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Indian Railway on your Android

From the name even a school boy can tell the use of this application. This application will give you details about number of seats available in trains, PNR status, arrival time, departure time and the list goes on. If you are do not have any knowledge about the available trains to any desired destination, you can just peep into this application for the available trains.

This application will also give you knowledge about the fare of the tickets. So traveling by train becomes very easy. This application must be installed in your android phone to use it and is absolutely free.

The latest version has many new updates like quick access and also station codes.

Many people feel that this is a useful application but its complexity is high which makes it a little difficult for an ordinary man who is not well educated to use it. It will be great to see a simplified version for this app.

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Talk back Android App is here to help

Have anyone thought about how can a blind person use a mobile phone? Is this possible? We wouldn’t have thought of such things even once. But one of the android tools named Talkback helps blind people to use phone. This innovation is really effective for blind people or people who do not have proper vision to use mobile phones.

This Talkback is not any application which you need to install in your phone. But it’s a feature which is already installed in all android phones; all that we need to do is to enable the feature and this adds spoken, audible, and vibration functionality services to the android phone. There are a few simple steps which we must follow to enable this tool.

To use this app you can enable the Accessibility checkbox from Accessibility option in settings. After which you need to just enable the Talkback option present in the list. Like Talkback you also have similar options like Kickback and Soundback. All these provide voice and vibration through which the blind people can recognize an incoming call or message.

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Elite Force Android game arrives

Elite Force is an action game with stuffs like guns, defense team, soldiers and etc.

This is a good pastime android game which can be loaded on to your  phone. It is absolutely free and can be easily installed. It has more than 60 levels. The environment in which the game is taking place is lively and pleasant. All you need to do in this game is to kill the soldiers who are nearing you, since you are a part of a defense team.

The version of this game was updated on October 19th of this year with high resolution graphics and increase in number of levels.
Many reviews say that this game has nothing other than awesome graphics but this game can attract the children as it is attractive.This game promises that you say “It was…fun…

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GO Launcher EX for Android


The GO Launcher EX  is the popular home application for mobile phones.

GO Launcher Ex is the comprehensive edition of GO Launcher. It supports customizable home renovation, themes, silky operation experience. It gives you an astonishing mobile operating chance. GO Launcher Ex is a completely free app. If you have problem in setting “GO Launcher” as the default home app, then download “Home Manager” to fix the problem.

GO Launcher EX provides the following awesome features:

  •  Exceptionally fancy home screen transition
  •  Silky flipping experience
  •  Featured widgets such as GO Task Manager, GO Clock and GO Calendar,
  •  User-defined folder to easily classify apps.
  •  Hide app icon, uninstall apps and Set icon sorting.
  •  Thousands of adapted theme available for Free downloads.

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TALKING TOM is back with a bang!!

Remember TOM!!! Cat which lived a pampered life in cartoon. He is back in Android apps to play with us but in a different costume. No more chasing and fighting. He is friendly and preferred by everyone. This Android apps is developed in such a way that TOM can respond to our touch in smartphones.

It can also repeat anything we say in a funny voice and u can also grab his tail. Isn’t it cool for kids!!!
The average rating for this app is 4.4 stars out of 5. About 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 have installed it in their phone.
This app looks cool because TOM has got a new fresh apartment. This apps helps user to control the vibrator and allows internet access. It is far better than previous one because of its graphics and quality.

Click here to download. Have lot of fun!!!