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HTC Thunderbolt 4G Review, Technical Specifications and Features

You will regard the HTC Thunderbolt to be more than your dream phone, due to its speed, powerfulness and Android platform. Below are some of the features of this phone.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G features, Review, Technical Specifications

HTC Thunderbolt Features

Unlimited Entertainment

You can download videos, songs, games, ebooks and lot more stuffs in few seconds. Get your handset kick started, increase the volume and you are ready for entertainment on the go in the 4.3” inches High Resolution.

Unlimited Possibilities

You will be able to capture all that surrounds you in high quality with an 8 MP Camera that has got camera effects, a 720p High Definition camcorder and LED flash. Upload all those photos via the 4G network and share it with your friends.

Awesome Screen

The in-built DLNA support will bring all the songs, videos and images on the handset and showcase them up on the flat screen TV.

Multiple Wireless Supports

Start your browsing in a hotspot and that’s it, your mobile will now become a wireless router that will provide Wi-Fi support for others up to 5 devices, thanks to 4G.

Reduced Waiting Time

The handset works on a 1 GHz snapdragon processor and the new 4G network comes from Verizon enabling the handset to work faster. The handset has got an instant boot feature that lets you work with your handset as soon as it is on.

HTC Thunderbolt Technical Specifications

The HTC Thunderbolt has got a touch screen WVGA TFT display screen of 4.3 inches. The processing power for the handset comes from 1 GHz Qualcomm® MSM8655 and Qualcomm MDM9600, and runs on Android 2.2 together with HTC Sense. The HTC Thunderbolt can work on LTE 700, CDMA EvDO revA and 802.11 b/g/n WLAN network supports. The handset comes with an 8 MP camera with features like auto focus and (2 LED) LED Flash, and 1.3 Mega Pixel as the front end camera. The handset is having an internal memory of 768 Ram and an 8 GB emmc and external memory of 32 GB microSD cards that comes inbox. The Thunderbolt has Bluetooth 2.1 (sooner with 3.0) with EDR connectivity and GPS/A-GPS support. The power for all these features comes from a powerful 1400 mAh battery. Other stuffs that you can get on buying this handset are Dual microphone with noise eliminations, compass sensor, surround sound, proximity sensor, 3.5 mm audio jack, FM radio, TI audio DSP, LTE SIM slot, Micro USB, Light Sensor, and G-Sensor.

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HTC Inspire 4G Review, Technical Specification and Features

The HTC Inspire appears incredibly brilliant, fun filled entertainment and has got a perfect look that suits its name. Below are some of its features which will blow you away.

HTC Inspire 4G Features

HTC inspire review, features, specifications

Social Network

Using the HTC Sense, you can update your statuses like emails, current status, SMS, tweets and phone call, all grouped in one collection for clear viewing and tracking. The Friend Stream application from HTC lets you share and know the happenings on your social networks, all in one area.

High Quality Entertainment

The handset comes with a WVGA display screen of 4.3 inches, together with the Dolby digital and SRS surround sound with noise elimination making your multimedia entertainment like movies, songs, reach all heights at a 4 G speed, entertainment on the go.

HD Camcorder

The handset features an 8 Mega Pixel camera that has got features like LED Flash, camera effects and editing, and allows 720p live recording for capturing High Definition video and instantly upload them and share it.

High Resolution Flat Screen

You will be able to stream images, audio and video from your handset to the flat screen TV in a wireless way via the DLNA connectivity. Showcasing them on the flat screen means, all of them can just sit back on a sofa and enjoy the showcase.

Exclusive Design

The design of the HTC Inspire 4G looks glossy, metal alloy design, to make the mobile look like an uni-body to give a refined style and an extensive feel. All these things will make any kind of mobile appear awesome in its look.

Technical Specifications

The HTC Inspire 4G sports a WVGA resolution display screen of 4.3 inches with a pinch to zoom feature with dimensions of 4.6 inches in length, 2.7 inches in width and 0.46 inches in thickness, and weighs nearly 5.78 ounces including the battery. The handset gets its processing power from the 1GHz Snapdragon, Qualcomm QSD8255 processor, and an internal memory of 768 MB Ram and 4 GB Rom. HTC Inspire 4G supports GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz and HSPA+ 850 / 1900 MHz networks. The handset runs on the Android 2.2 Froyo edition and the HTC Sense. The handset supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, GPS and A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. The handset comes with an 8 MP Camera with features like auto focus and Flash. The handset has Micro USB support and you will get a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack inbox. With all these features, HTC Inspire 4G gets its power from a rechargeable 1230 mAh Li-ion battery that gives a talk time of 360 minutes and a standby time of 15.5 days.

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HTC EVO Sprint 4G Review, Technical Specification

The experience that you would get from a HTC EVO 4G will be far better than you would have experienced from any other mobiles, thanks to its all-round ability.

HTC Evo Spring 4G phone

Enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere & anytime, and provide internet access for another 5 laptops. You will feel privileged to have the internet world at your hands.

With a (HD) High Definition Camcorder, you can capture everything that is happening around you. Once you are done with your photo shoot, connect your mobile using HDMI cable via HDMI port to your LCD TV and relive the occasions that you had lived in the past.

You can stay entertained on the go, as all the movies, live videos, sports and shows played on the 4.3” inch high resolution display screen will give you eye popping experience.

You will be amazed by the ten times faster browsing experience that lets you download and upload files in no time, making it the better than the best. HTC EVO 4G is the world’s first 4G handset backed  by the world’s first 4G network provider, Sprint.

A live streaming video application on the mobile lets you to broadcast live video to all of your friends with just an internet connection and invite them to watch your shows.

Technical specifications

The dimensions of the HTC EVO 4G are 4.8” (length) x 2.6” (breadth) x 0.5” (thickness) in inches and has a WVGA capacitive multi touch display screen resolution of 4.3” inches and the 6 oz 1500 mAh battery adds to the weight tally of the handset. It provides CDMA 800/1900 MHz EVDO Rev. A, WIMAZ 2.5 GHz to 2.75 GHz and 802.16e network supports. HTC EVO 4G runs on Android 2.1 Operating System and has got a 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8650 chipset processor. The handset has got an internal memory of 1 GB ROM and 512 MB RAM, and can be extended using inbox microSD memory cards up to 8 GB maximum. The handset comes with a 8 MP camera that has got 2x LED Flash and Auto Focus features and a 1.3 MP front end camera for 4G. The other features of the handset are the Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g and GPS/A-GPS support, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, HTC Sync, HDMI out connectivity, Friend Stream, HTC Sense, WiMax mobile Wi-Fi router and Amazon MP3.

User Reviews

Jessica Mintz from The Associated Press said, “Once the EVO 4G in my hand has been turned on, I was dumbstruck by the brightness and the crunchy looking icons”.

Marc Flores from LAPTOP said, “HTC EVO 4G after reaching the Laptop offices, it went all guns blazing attracting everyone towards it. Everyone were amazed by the looks of it, 4.3” inches lovely bigger screen, and the mobile operation and the browsing speed were better due to the WiMax network from Sprint. I would advice all those people looking to buy an Android mobile or 4G mobile or Sprint Carrier mobile to go for this HTC EVO 4G mobile and is worth to switch from your older mobile”.

Mark Spoonauer, another one from the LAPTOP has said, “HTC EVO 4G is a mobile that has got all the features that you could ever imagine in your dream mobile. Access data fast with the new 4G technology that is 5 times better than 3G networks. If you had been looking a bigger screen mobile to enjoy your sports and movies, here you go, as EVO 4G has got 4.3 inches. The camera from the EVO 4G will record HD videos at 720p and the front end camera lets you do video calling, making it better than other smart phone camera handsets”.

Courtney Boyd Myers from the Pocket-Lint has said, “The gaming experience that we had on HTC EVO 4G gave us the impression of handling a black mini iPad. The recent HTC smart phones like the HTC HD2 and the HTC Desire has got increased functionalities, Android Platform and amazing designs”.

Sascha Segan from PC Magazine has said, “This is far better handset than the rest of the smart phones that have been release until now. HTC EVO 4G belongs to the group of HTC Incredible, iPhone 3GS, Google Nexus One. The Sprint network suits the HTC EVO 4G functions, made for each other”.

Bonnie Cha from the CNet has said, “HTC EVO 4G can be regarded to be in the 1st place in the Android Market and the best from the Sprint network. The features and capabilities are power packed and the 4G technology is a wonderful thing”.

Matt Burns from Crunchgear has said, “A handset that is popular for its design and looks is HTC EVO 4G, as it looks silky, sexy and stunning”.

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HTC G2 from T-Mobile Review and technical specification

HTC G2 is surely a future generation smart phone handset that you want to place your hands on.

HTC T Mobile G2 4G mobile phone

HTC G2 features

Speed Matters

Downloading video files, working on apps has been made easier because of the powerful processor that matches the T-Mobile network’s speed access.

Spell the Magic Word

Thanks to the Google Voice Actions, Spell the predefined magic words, you will be able to send SMSs, emails, send a note, turn on the songs, make an outgoing call, launch a site, go to a site and browse on the web.

QWERTY Keyboard

Forget tapping the same keys, as you have got a slider mobile with a QWEERTY keypad that lets you write what you want, clear and fast.

Graphic Specs

Record HD Videos with real life feel, resolution and colour using a High Definition camcorder, share them using web,

Power Packed Android Operating System

Experience the enhanced speed, sync functions, auto updates for your apps, streaming media and security, with the Android 2.2 OS.

Technical Specifications

The HTC G2 has got a WVGA capacitive display touch panel screen of 3.7” inches with dimensions of 119 mm in length, 60.4 mm in width and 14.16 mm in thickness, and weighs nearly 180 g together with the 1300 mAh battery pack that is rechargeable. The HTC G2 runs on Android 2.2 Operating System platform and has got a powerful 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230 with internal memory of a 512 MB Ram and a 4 GB Rom, and an external memory that can be extended up to 8 GB using microSD cards. The handset supports GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900, UMTS networks and provides GPS and A-GPS support, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity. The 5 MP Camera has got Flash support and auto focus feature. The HTC G2 has got a talk time of 590 minutes for GSM network and 400 minutes for WCDMA network, based on the handset and network usage. The G2 has a standby time of 430 hours for GSM network and 430 hours for WCDMA network, based on the handset and network usage.

User Reviews

Review on Financial Times

Chris Nuttall has said, “The HTC G2 was rejuvenated and enhanced from the original. The QWERTY keypad is superb, the design and style of the handset from HTC looks better-quality. Thanks to the integrations between the Android OS and T-Mobile, you can experience the amazing speed of the HTC G2, better than others”.

Review on CrunchGear

John Biggs said, “The HTC G2 brings me the memories of Nexus One for its look, and the design and User Interface. It looks sleek and slim like the recently released Nokia N8, but has got wonderful apps like Ferrari. I had just gone thru’ the handset quickly and will be working on it completely this weekend and will report about it in the following week. Up till now, I am happy with everything, especially the pop out keyboard”.

Review on Engadget

Josh Topolsky has said, “the HTC G2 is not only the best among the Android world, but the best in all over the mobile world. HTC must have learnt a lot in the past and has put all their experiences on this handset to make it successful. Considering the hardware point of view, you would be struck at the look of beautiful, striking, landscape style QWERTY keypad. Considering the software point of view, T-Mobile is trying its best to provide enhanced speed for the G2 handset”.

Review on GIZMODO

Matt Buchanan has said, “All those things you heard about Android 2.2 can be experienced on HTC G2. This is one of the fastest, well made, has got lot of apps to have to fun with, and has a perfect User Interface than other smart phones. The QWERTY Landscape keypad is going to be a boon for those email adductors”.

Review on

Sascha Segan has said, “The T-Mobile G2 being the 1st Google Android phone from HTC is a dominant smart phone that has got an attractive QWERTY keypad and has got a stock full of pre installed Google Services”.

Review on PhoneDog

Aaron Baker has said, “HTC G2 is one among the best in the smart phone world on T-Mobile and one among the best from the Android World, at the moment”.

HTC EVO Shift 4G – Overview, Features and Tech Specs


HTC EVO Shift 4G will fit in your pocket perfectly, but I am sure that’s not the place where you will keep it rather than your hands.

HTC Evo Shift 4g Mobile phone

Features of HTC EVO Shift 4G

Express Pace

The Sprint 4G networks together with the 800 MHz processor will provide the handset with more processing power, but you will never know how to make full use of it.

Slide your way. Say your way

The handset with its QWERTY keypad makes it easy for you to type SMSs, emails and updates faster in no time. You can spell out predefined magic words for things to happen.

Social Links

The handset runs on Android 2.2 together with HTC Sense. All the SMSs, updates, tweets, emails and calls made will be stacked by person for easy tracking. The Friend Stream application will let you stay updated about your friends.

Extended Wi-Fi Connectivity

Get connected with Wi-Fi anywhere and everywhere at a 4G speed instantly with 8 other devices wirelessly.  All you have to do is to launch your mobile in a hotspot and you are ready.

Unlimited Access

You will have pre installed Kindle app on your HTC EVO Shift 4G with which you can access and download more than 775,000 books, magazines and newspapers instantly. Keep reading, you got a lot to read in this pocket library.

Technical Specification

The HTC EVO Shift 4G has got a WVGA 3.6 inches display screen having (16 bit colour Operating System support) 262000 colours of 800 x 480 pixel resolution Capacitive TFT LCD Multi Touch Screen.  The handset is 4.61 inch in length, 2.32 inch in width and 0.59 inch in thickness, and weighs nearly 166 grams including the battery (5.85 oz) and 134 grams without battery (4.72 oz). The HTC EVO Shift 4G runs on Android 2.2 Froyo edition and HTC Sense and it gets it brain power from Sequans SQN 1210 (for WiMAX), Qualcomm MSM7630, and 800 MHz processor. The handset has got an internal memory of 2 GB eMMC Rom and 512 MB Ram. The HTC EVO Shift 4G support wide variety of networks like           CDMA2000 1x RTT/ 1x EVDO/ 1x EVDO rev, A (800 / 1900Mhz) WiMAX IEEE 802.16e, Wave2 (mobile WiMAX), Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant (for 2.4 GHz only), upload speed: 4 Mbps (Wimax) and 1.8 Mbps (CDMA), download speed: 10+ Mbps (WiMax) and 3.1 Mbps (CDMA). The handset supports Bluetooth 2,1 version amenable with EDR Wi-Fi connectivity, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n amenable (for 2.4 GHz only) with 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, GPS and A- GPS, and Standard 5 pins micro-USB connectivity. The 5 Mega Pixel Camera with colour CMOS and Auto Focus lets you take pictures and can share them with your friends. The 1500 mAh rechargeable battery can provide a talkt time of about 6 hrs or 360 min.

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HTC Max 4G Review– Born to Connect and Entertain


The HTC Max 4G is regarded as the world’s 1st handset that is GSM & WiMAX integrated smart phone. The handset will provide a complete range HQ telephone services and a complete range of multimedia applications at an express speed more than broadband internet.

HTC Max 4G Review

You can experience the high quality communication feel from HTC via its HTC MAX 4G. This mobile is designed in an intention to make much use of the telephony and multimedia services that a network carrier provides.

HTC Max 4G Features

Premium Communication

HTC MAX 4G will surely let you experience complete entertainment on the go. The WiMAX technology will provide the handset with ultra speed with which you can browse the internet and make full use of the bandwidth speed provided by the GSM, anywhere and everywhere.

Widescreen Entertainment

You can make full usage of the services provided by your network carrier. Like never before, you can get entertained with the mobile TV and the VOD (video on demand) on your handset. With the inbuilt memory of 8 GB, you will be able to download lots of music, videos, ebooks, etc and enjoy them on the go. All these multimedia services can be viewed on a 3.8 inches WVGA high resolution display screen.

Smooth Design and Sensitive Controls

This 1st GSM-WiMAX integrated handset look beautiful and has got a sensitive UI. The TouchFLO 3D will enable the handset to correctly identify the finger gestures as you move across the phonebook, surf the internet or play multimedia.

Choose Your View

The motion sensor on the handset will make automatic display rotation when on viewing images, videos or browsing on the internet. The inbuilt G-Sensor will rotate the display from portrait to landscape and vice versa, when you just rotate your phone respectively.

Technical Specification

The HTC Max 4G sports a WVGA 3.8” inches touch sensitive TFT LCD flat screen of 480 x 800 pixel resolution. The handset is 113.5 (l) mm x 63.1 (w) mm x 13.9 (t) mm or 4.47 (l) inches X 2.48 (w) inches X 0.55 (t) inches in dimensions and weighs nearly 151 g or 5.33 ounces including the battery. The brain power for the handset comes from 528 MHz Qualcomm ESM7206A™ and runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Operating System, and the gestures for the UI are controlled by TouchFLO™ 3D. The handset comes with an internal memory of 256 MB Rom, 288 MB Ram and 8GB Flash Ram. The HTC Max 4G supports wide variety of networks like (2.5 ~ 2.7 GHz) IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX, Tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 900/1800/1900 MHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi. The data speed, WiMAX availability and band frequency values depend on the network carrier. The handset supports (internal antennae) GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), A2DP for Wireless stereo headsets, and HTC ExtUSB external USB support 11 pin mini-USB 2.0, TV Out, audio jack, and all in same port.

The HTC Max 4G feature a 3.2 MP Colour Camera with feature like Auto Focus and another camera VGA type CMOS colour Camera in the front for the 4G services. The mobile supports several formats like AAC, WMA, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, M4A, AAC+, MIDI, WAV, QCP, MP3, eAAC+ and video formats like 3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, M4V, MP4, and WMV. All the features are powered from a 1500 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides a talk time of nearly 420 minutes or 7 hrs and standby time of nearly 250 hours or 5.8 hrs. These values will vary based on the network carrier the handset is used with.

If you want more memory, you can use mSD card slots (SD 2.0 compatible as well). The AC adapter will utilize Voltage range: 100 ~ 240V AC and frequency: 50/60Hz and a DC output: 5V and 1A. The HTC TV Out cable will be needed to showcase the files on your phone on to the flat screen TV.

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Develop your own apps for iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7

Surprisingly, a large number of 1st time mobile apps developers are actually 1st time developers as well. You can understand this fact, if you think deep about the reason for it. Mobile is the hot topic nowadays with few new mobile OS(s) entering the field and has also become easy to work with it.

Web Developer Resources

Additionally, a good and well made mobile application can be useful and a huge hit. For instance, consider the flashlights, tip calculators and much more apps.

Though it is easy to work with developing apps for those mobile OS(s), you must know some basics to develop them. In case, you have no experiences in programming languages like C, Java, C# or web programming, it is going to be tough for you to develop apps on your own. So, I had went through several resources online, ebooks, friends circle to find methods on developing apps for iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7.

Titanium from Appcelerator is one of the development platforms that make it easy for web developers to perform transition to mobile platforms. But, I think it will be useful to use time in order to learn these programming languages according to the mobile OS type that you are interested in.

Considering iOS, you will have to learn Cocoa Touch and also Objective-C. Considering Android programming, it is same like Java along with Android related Frameworks and APIs. Considering Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, it uses Silverlight that requires experiences in .NET or C#.

iOS Books, Sites and Resources

If you want to learn about the fundamentals of iOS Programming, you can refer to Apple Developer site that has got bag full of essential information. You can get free access to developer documents after registration, but have to pay $99/year to get access to extensive videos, tutorials from WWDC and several tools, in order to become an iOS app developer

You can find several dozens of books when considering developing of iPhone apps. Mobile and Mobile platforms are evolving day by day, so it will be tough to stay updated about the recent trends by just referring to books alone.

But though, they can give you a great insight about the iOS/Objective-C/Cocoa/Cocoa Touch education and some of them are stated below.

iPhone App Development: The Missing Manual — The book was written by Craig Hockenberry is from the Iconfactory, is truly a wonderful guide that explains the nook and corners of the iPhone Programming.

iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide — In case you are ready to spend some amount and can afford to take 7 to 14 days time for studying the best guide around, you should not miss The Big Nerd Ranch. If you do not have that much time to spend, you can of course switch to book versions from Joe Conway and Aaron Hillegass. The book on seminal Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X was written by Aaron Hillegass and a 3rd edition is available currently.

iOS Developer’s Cookbook — Erica Sadun will be releasing a book by this January month is expected to be a big success and that would deal about the iOS Programming and iPhone.

Programming in Objective-C 2.0 — you can consider this book as the holy bible for Objective-C 2.0 as it discusses about it in several depths. The principles are actually used for Apple Mac OS X Programming, but that can be used for iOS programming too. You can expect a 3rd edition of the book by the start of this year.

In truth, the iOS Dev Center is likely to be the top class resource found on the web. Apple has got a better, detailed resource library, sample code library, reference list and also a developer forum that gives an environment to communicate with several other Apple engineers and iOS developers. In order to get all these wonderful things, you will have to be iOS Dev Program’s member. If you don’t want to pay $99, consider the below online communities.

iPhone Dev Forums — It is a wonderful website that is medium active and a better place for accessing listing of resources.

iPhone Dev SDK — It is a fair active forum having several channels to interact about several topics related to the business part of iPhone development and the iPhone development itself. — XDA Developers team from the iPhone Developers, latest forum and community focussed on the iPhone development.

Note: You should have Mac OS for iOS developments. There are various tools like Flash to iPhone tool from Adobe that can work in Windows, but if you have to submit the app, run Xcode and for testing it in the simulator, you will require Mac for it.

Android App Development Zone

Like everyone expects, Android Developers portal from Google has got lots of essential guides, tools and information. The development tools, emulators, and SDK can be accessed for free along with several videos, tutorials and examples on that website.

The e-books and the prints of Android is not complete like those available for iPhone development and so it is essential that the book you are looking for is covering the topics of Android 2.0 or more and that you are interested in. Even if you consider the number of e-books that are to be released this year is a area of concern and has to be increased, big time.

These are some recommendations to follow:

Learn Java for Android Development — if you got no experience in Java, take a look at this to begin your Android Developments.

Android Programming Tutorials — Mark L. Murphy, a long time Android Books’ Author is also the author for this book and now in 3rd edition has got forty various tutorials and exercises for Beginning Android Devs or Android Devs.

Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — this book is an iPhone version and is really good and I am sure that this book is as good as Android version from Jonathan Stark.

A few of the top Android info that you can get online and sites that have to be bookmarked are given below:

XDA Developers — XDA Developers is a wonderful source for Android Phones followers or installing custom ROMs, but the forum is a wonderful area to get answers for questions and to know things. — You can get lot of Android Tutorials and Android development.

Android Developers Community Portal — It is the Official Page from Google for Android Developers, but it is a great resource to several Google Groups and mailing lists for Android Development.

Windows Phone 7 Apps

During 2010, in Asia, Europe and USA, the Windows Phone 7 has been released. This is the latest O platform that is fresh and is sure to create revolutions.

Comparing Microsoft with other Corporate Companies, it excels in providing amateur and professional developers with huge volume of development tools and resources. Consider it to comic or not, the speech “Developers, Developers, Developers” from Steve Ballmer was not that long back.

Windows Phone 7 is in its early stages and is evolving, as the development tools are still tweaked and modified. Due to this, I would truly propose that first-time programmers to wait for few days before beginning the Window Phone 7 developments. But in case you have got .NET, Silverlight, C#, WPF experiences, building applications for Windows Phone 7 is going to be truly easy for the transition.

These are few resources that you can visit to know more info about Windows Phone 7 development.

App Hub — The App Hub portal from Microsoft deals with Windows Phone and Xbox 360 developers. This gives access to forums, blog entries, documentations and tools from the experts.

Getting Started with Windows Phone — this webpage consists of hyperlinks to hands-on videos and labs on how to get started for developing Windows Phone 7.

Silverlight for Windows Phone — this portal provides training and lessons for how to use Silverlight to build Windows Phone 7 applications.

XNA Framework 4.0 for Windows Phone — the training course gives lots of videos and lessons for using XNA Framework to design games for Windows Phone 7.

Note: You can Develop apps for Windows Phone 7 only with Windows. To host Windows applications, You need windows hosting server.

Top 10 Firefox Add-ons from Web Developers point of view

After doing a wide search on the internet resources, I have found that the add-ons used in Firefox were more famous among the web developers. So, I have come up with a list of best 10 add-ons.

Each add-on when installed on the browser provides extended services. A few of the plug-ins are considered to be more crucial. All the add-ons can be downloaded for free online.

1. Firebug

The Firebug add-on will let you edit the Java Script, HTML and CSS of any webpage actively without having to move across various areas. Real-time modifications can be performed and can be previewed. This plug-in will also have a Java Script Performance Profiler and Network Activity Analysis Tools. Just like adding add-ons for Firefox, you can add plug-ins for Firebug itself to increase its features.

2. Web Developer

The dynamic extension and the most dominant from the best 10 list is the Web Developer add-on. This plug-in will add a toolbar to the browser with which you can perform lot of advantageous things.

You can do lot of activities like display all kinds of behind-the-scenes information, disable Java, disable images, disable CSS, view styles, disable or view cookies, validate code, resize the window to a specified resolution, edit HTML, see detailed information on forms, show hidden elements, view JavaScript, find broken images, and etc.

3. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a color picker add-on that resides in the Firefox’s status bar. After clicking the ColorZilla button, you have to move the cursor across any color that you want to know details about. The status bar will now show the details of the Hexadecimal code and RGB values of the color that was pointed by the cursor, which can then be used to depict the color for your web site. The ColorZilla features with a Page Zoomer, a measuring tool and a Color Wheel.

4. HTML Validator

The HTML Validator add-on will place an icon on the status bar that would display the no. of HTML errors that Firefox had run into when trying to open a web page. After that, you can directly look into the HTML code for the location of errors to resolve them.

When you go to the Firefox plug-ins page of HTML Validator, you will be warned that thus add-on will not be available if your OS is Linux or Mac. You can of course go to the Firefox Plug-in page and then look for several versions of the add-on that meets your OS specifications.

5. FireFTP

An Effective and featured (File Transfer Protocol) FTP client that can be added to the browser is FireFTP. After installing, when you execute the add-on, it will be opened in a new window, just like the download managers and bookmark window of the Firefox browser. Along with the basic operations, you can also do compare directories, synchronizing directories when navigating, searches or integrity checks, and many more. This add-on is sure to comply with all FTP users.

6. IE Tab

Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft is hardly considered by web developers, but though it is an ever famous browser in the internet field. The IE Tab will let you open any webpage in a new tab that is actually from the Internet Explorer and not from Firefox. With this, you could make certain that your webpage is opening for all those users who do not use the Firefox browser.

Just like the HTML Validator, the IE Tab will not be working in Linux or Mac OS, unless you install the Internet Explorer for that to work and at present there is no supported IE version that can work in non-Windows OS’s.

7. MeasureIt

With Measurelt, You will be able to draw a rectangular box on the website at any place in order to obtain the measures like height and width in Pixels of any open space or an element. The functionality is same like ColorZilla and so it will be redundant to run both the add-on at the same time, but though it is highly advantageous.

8. Greasemonkey

With Greasemonkey, you can do highly advanced customizing operations for the browser by running custom Java Scripts that will modify the way the websites appear. Lot of Scripts is present that can be used for particular websites. For instance, the script for Facebook Friends Checker will let you monitor and track your friends list every time when you log in to the Facebook account and will notify you if a friend is removed from the list.

9. View Source Chart

If you make use of ordinary tools available on Firefox to view the source of a web page, you will be presented with a large block of unclear and unorganized text. It will be tough to search and scan for specific things on the source. View Source Chart add-on will display source code of the web page in a series of elegantly divided and colored portions. It visually shows the tag boundaries and DOM structure that will let you move across easily without getting lost in the noise.

10. Aardvark

With Aardvark, you can select elements present on a website and do any kind of wide variety of functions on them. You will have to select an element and press any of the several keyboard shortcuts available. For instance, you can press I to Isolate, R for removing the element, V to View the source of the element or W to widen it. You can press H for Help option to take a look at the list of all the 14 shortcuts available.

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8 Tools to create Mobile Version of your Website

Being an industrialist, you will constantly be looking for new developments in all fields. Possibly, your clients might report that your website should also be available in mobile version, so that they could take a look at the site even when they are on the fly, or you might have encountered your competitor’s mobile version website through your handset. You may feel that you are outdated or outclassed and need a mobile version website soon.

Tools to create Mobile Version of your website

The Mobile World Web is ever increasing. According to Netmarketshare, “the use of iOS operating system of the iPad and iPhone has doubled from March 2010 to October 2010 (in the last 7 months). It acts as a notification on simply how many users are browsing websites, tons and tons, via their handheld devices instead of their PCs.

This trend lets even the small businesses to stay on the top. To assist you, I have made a list of simple and powerful tools for creating mobile version sites. The tools on the listings were chosen on the basis of its ease of use, i.e., they are here to help the website holders who has got no coding/development experiences. These are perfectly suited for small and medium sized businesses due to its cost efficiency (and lot of them are available for free)

How These Tools Work

Among the list, lot of tools have GUI (Graphical User Interface) and copy & paste code blocks that can be setup on your website pretty easily. When you install a tool such as Google Analytics on your website on your own, you will be able to utilize these tools.

The working of these tools is that it detects the user agent of your website’s visitors, which actually a means to find if a visitor is using an ordinary PC web browser or a Mobile web browser. If the user agent is a mobile web browser, the users are directed to the mobile version of your website. The general tradition is to allocate the mobile version of your website with sub-domain names like Due to this, your website traffic is being split into 2 sections, providing the visitor with an efficient browsing feel.

Tools to Create mobile version of your website

1. Mobify

Mobify is a tool that lets you to design a mobile edition for your website via a sensitive and ease of use GUI (Graphical User Interface). The Setup happens pretty fast and you could have your own mobile version website within few min(s).

In case you are running an e-commerce store, its more better! Mobify has got a Mobile Commerce Platform that is aimed specially for e-stores on the mobile web.

Mobify works on a freemium model, yet its free version is really sufficient and has got the choice for a traditional domain like The premium plans begin from $249/month and consists of options like the removal of the Mobify logo present upon the mobile version website, website traffic statistics reports from Mobile Analytics, and much more.

2. Wirenode

Popular Firms like Reebok, Ford and Nokia make use of this mobile site creator, Wirenode that has dealt with more than 50k sites in order to create mobile device friendly versions of their PC version sites.

The freemium edition has got an ease of use editor for creating your mobile website, free hosting for utmost 3 mobile websites, statistic reports generating for your websites, and lot more. The premium edition begin from $ 19.80 USD (about € 15/month), with upgrades like supportability for tradition domains and the Wirenode ad removals.

3. Mippin Mobilizer

If you are short of time, Mippin Mobilizer is a no frills tool that would take no time for creating your mobile website. You will just have to give your website’s RSS feed URL, configure the options, sign up for an user account, use some codes for designing your website and you are finished! While you are creating your website, you can take a look at the live preview present on the right hand side that would depict the development of your website design as you keep configuring it.

4. Onbile

Onbile is a tool that can be used to create a mobile version of your website in less than 5 minutes. This is capable because of the instinctive UI (User Interface) that is used for designing your mobile website and a custom produced script to copy into your index page. And now, if the mobile device users view your website, they will be targeted to the mobile version of the website. You could choose 1 of the 13 customizable templates as the beginning point for design your mobile version website.

5. Winksite

In case you are attracted to create a web community that revolves around your mobile website, you can opt for Winksite, a web application for designing a mobile community for your mobile version website.

It can also produce your own QR code, a 2D code that can be read by mobile devices that has got QR scanners and is utilized to scan up text, images, music, URLs and videos automatically. There are lot of methods available to use QR codes for Small and Medium Business Marketing. You could print this QR codes on your Print Ads, Business Cards and other Branding Materials, and if the mobile user wants to view your mobile version website, he simply have to utilize the mobile cameras for scanning the QR codes.

If you want to produce a QR code without making use of this Winksite, you can opt for a free web related tool called as QR-Code Generator.

6. MobilePress

You would have used the WordPress platform and its templates in order to create your PC version website. If you have used WordPress, then you are lucky as there is a flock of plug & play WordPress plug-ins that can be used to produce your mobile version Website automatically. MobilePress is such a plug-in that is a free WordPress plug-in that can be used for generating a mobile version for your WordPress working Website. WordPress Mobile Edition is another WordPress plug-in that can be used.

7. iWebKit

A easy to use framework that can be used for developing your own iPod/iPhone touch applications is called as iWebKit. For instance, this can be used to generate an application like iPhone app from Mashable.

The iWebKit could be utilized by anybody, even by those who don’t have the HTML knowledge. It is not as easy to use as the rest of the tools discussed above. You will have to download and install the application and also have to read the user manual. With small or no investments (no need to pay, as the iWebKit is available for free), you could have your own iPhone application that could resemble the bigger ones from Apple itself.

8. MoFuse

MoFuse is fully loaded with a large collection of features for designing and monitoring your mobile version website. MoFuse is targeted at news media, agencies, and Medium- & Small- sized Businesses. The Premium prices ranges from USD 7.95 to USD 199/month and the tool will include additional features like website analytics reporting, over 5000 various mobile devices supportability, a QR code manager, customer support and a lot more.

Bonus: Resources for Testing and Evaluation

After making use of a tool discussed above to generate your own mobile edition website, you will have to test that everything falls in place perfectly. The below are some of the extra tools and resources that you could use for evaluating and testing your new mobile version website.

mobiReady – The MobiReady tool is used for testing your site for dotMobi Compliances and W3C mobileOK Compliances, sets of mobile site standards that will guarantee for an efficient and accessible mobile website visitor experience. mobiReady will also look for bugs and provides you an user friendly report of those errors found. The ease of use of the tool requires you to simply plug in the URL of the mobile version website to be tested.

W3C mobileOK Checker – This is an official tool from the W3C itself that can be used of revaluating a mobile website’s user friendliness.

iPad Peek – You don’t have an iPad? Not a Problem, you can make use of this tool to see how your site will appear when it is opened with famous Apple Mobile devices (It would simulate the view of the Apple’s iPad).

Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 – The standards body for lot of web’s technologies like HTML, Java Scripts, and CSS, W3C consists of documents that describes about the mobile worlds’ best techniques. It is directed towards the web development and is actually really boring to read, but though can be useful enough to spend few hours for reading them.

Nokia 5250 – Less in price, Less in features

Nokia 5250 is a Touch Screen Smartphone that runs on Symbian OS is the cheapest Smart Phone that will be available for 145 $ by the last quarter of 2010. In order to give away a Smart Phone for such a low price, Nokia had to give up some features that were present in its earlier version.

Nokia 5250 Review

Nokia 5230 that was released last year had features like 3.2” inches screen, 3.6 Mbps High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) mobile broadband and Assisted GPS (A GPS) Support that was priced at 188 $.

But, the new Nokia 5250 comes 43 $ (approx) lesser than Nokia 5230 and has no 3G and A GPS support, and the touch screen display is only 2.8 inches (4 inch less than Nokia 5230).

Nokia had said that this new handset will feature a Home Screen access to E Mail, Social Networks like FaceBook, Music Player, and Guitar Hero 5 game and a FM Radio.

CCS Analyst Geoff Blaber said that, “Nokia is trying to bring down the cost of Smart Phones in order to make their handsets and (OVI App and Music store) services to reach all the customer’s hands. But, Nokia had took some tough decisions to reduce the cost of the handset to 145$. These low cost handset cant challenge high end smart phones, but could compete with mid rated smart phones from LG, Samsung, and others. But, Nokia is under pressure because of low priced handsets from Chinese companies”

Nokia 5250 does not offer many features, but yea it is the cheapest smart phone that you can buy.