leaving the apparatus, the services of Apple and its exclusive carrier in the U.S. had been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of their fans, with their systems saturated after 600 requests made in one day.