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5 Ways To Protect Yourself Online

Much has been made in recent years about the fact that more and more people are living their lives increasingly through the Internet. Most specifically, many different businesses and industries are operating more on the Internet, in many cases lending employees more freedom and flexibility with work hours and locations. But despite the convenience that comes with increased Internet reliance, there are also increasingly more concerns with regard to Internet security. The simple fact is, when we spend so much time online, we inevitably expose aspects of our personal lives to the world at large. So, here are 5 tips for how to protect your personal identity and information online.


1. Approach Social Media With Caution

It’s no secret that popular social media sites like Facebook have severe security concerns. The people behind various social media platforms have been accused of storing and mining for personal information, and there’s simply no denying that creating social media profiles “puts you out there” in a somewhat vulnerable fashion. In today’s world, it’s tough to avoid social media completely. But by reading privacy policies carefully and adjusting security preferences accordingly, you can at least be as safe as possible while partaking.

2. Avoid Storing Passwords

There are many instances when a website asks you to store personal information, passwords, and even shipping and payment details. For example, when you order something from Amazon, or subscribe to a publication, etc., you will often have the option of storing your account information for easy access in the future. This, however, not only leaves that personal information available on those sites for hackers to potentially locate, but it also leaves you vulnerable should your computer be stolen or lost. Try to avoid storing information for these reasons.

3. Use Secure File Sharing

Secure file sharing is still an expanding and improving industry, but offers a number of significant Internet security benefits. For example, Sharefile services allow you to send email files with encryption, and to protect your file sharing accounts via passwords. This simply keeps your communications more secure.

4. Use Cloud Storage

Similar to secure file sharing, cloud storage can help to keep your communications and file storage secure. Essentially, when you use a cloud computing provider, you are able to save data on the Internet, in a professionally secured cloud service, as opposed to physically on your devices.

5. Protect Your Devices

Finally, with more activity being conducted online, many of us have a great deal of sensitive data stored on our computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. For this reason, physical protection of such devices is just as important as digital security. From protective cases, to password access, it’s important for you to attempt to prevent damage, theft, or unauthorized usage of your devices.

Best apps for the Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia is beloved by many for its smart, colourful looks and its stylish live tiles homepage. If you have one of the Nokia Lumia phones, you will already have a number of apps as they come preloaded with some very useful ones. There is the integrated Drive sat nav and a maps location tool. The Nokia Music app is one of the best.

The innovative City Lens allows you to find out a lot more about the location you are in. Just by holding the phone up and pointing it at your surroundings it will tell you what shops and restaurants and other businesses and places of interest are nearby. By tapping on one of the businesses you can read reviews, get directions and find links to relevant websites. It is an equally useful tool for finding out about a place you are planning to visit. Just load that area on Microsoft Bing maps and City Lens will tell you all about it. Once you have had your phone for a day or two though and played with the preloaded apps you will want to add some extras. Which are the best ones around?

BBc iPlayer

It has been a long wait for Windows phone users but finally the BBC has produced a version of iPlayer for them. There is the full seven day archive of programmes, radio playback and 3G streaming. You do have to have Windows Phone 8 though so those with older phones will continue to miss out. Time to sell your old Nokia phone and update to a new one maybe?


Instagram for android phones has cornered the market for photography apps. It is not available for the Windows phone, however, but do not despair. Lomogram does just the same. You can choose from lots of different filters, frames and lighting effects and then upload your masterpieces onto Facebook and Twitter with ease.

BT Wi-Fi

If you are a BT subscriber and download this app, your phone will automatically connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you are. No passwords, no costs, just free internet, instantly.


Runtastic is a sports tracker that uses GPS to estimate how many calories you have used during your run, your average speed and your distance. GPS only works if you are on the move, of course and so for those who are working out in a gym, there is the option of adding times and distances manually. The app comes with a live tile for your home page which will always take you speedily to your monthly stats: a great motivator.


Using the live tiles homepage to great advantage, Battery is a great app for those who want to eke out more life from their phone’s battery charge as well as for those number fans, who love statistics. By touching one of the Battery icons you can find out when you last charged your phone, how much charge you have left and how long it will last. The Longest Battery Life Time option is an easy and efficient way to extend your phone use time.

How to Use Facebook chat on iChat (MAC)

Here is a quick tutorial on setting up your Facebook chat on iChat Messenger.

  1. Open iChat -> Prefrences
  2. Go to Accounts and add a new account by clicking on + sign.
  3. Add your facebook . For e.g. My Facebook profile is . So my username is
  4. Enter your password and set the server name to
  5. Enter the port as 5222

Facebook Messenger on iChat

Thats it. You are done

Locate Java Home on Mac OS

I am using Mac OS X 10.5 and I installed java 7 on it today. But the funny thing was I was unable to locate the directory where I have installed my Java. Finally I found it out and here are the steps :

  1. Make Sure you have Java installed properly. For that open your terminal and type which java. If you have JDK installed your machine, you will get /user/bin/java. This shows that you have JDK and you are safe to search for Java home on your MAC. Otherwise install JDK again on your Mac.
  2. In Mac OS, Java is installed at /Library/Java and your Java home folder should be /Library/Java/home.
  3. If you have multiple versions of JDK installed on same machine, then your Java home could be /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home

For checking Java version please type java -version on terminal.

if you are installing Oracle Middleware / Weblogic you may face error : “Invalid Java home
To correct this error, follow these steps:-

1. cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home
2. sudo mkdir jre
3. cd jre
4. sudo mkdir lib
5. cd lib
6. sudo ln -s ../../../Classes/classes.jar rt.jar

I hope this help. You can make a comment if you need any help from me.

How to use reCAPTCHA on your website? Example

What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is very important tool to prevent your website from SPAM. CAPTCHA script asks your user to enter some random words which can only identified by human eye.


If you have any HTML form on your website, where people can submit information. You need to have CAPTCHA to stop auto submission from a bot. Some examples of forms are comment form or User Registration form. CAPTCHA script saves the HTML forms from auto submissions and save it from SPAM.

How to integrate reCAPTCHA?

reCAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA service offered by Google Inc. reCAPTCHA is best CAPTCHA service offered anywhere and it is free to use. Below is the guide to use reCAPTCHA at your website.

Check out the example of Recaptcha. You can download the source code from here.

Step 1: Sign up for Recaptcha

Go to Recaptcha and Sign up for reCAPTCHA service. You need to have Google account to use this service.

Step 2: Register your Website

You need to register your website for reCAPTCHA service. Go to and create keys for your domain. You will get public and private key for your domain.

Step 3: Client Side Integration

Recaptcha provides you several means to integrate it at your website. I am using AJAX API to use it.

Include recaptcha ajax javascript inside your head tag

[cc lang=”javascript”]


Then before your submit button use this code :
[cc lang=”javascript”]


We need to validate the user’s response. So include the validate function onSubmit call of your form.
Below is the validateCaptcha method which you can use to validate Captcha entered by user.
[cc lang=”javascript”]
function validateCaptcha()
challengeField = $(“input#recaptcha_challenge_field”).val();
responseField = $(“input#recaptcha_response_field”).val();

var html = $.ajax({
type: “POST”,
url: “verify.php”,
data: “recaptcha_challenge_field=”+Recaptcha.get_challenge()+”&recaptcha_response_field=”+ Recaptcha.get_response(),
async: false

if(html == “success”)
$(“#captchaStatus”).html(” “);
// Uncomment the following line in your application
return true;
$(“#captchaStatus”).html(“Your captcha is incorrect. Please try again”);
return false;

Step 4 : Server Side Integration

Download the PHP Recaptcha lib and store it on your server.

Here is the code to verify the user’s input. You can create a separate file on your server.
[cc lang=”php”]
is_valid) {
// What happens when the CAPTCHA was entered incorrectly
die (“The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again.” .
“(reCAPTCHA said: ” . $resp->error . “)”);
} else {
echo ‘success’;

Thats it. Your Recaptcha is working. Try out a Demo of Recaptcha.

My 30 day challenge, inspired by Morgan Spurlock

Hello all, I have been out of blogging from quite a time and really believe that I have missed a lot of fun. Yesterday I went through an interesting TED talk which inspired me to take 30 day challenge. Here is the video where Matt Cutts (Google Web spam team head) describes the 30 day challenge.

So here I am following Morgan Spurlock’s philosophy.
My challenge is : To learn something useful everyday and blog it.

I will post my updates in this blog and I am quite determined that I will complete this challenge.

Day 1 : I started the day one with approving and replying comments on this website. Here is today’s entry for my challenge.
How to use reCaptcha on your Website?

Why Apple iPhone 4S Remains Scarce in Market

When the iPhone 4S was launched towards the end of 2011, there were some who were skeptical about its ability to sell as well as its predecessors. This was due to the perception that Apple had only made minor improvements to the iPhone 4. However, shortages of the smart phone quickly ensued, proving this idea to be false and causing Apple to announce that some orders could well be delayed. The question is whether the iPhone 4S is still scarce in the current market or have manufacturers have finally got up to speed, allowing supply to meet demand?

Perhaps the biggest indication that the iPhone 4S is no longer in short supply comes in the form of Apple’s Q1 2012 sales reports published in January. They suggest that the first three months since new CEO Tim Cook took office have been the most successful ever for the firm.

Mr Cook was handed the position of CEO after Apple founder Steve Jobs died last year, stepping into a role that has seen him take charge of one of the world’s most valuable companies. Some had assumed that the untimely departure of Jobs might signal a downward spiral for Apple because of the importance of its visionary leader. However, Mr Cook has clearly had a positive impact and has been able to sustain the company’s growth during his early weeks in charge.

The iPhone 4S and the other available versions in this range sold just over 37 million units over the past three months, helping Apple to increase its revenues to more than $46 billion, with a profit of $13 billion. Shareholders enjoyed a dividend of $13.87 for each share, which is clearly due in part to the 128 per cent increase in iPhone sales that was fuelled by the popularity of the 4S and the increased affordability of 2010’s iPhone 4 and 2009’s 3GS.

There is little doubt that Apple has clearly worked through any problems on the production side of things so that the iPhone 4S handsets can be pumped out of the factory just as fast as they are being snapped up by consumers on the other side of the planet.

Of course, the iPhone 4S was created during a period of supply-chain problems for Apple, with the Japanese tsunami of March 2011 forcing it to push back the launch of the handset into the autumn. This upset its usual summer launch schedule and is likely to mean that the sixth iPhone, due in 2012, will also arrive later in the year to give the iPhone 4S a chance to corner the market once more.

Apple could experience shortages once the iPhone 4S replacement hits shelves because it will almost certainly be using a completely different design and set of internal components compared with its precursor. Experts are predicting that it will have a larger screen, perhaps as big as 4.3 inches across the diagonal, which will completely alter the shape of the device and prevent Apple from using the same parts as it did for the 4S.

Providing there are no major natural disasters, or indeed problems with paint that prevented the white iPhone 4 from emerging for month after month, the next iPhone should be launched on time. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S is unlikely to sell out in the immediate future.

About the Author:

The above article is composed and edited by Shannen D. She is associated with many Technologies communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to social media, internet providers in my area related articles etc.

“Java Life” Rap Song From Oracle With Lyrics

Oracle has released a funny rap song on Java and life of Java professionals. A Java professional should not miss it.
Scroll Down for lyrics

In the cubicles representin’ for my JAVA homies…
In by nine, out when the deadlines are met, check it.

We code hard in these cubicles
My style’s nerd-chic, I’m a programmin’ freak
We code hard in these cubicles
Only two hours to your deadline? Don’t sweat my technique.

Sippin’ morning coffee with that JAVA swirl.
Born to code; my first words were “Hello World”
Since 95, been JAVA codin’ stayin’ proud
Started on floppy disks, now we take it to the cloud.

On my desktop, JAVA’s what’s bobbin’ and weavin’
We got another winning app before I get to OddEven.
Blazin’ code like a forest fire, climbin’ a tree
Setting standards like I Triple E….

Boot it on up, I use the force like Luke,
Got so much love for my homeboy Duke.
GNU Public Licensed, it’s open source,
Stop by my desk when you need a crash course

Written once and my script runs anywhere,
Straight thuggin’, mean muggin’ in my Aeron chair.
All the best lines of code, you know I wrote ‘em
I’ll run you out of town on your dial-up modem.

We code hard in these cubicles
Me and my crew code hyphy hardcore
We code hard in these cubicles
It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve seen the 404.

Inheriting a project can make me go beeee-serk
Ain’t got four hours to transfer their Framework.
The cleaners killed the lights, Man, that ain’t nice,
Gonna knock this program out, just like Kimbo Slice

I program all night, just like a champ,
Look alive under this IKEA lamp.
I code HARDER in the midnight hour,
E7 on the vending machine fuels my power.

Ps3 to Smartphones, our code use never ends,
JAVA’s there when I beat you in “Words with Friends”.
My developing skills are so fresh please discuss,
You better step your game up on that C++.

We know better than to use Dot N-E-T,
Even Dan Brown can’t code as hard as me.
You know JAVA’s gettin’ bigger, that’s a promise not a threat,
Let me code it on your brain

so you’ll never forget.

We code hard in these cubicles,
it’s the core component…of what we implement.
We code hard in these cubicles,
Straight to your JAVA Runtime Environment.

We code hard in these cubicles,
Keep the syntax light and the algorithm tight.
We code hard in these cubicles,
Gotta use JAVA if it’s gonna run right.

We code hard in these cubicles
JAVA keeps adapting, you know it’s built to last.
We code hard in these cubicles,
Robust and secure, so our swag’s on blast


Java Life Rap Song Oracle

Top Free Games for Nokia N9

Last year, we were talking about Nokia N8. Our article on Nokia N8 applications is really liked by people. Now is the time for Nokia N9.  I have recently purchased Nokia N9 and Nokia never disappoints with its quality. I am quite happy with splendid touch and improved Nokia ovi store. Here are the top free games which I downloaded this year for Nokia N9. I will not mention Angry Birds, that obviously is my favorite and must have game for Nokia N9.

  1. Dalton – The Awsome :
  2. free nokia n9 game

    Dalton is a funny, addictive and challenging game. Play as Dalton and kill all the zombies coming in your way. It is perfect way to pass time. Game contains lovely music and you will never feel bored of it.

  3. Crazy Chickens
  4. Nokia N9 Game

    Name of the game reminds us of angry birds but it is totally different game. However, the purpose is same to save eggs. Chickens have gone crazy and they are dropping their eggs. You have to play the game as “Bholu” (Character of the Game) and save all the eggs from falling on the ground. This game will remind you the old hand held games and its addictive.

  5. Vehicle Traffic
  6. Vehicle Traffic Nokia N9     Vehicle Traffic Nokia N9 Game     Vehicle Traffic Nokia N9 Free
    The game is a mix of strategy and action. Game rules are as follows:

    1. Your mission is to not to let any car collide.
    2. A car can be in either of three states Moving, Slowing Moving or Stopped.
    3. Tap the car to change its state.

    Vehicle traffic is very interesting game and a wonderful time pass.

  7. Peak Gold
  8. Peak Gold Free Nokia N9 Game

    It is Symbion version of very famous flash game, Gold miner. Pick up the gold and save it to buy amazing things for your Gold miner. A must download if you have played Gold miner.

  9. Lights Out
  10. Lights Out Nokia N9

    The game has only one motive. Turn of all the lights, Simple. But it is not that simple, because as you tap any bulb its neighbors will also change its state. Lights out is fantastic puzzle game and fun to play.

  11. Bada Maze
  12. Bada Maze Nokia Game

    The purpose is to reach the ball to its destination using accelerometer. The graphics of this game are not that great but it’s fun to play as you to tilt the phone in various directions to make it reach home.

  13. Balloon Popper
  14. Balloon Popper Free game    Balloon Popper Nokia N9

    Balloon Popper is an arcade game. Pop up all the balloons with a bullet. You have to target the bullet correctly in order to pop out all the balloons.

  15. Five in a Row
  16. Five in a Row Nokia N9 Game    Five in A Row Free Nokia N9 Game

    Five in a row is a two player game. Player has to make five balls of same color appear in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The game also has one player mode, in which you can play against easy, medium or hard computer. The game also has interactive graphics which makes it a must download.

  17. Finger Drums
  18. Finger Drums for Nokia N9
    Do you love music? You will love this app. Play the drums with the beat of your fingers. It’s simple, easy and fun game to play.

  19. Rip Off
  20. Rip Off Nokia N9 Game

    Save the family of a bird. An interesting and graphics intuitive game you will love to play.

    So, this completes my list of top free games for Nokia N9. If you have any additions please do let me know. Below is the comment section where you can add your comments. I will keep adding games in this list.

Top 10 Android Brain Games

The Android era, has led to the development of an increasing multitude of games that provide a means of pass time and renewed learning.

In this forever expanding market of games are a treasury of brain related Android games that have been developed for players to train their brain and develop their inner grey matter. These brain teasers not only boost your memory capacity but also enhance the functionality of your brain, along with working out the spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills in an individual.

A few of these fun-filled games are as follows:
1. Wordfeud:
Wordfeud android brain game
Wordfeud is a Scrabble-like crossword puzzle where you must make words either vertically or horizontally with the letters that you have been given. Each letter has a numeric value and the cumulative value of your word is added into your score. This multi-player game is played in turns. The winning secret in playing this game is to construct long and difficult words.
2. Unblock Me:
UnblockMe android game
This is a great and challenging puzzle game that demands smart thinking and various tactics to slide over the puzzle pieces and blocks the finish a jigsaw piece.

3. Brain Genius Deluxe:
Brain Genius Deluxe Android Game
Brain Genius Deluxe is a free brain trainer for Android users. It provides a number of fun and engaging brain teasers and riddles. Some of these are the familiar games like Sudoku and mazes, accompanied by a wide variety of numerical games and puzzles.

4. Chess Free:
Chess Free Android Brain Game
Chess is a great challenging mind game that can be downloaded for free from the Android market store. There are a number of levels such as: novice, beginner, expert and so on to give different gravity of challenges to the player.

5. Word Search:
Word Search Android Brain Game
Searching for words!!! Another unbeatable game to add to your kitty.
It not only helps to improve memory skills, enhance the usage of words and improves grammar. It is a game where you have to search for various words in a number of directions: horizontal, vertical and diagonal, from a pool or a matrix of jumbled alphabets.

6. Craniati Enigma:
Craniati Enigma Android Game
Craniati Enigma is an Android implementation of a number of popular browser-based riddle games. This game consists of a number of successive pages and you will be able to proceed from one level to the next one by solving a riddle. The solution is often right in front of you and a straight forward question, but very easy to miss.

7. Memorix:
Matrix Memory Game Android Game
This is the highly popular matrix memory game that has been ported to Android to tease your brain. Here, the player is required to repeat a sequence of patterns that briefly appear on a matrix, in order to finish each level. This game lets you to exercise your Spatial Recalling and Working Memory with fun and proves to be a good exercise for your brain.

8. Brain Age Test:
Brain Age test Android Game
The Brain Age Test is a perfect game to test the ability and maturity of your brain in terms of memory and usage. In this game you are expected to arrange the jumbled numbers in a sequential order according to the given specification. This game rates your brain at the end of each level, thus handing you a report card to have an analysis of your brain.

9. Scrambled Net:
Scrambled Net android game
This is a very challenging and creative thinking game in the Android market for which you will have to put on your thinking caps. A game for those who love computer networks, as it involves a single server and multiple computers. A connection must be made among the server and the other computers in such a way that each and every computer is connected to the server.

10. Letter Scrambler:

This game puts your neurons to work by giving you a set of random letters from which you have to list out all the possible words that you can coin together. This game also helps you to improve your vocabulary by teaching you new words.