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Blackberry Storm 2 9520 Review Features

Blackberry one of the leading mobile producers across the globe with its new mobile phones lining up at the center stage of mobile technology. Earlier, Storm2 9520 SmartPhone was launched in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand and has now reached India. The Blackberry Storm 2 SmartPhone comes up with an innovation called SurePress technology which provides concrete feedback when the touch-screen is pressed.

Blackberry Storm 2 SurePress Technology

This Blackberry Storm 2 9520

It consists of BlackBerry OS 5 mobile O.S as its platform to give responsive experience, usability and visual capabilities , gradient shading on buttons, Typing accuracy and selection, faster BlackBerry Browser for Gears and BlackBerry Widgets. Additionally, Customers running BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 can set up follow-up Flags, Manage email folders, Access remote files shares, Forward & view appointments, wireless sync of Contacts, multiple contact folders and personal Distribution List.

The Storm2 with its SurePress technology enables the user to type one letter with one thumb, while the other thumb can be touching any point or just rest on the screen, which eventually would result in fast typing and multi-key actions like Shift or Alt-key combinations, while other handsets stop working.

Blackberry Storm2 9520 features a 3.25 inch capacitive touch-screen display with high resolution of 360 x 480, UMTS / HSPA (2100Mhz), quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) network connectivity, 3.2 MP camera, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB memory & 16 GB extendible microSD powered by 1400 mAhr battery with talk time of 6 hours on 3G networks and standby time of 280 hours, BlackBerry OS 5. It has Background noise suppression technology, Loud distortion-free speakerphone, Face detection, Proximity sensor, Media player, BlackBerry Media Sync, iTunes and Windows Media Player, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, Bluetooth (2.1), hands-free headsets, stereo headsets, car kits, Built-in GPS for maps and other location-based applications, geo-tagging, Access to BlackBerry App World.

Blackberry Storm2 9520 is now available in India for Rs.31, 990 plus taxes, which is affordable for the experience that it gives for its user.

Best Cell Phones in the Cell Phone Market!!

Cell phones have become the important essential for everyone that is why people are always concerned in approaching cell phone models and cell phone deals. This guide will give you a brief features about the best cell phones in mobile market so that you can determine whether you should buy a new one or you should continue with your old one.

Best Cell Phons

A cell phone that can only use to do and have calls and text message is purely boring and has no reputation at all. It should be offering some of interesting uses like MP3 player, FM radio, Digital camera and many others to be viewed in cell phone of some regard. So, here are some cool and wise cell phones that possess some well reputation and have enough market position as well.

Apple iPhone 4

The Apple 32 GB iPhone4 this special electronic gadget has earned maximum success in mobile market that is why vast number of individuals are keen to purchase this handset. It is just 9.3mm in thickness and it is available in glass and stainless steel stuff. Its touch screen presentation is about 3.5 inches which gives clear text and superiority of pictures to the buyer. Some extra characteristics has novel six axis gyroscope which is truly perfect for game fans. It has double microphones, LED flash and 802.11n wireless fidelity. It is one of the most beneficial and the most fascinating and attractive among the models in cell phone mart and it will unquestionably boast up your judgment substantially.


The next one is HTC EVO 4G. It is among the first one Android mobile phone that provides very high speed net surfing and browsing opportunity to their users which is 10 times quicker than all 3G cell phones. With this high-speed surfing facility, you can watch limitless amount of videos, audio recording songs and games in fraction of seconds. One of the most concerning characteristics of this phone set is, it arrives with 1GHz Qualcomm processor. It is just astonishing for mobile phone camera fans as it provides double camera choices to them; an 8.0 MP camera and 1.3 MP cameras. It has broad touch screen presentation which is nearly 4.3 broad that holds sharp and vibrant images to users.

Motorola Droid X

Another amazing one is Motorola Droid X .This cell phone has brought an awesome reputation between users as it offers 4.3 inches wide  touch screen along with 3 holders. It is most long-lasting and it extends voice prompting Google maps and 2.0 operating system as well.  The most interesting thing in this cell phone is that users of this cell phone will not just please with high transferring speed but they will also please with high definition television as well.

This is just the comprehensive survey of the 3 latest cell phones in the mart that are available for those users who love to buy and want latest cell phones for themselves, for use or it also may be just as fashion symbol for their social community .

Comparison between the new models of cellphone

A cell phone allow us to stay connected with our family members and friends. These days the use of mobile phones is not limited to calls, people also uses mobile phones as computer, cameras and fun because of internet services. There are many benefits of new cell phones and services given by the service providers like by using the internet services you can finish your office work and and enjoy playing games or you can browse many websites etc.

New Models of Cell Phone

The mobile companies are competing with each other, every day we hear news of advanced technology mobile. The major reason behind this is the increase of many mobile companies. The cell phone companies are now manufacturing very high price mobiles empowered with Wi-Fi and touch-system technologies. There is a big demand of mobiles having touch-system and Wi-Fi technology. Now days the famous companies for these mobiles are Android Inc., R.I.M and Apple.

Besides these companies there are many other great mobile companies in the market, as the Google has also invented a cell phone named Google Android. The Android Inc. has made a great effort to make this mobile. It is a very advanced and newish mobile in the market; it has many great features like RAM, memory, processor, and a lush camera, touch system, Wi-Fi and many other things in only one device it can also be used as a PC. According to a recent research, there is a big demand of this mobile in US and it is placed on the top of the smartphone category. The Black Berry OS is on the second and iOS (apple iPhone) is on the third place. These smartphones are indeed very fascinating.

A Canadian company (RIM) has introduced the cell phone blackberry storm. It has the same features as Android, but the android has an advanced technology as compared to it for this reason it is placed on the first rank. There are few other reasons like body shape colors, another major reason is, the blackberry storm is only touch system but the android has also a slide keyboard. The mobile which ranks third according to the new research is the Apple iPhone 3G.

There are few reasons which lead the iPhone on the third number like the retreat of the technology, like the blackberry storm and android has 3.2 MP cameras and the iPhone3G has 2MP camera, likewise the Android has the 32GB memory and the iPhone has 8-16 GB memory. The iPhone has no Java facility. The other functions almost remain same.

Above we talked about the top 3 newish mobiles. Some other famous mobile companies are Nokia, Samsung etc., these companies also make these types of cell phones and they have also a great demand due to their lower price. These companies are also making newish mobiles and also simple mobiles which do not have touch system, Wi-Fi and other great features but the Bluetooth and camera in these mobiles is the center of attention for the people. These companies give a great facility to the people who cannot afford mobiles like android, blackberry, iPhone and other costly mobiles.

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Cell Phones at a Glance

It is a fact that now a day having a cell phone is considered as a requirement, and it is a truth that this technology is attracting everyone towards itself like a force. In early days of its invention, it was only used for making a call, after that texting technology was introduced and today internet access is provided in your fingers. Do you have one? Or do you know a person who enjoys having such material? There are more than a million subscribers of this technology.

Cell Phones at a Glance

Cell phones keep you in touch with your family members, friends and business partners all over the world. Cell phones help you in seeking help immediately during emergency cases. It also gives you convenient access to the internet that can be carried to anywhere. It has useful features like calendar, reminder, alarm clock, timer and calculator.

This technology is emerging as a most high-ranking communication device. Cell phones have highly overturned long-range walkie-talkies to total communication system used by both young and old generation. Cell phone is not just a communication tool; it also provides you complete entertainment facilities like MP3 music entertainment, digital cameras and game functions to you. Cell phone has also become a style item, with users shaping, adopting and furnishing their cell phones. Users use those ringtones for their cell phones which express their character. Besides all these amusements with the most recent technology now cell phones are able to give full internet services called GPRS which helps you in your business deals.

Cell phones have begun substituting laptops as many people have started using internet on their cell phones and also play games on it. Where average users of mobile phones have cut down the use of desktop computer and laptops there the business individuals that have also proven a tendency towards the cell phones. Newish style cell phones stands amongst the business community as mostly preferred business phone.

All of us know that individuals involved in different businesses have to move a lot, and it is important for them to hold all their important information with them and remain connected to significant business clients with the help of calls and emails. An up to date analysis indicated that the business individuals who have a cell phone with newish technology with them have no concerned about holding a laptop while going. Why they do so? A simple answer to it is that latest cell phone has become a powerful device for them to lead all their business actions.

Beside these facilities now cell phone are with touch system, Wi-Fi and other great features. Touch screen cell phones literally link you to the world at a touch of a finger. These mobile phones range from smartphones to multimedia system and music phones.

Generally the difference between these three types is a controlling system. A smartphone will always have a controlling system but they may also have many multimedia features. On the other way, multimedia or music phones don’t need to use a functioning system but they have a camera, music/digital player and other characteristics for sound images and communications.

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Cell Phone Cases That Enhance Cell Phone Looks and Features

Cell phones are one of the most significant accessories of the day. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, you have every communicative advantage available for you in the form of your cell phones.

Interesting Cell Phone cases

Cell Phones Cases are as old as of the cell phone itself. Initiated first as protective accessories, cellular phone cases step by step originated as a particular enhancement for the latest handsets. Following is the brief introduction of some smart mobile phone cases that enhance cell phone features and looks.

The new Nite Ize Cases are the most preferred cases you can have for your cell phones for protection. These Nite Ize Cases are made up of especially strong ballistic polypropylene along with a fully enclosed base side, to hold your cell phone against any possible harm. The attachment of hanging clip facilitates you in hanging your cell phones in eight different ways, both above and below belt. Two additional pockets, one outside and the other inside for the purpose of holding extra cards or cash things for you. The extra Tooth Ferry feature keeps your Bluetooth connectivity at the same superior level, even with the case on.

If you are a creative person having creative instincts inside you and love creations, the best Phone Case for you is the Body Glove Phone Cases. The important characteristic of single Body Glove Phone Case is that there is no need to remove complete or any half or your phone case in order to approach any of your phone features. This feature makes the Body Glove Phone Cases classified with explicit cell phones and models, but this also gives them a lot more customization and individualize than any other cell phone case.

Case Mate Accessories is a name which is older for the cell phone gadget lovers. These are accessories that give a complete access to all the functions of your cell phone without having any trouble with the case. Clips, hangs and metal fits are the brand mark for ‘Case Mate Accessories’.

There are some enterprises in the world, whose name is enough for the guarantee. In Cell Phone Accessories’ world, Seidio Smartphone is one big name. Coming from the center of Texas, Seidio Smartphone Cases are best for their durability, style and quality. Eye-catching colors, only 1mm thickness are the main style of Seidio Smartphone Cases.

Discussion on the Cell Phone Accessories is not completed without Apple iPhone and relating to iPhone Accessories is finished without Mar Ware. Specified with Apple manufacturing, the new Mar Ware Apple Cases has everything such as style, strength, protection and glamour. Clip, jab-on, flip, hang-on, and belt for Apple iPhone 3G, 3Gs & iPhone 4G is provided by Mar Ware Apple Cases Collection. Leather is the basic material for Mar Ware Apple Cases along with especially addition of Colorful Stainless Steel additions.

Now people buy the latest Cell Phone Cases to make their cell phone more fashionable, saved and personalized.

Latest Models of Cell Phones from Verizon

Cell phone facility suppliers propose new and latest models of the cell phones every some months. Beneath is a short catalogue of the new models of cell phones from Verizon as well as the different characteristics that they have.

Latest Cell Phones Verizon

The latest cell phone that the Verizon has is the new Samsung SCH-u340. This cell phone has TTY sympathy and is hearing aid compatible. It looks pretty much attractive. It also has a feature of speakerphone, 32 polyphonic ringers, well advanced speech recognition, a directional microphone, and a VGA digital camera. With the help of this cell phone, you will enjoy text messaging, picture messaging, and instant messaging abilities as well as being Mobile IM compatible. You will also enjoy via internet facility the updates to sports scores, traffic reports, weather reports, news and text messaging horoscope updates. The cell phone only costs $29.99 with a fresh two-year deal from Verizon. There is also an online discount of $29.99, so if you buy this phone through the Internet, it will not charge you anything.

Other latest cell phone from Verizon includes Motorola W385. This glossy cell phone has the features like Mobile Web 2.0 and Get It Now abilities. It also includes VZ Navigator, Chaperone Parent/Child, and Field Force Manager. The W385 is IM compatible and has a facility of VGA camera. Other mail features include Bluetooth Wireless Technology, text, picture, and instant messaging. This cell phone is also enabled with five entrenched ring tones plus five various vibrate modes and also a built-in speakerphone and microphone. It has advanced and integrated speech recognition, the Help Guide, Lookup, Calling, Sending Messages, and digit dialing features. As far as phone book memory is concerned, it has a storage capacity of 1000 phone book entries. Other tools include a calculator, a calendar, an alarm clock, a world clock, and a note pad. The cost of this latest cell phone from Verizon is $119.00 with a fresh two-year deal, while there is also an online reduction included that can eradicate this price totally.

If you are concerned in music, for this latest cell phone from Verizon propose the Chocolate by LG. This cell phone has a music player for both MP3 and WMA songs. It has a dedicated music key that provides you an easy approach to your favorite music as well as V CAST Music with Rhapsody. You can store a lot of songs of your own choice and you can listen to them. The Chocolate also has the feature of Bluetooth Wireless Technology and you can easily transfer files from phone to phone. You can also have an access to emails via internet. The text can be easily written and you can also send a MMS. This cell phone comes in various attractive colors. The cost of the Chocolate by LG is $99.00 with a two-year contract, with a $99.00 online rebate being available.

So here we have discussed some examples of cell phones from Verizon. But to view their whole collection one can visit their local store or official website.

Best apps for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 is a wonderful phone which offers lot of features. The best part is you can install large number of applications to enhance the functionality of this phone. Here we present you the list of Best applications for Nokia N8.

Best Nokia n8 Apps

Best apps for Nokia N8


MOBILE DOCUMENTS is an App that comes from the most dominant and the excellent Email Client from Symbian, Period that offers improved support for attachments, multiple emailing, Push email services. MOBILE DOCUMENTS app, considered as the next generation email, not only provides Push Email services but also acts as an art Note. Stay tuned here, as an updated Symbian^3 version of this App will be released soon.

2. Opera Mini 5.1 for Symbian (native) from Opera Software

Opera Mini 5.1 is a sis version browser. This browser is known for its ease of use UI, fast browsing capability. This app should be the best suited browser for your Nokia N8.

3. Gravity by Mobileways

Gravity is considered as the perfect social app from Symbian. Period. With this app installed on your Nokia N8, you can experience Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Google Reader, etc. The interesting feature of this app is its photo upload feature to upload images to various famous websites like TwitPic et al, Flickr, in an awesome way.

4. Best ScreenSnap by Smartphoneware

If your hobbies are Reviewing & Blogging like me, this app will suit you. Even if you are not, don’t worry. I am sure, you can find more usages with this app.

5. Best Taskman by Smartphoneware

If you ask me, the in-built taskmanager found on the Symbian^3 is not easy to work with; we need to perform tiresome steps in order to know what’s running currently on the back. Thanks to Best Taskman app that will represent the currently running task in an old fashion style, letting me to view and do more with few gestures.

6. Pixelpipe by Pixelpipe

No matter what others say about Pixelpipe, according to me, Pixelpipe is a wonderful “Free” service that lets you do media sharing at no cost. I actually don’t worry much about the now “gone missing” Share Online app from the Symbian^3, as I had never used it before. Pixelpipe, on the other hand is a must, if you want to make use of the full capability of the Nokia N8. This app will let you share your photos and pictures taken via N8 camera to your ‘PicasaWeb’ account.

7. SyncLion by Trismer

With this SyncLion app, the jobs of SMS text messages archiving and MS to emailing works can be made much easier and faster. Once you configure, it deals with everything on its own. It will sit passively at the background and becomes active whenever it needs to archive text SMSs and notes to your email. Real Time Usage!!! Stay tunes here, as the Sumbian^3 version of this app will be available anytime soon.

8. WordPress for Nokia

WordPress app is an essential app, if you are a WordPress Blogger. WordPress app is one among the many that my N8 has got, as I need it all day for blogging. It does what it promises to do, that’s all you can get from this app.

Better is to get the updated version from the developers’ URL itself.

9. i-SMS by Mobile Woo

If you feel that the in-built conversation of N8 is boring, this i-SMS app with threaded messaging feature will give you a new experience. This App is filled with many features and looks neatly designed and clear UI.

10. SugarSync

SugarSync lets you to access your files from any place geographically, even when your PC or the Laptop is turned off. You can also try Cloudsync app that will work on Symbian, as its free of cost. You can get 5 GB for your account, as soon as you sign up for an account.


All these apps are third part apps. Stay tuned on our blog for more updates on apps.

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Protect iPhone 4: The zagg invisible Shield

Everyone who got their new iPhone 4 wants to secure it to make it appear beautiful for many years in future. ZAGG Invisible Shield could keep your new iPhone 4 appear clean and magnificent like a fresh one and provide guard from scratches and other physical damages. The iPhone 4 shouldn’t be disturbed for the next day (24 hrs), once the setting up of Zagg Invisible Shield is done.  But though, it might be hard to have the new iPhone 4 before you at your eyes and not handling it for a complete day, from the time you bought it. Yet, you must realize that it is essential for your new iPhone 4 safety.

Protect iPhone 4

AS the time passes, the bubbles formed during the set up process will vanish automatically. The advantages that you get from ZAGG invisible shield is explained below.


You should make up your mind to wait and have concentration before beginning the setting up process of Zagg Invisible Shield. Turn off the iPhone 4, wipe out the micro dirt or dusts, plastic covers that are still present in your new phone and clean your Apple iPhone 4 Display Screen. Spray the solution above the plastic film and with the use of squeegee gel remove the air bubbles by pressing hard upon the film. The Microfiber fabric is used to get rid of the extra solution. After installing the films to the bottom and top surface the iPhone 4, leave it unaffected for at least 24 hrs (a day) or 12 hrs (a half) for it to get established with the surface. As the solution gets dried off, the air bubble will also be no more.

Great Experience and Feel

You would experience a good feel while you handle your shielded iPhone 4 for the reason that the film being set up on both the lower and upper section of the mobile.

Hidden Protection

Just like the name says ‘Invisible Shield’, you won’t feel its existence but it stays there always helping you to protect iPhone 4. This shield the iPhone 4 from blots, markings caused by fingers and nails, and decreases the reflection coming from the screen.

Cut – Trim

The films for the screens will be perfectly sized to match the iPhone 4’s screen. You have nothing to worry about like film cropping.  Purchase these films and set it up on the Apple iPhone 4 in no time and you would appreciate it.

Protection – Guard

Usually external damages and scratches are caused on the iphone 4 while handling and travelling. But by using the Invisible shield you get rid of those external damages and scratches. Zagg offers a lifetime warranty and also it offers you forty-five money back guarantee.


Some individuals don’t want their dazzling iPhone 4 to be locked into Cases. In this case, you can use the Zagg Invisible shield to guard iPhone 4 and you can admire the beauty of your iPhone then and there. This Zagg Invisible shield films will be acting as screen protection and it provides you greater protection from the external damages.

The Zagg Invisible Shield is available in four different choices. You can get maximum coverage films to your dazzling iPhone on all the 4 sides at a cost of $39.99. Along with that, you can get the top portion covered to protect the front most side of your iPhone 4 at a cost of $29.99 and the bottom most coverage to guard the rear part of the iPhone 4 at the cost of $29.99

The Zagg Invisible shield pack consists of Installation guide, invisible shield films, Squeegee and spraying solution. Click the image below to protect iPhone 4 :

Hardware specifications of Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is an awesome game console, highly stylish device which has been made with one of the first-rate materials which can be found out in the market. These first-rate materials have facilitated it to be the very best gaming device which always consider about both the makers and consumers health and security and also make sure that its exclusivity is maintained and it is not damaged with time. The hardware material of this Nintendo 3DS as well enable its software apps to operate without any irregularities escalating the compatibility of the hardware specs.

Hardware specifications Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Hardware Details

To start with, the device functions on a PICA graphical processing unit which is used by embedded systems; this processor is very well appropriate for scalable portable systems that improves the altering of configuration systems while a player is playing with the device. The Nintendo 3DS device consists of 2 screens which are the bottom and top screens, the bottom one is the touch screen panel while the top one is the screen being the 3D view panel. The top screen panel is of 90 mm which has a very good 5:3 screen ratio 3D and it comes with a 400×240 high resolution pixels to the human eye that is capable to produce stereoscopic without any requirement of Special eye glasses. The bottom screen is of 77mm which has a very good 4:3 touch screen panel ratio and it comes with a 320×240 high display resolution pixels which permit the touch sensation to interpret as faster as possible so as to send the related info’s to the screen.

The weight of this Nintendo 3DS gaming device is about 8.1 oz and it is of about 0.83” thick, 5.3” wide and 2.9” broad. To improve communication, the gaming console is very well incorporated with a 2.4 GHz band Wi-Fi connectivity which allows to connect with the internet for the latest updates or spirited game playing; it as well allow the data swapping between different game consoles which will be evenly attained even during the sleep mode. This Wi-Fi connectivity as well supports IEEE 802.11 that improves its security via the introduction of Wi-Fi protected access (WPA/WPA2).

The Nintendo 3Ds consists of 2 cameras; one camera is placed outside the game console while the other camera is placed on the top screen of the device. The camera which is placed at exterior is used for capturing 3D videos and also for taking 3D images while the other camera is for capturing 2D videos and 2D images; both the camera has the similar 640×480 resolution pixels that improves the definition and appearance of the images and the videos taken.

About the concern of privacy, this 3Ds device has been facilitated with anti piracy technology comprising of both hardware and software which reduces the increase in video piracy. The game console as well featuring a cradle which will be used as a charger and it will be an access point quicker downloads and uploads.  The 3Ds device as well comprise a gyroscope which can measure and preserve orientation while playing, an accelerometer which will measure and preserve the right acceleration, a slide pad that works as an analog input nub and a slider which alters the 3D effect according to the view of the player.

HP SLATE 500 – A Review

The Hewlett Packard’s Slate 500 is a multi touch tablet PC slate which runs on the OS Windows 7. This HP Slate 500 is launched in the market on 22nd October 10. The actual aim of HP was to build up the Slate as an e-reader, but it was further refined by HP to make the device with a good UI, browsing features and Audio & video entertainment.  This HP Slate 500 is a device which comes with great features like low power consumable, low price and Windows 7 OS.

HP Slate 500 Review

HP Slate 500 comes with a superb wide screen of 8.9 inch multi touch capacitive display with a very good resolution of 1024×600 pixels with the support of pen and digitizer. This HP Slate features a 3 Mega Pixel camera at its back side and VGA camera at the front portion. The specifications of this HP slate 500 are Intel Atom Z540 1.86 Ghz processor and 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 64 GB flash memory and a USB port 2.0. The Integrated Graphics accelerometer from the Intel GMA 500 collectively with the HD media Accelerometer card from Broadcom Crystal offers the support for video playback at 1080p. This HP Slate 500 sports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and 3G supports form the Hewlett Packard wireless broadband. This HP Slate 500 works on a 2-cell 30 WHr Li-Ion battery which offers 5hrs of working time. This Slate consists of stylus/digitizer pen which allows you to do free hand sketching and writing on screen.

The HP Slate 500 runs on Windows OS which offers an extra performance impact. The Adobe systems and Hewlett Packard offers the Slate 500 with full web feel which allows you to play the Adobe contents and AIR applications. Initially the price of this HP Slate 500 was $799, but now HP reduced the price to a reasonable amount of $549. The most recent news from HP is that its HP Slate 500 is sold out till this Christmas and so further demands have to be patient till the Christmas gets over.

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