Top 10 Firefox Add-ons from Web Developers point of view

After doing a wide search on the internet resources, I have found that the add-ons used in Firefox were more famous among the web developers. So, I have come up with a list of best 10 add-ons.

Each add-on when installed on the browser provides extended services. A few of the plug-ins are considered to be more crucial. All the add-ons can be downloaded for free online.

1. Firebug

The Firebug add-on will let you edit the Java Script, HTML and CSS of any webpage actively without having to move across various areas. Real-time modifications can be performed and can be previewed. This plug-in will also have a Java Script Performance Profiler and Network Activity Analysis Tools. Just like adding add-ons for Firefox, you can add plug-ins for Firebug itself to increase its features.

2. Web Developer

The dynamic extension and the most dominant from the best 10 list is the Web Developer add-on. This plug-in will add a toolbar to the browser with which you can perform lot of advantageous things.

You can do lot of activities like display all kinds of behind-the-scenes information, disable Java, disable images, disable CSS, view styles, disable or view cookies, validate code, resize the window to a specified resolution, edit HTML, see detailed information on forms, show hidden elements, view JavaScript, find broken images, and etc.

3. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a color picker add-on that resides in the Firefox’s status bar. After clicking the ColorZilla button, you have to move the cursor across any color that you want to know details about. The status bar will now show the details of the Hexadecimal code and RGB values of the color that was pointed by the cursor, which can then be used to depict the color for your web site. The ColorZilla features with a Page Zoomer, a measuring tool and a Color Wheel.

4. HTML Validator

The HTML Validator add-on will place an icon on the status bar that would display the no. of HTML errors that Firefox had run into when trying to open a web page. After that, you can directly look into the HTML code for the location of errors to resolve them.

When you go to the Firefox plug-ins page of HTML Validator, you will be warned that thus add-on will not be available if your OS is Linux or Mac. You can of course go to the Firefox Plug-in page and then look for several versions of the add-on that meets your OS specifications.

5. FireFTP

An Effective and featured (File Transfer Protocol) FTP client that can be added to the browser is FireFTP. After installing, when you execute the add-on, it will be opened in a new window, just like the download managers and bookmark window of the Firefox browser. Along with the basic operations, you can also do compare directories, synchronizing directories when navigating, searches or integrity checks, and many more. This add-on is sure to comply with all FTP users.

6. IE Tab

Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft is hardly considered by web developers, but though it is an ever famous browser in the internet field. The IE Tab will let you open any webpage in a new tab that is actually from the Internet Explorer and not from Firefox. With this, you could make certain that your webpage is opening for all those users who do not use the Firefox browser.

Just like the HTML Validator, the IE Tab will not be working in Linux or Mac OS, unless you install the Internet Explorer for that to work and at present there is no supported IE version that can work in non-Windows OS’s.

7. MeasureIt

With Measurelt, You will be able to draw a rectangular box on the website at any place in order to obtain the measures like height and width in Pixels of any open space or an element. The functionality is same like ColorZilla and so it will be redundant to run both the add-on at the same time, but though it is highly advantageous.

8. Greasemonkey

With Greasemonkey, you can do highly advanced customizing operations for the browser by running custom Java Scripts that will modify the way the websites appear. Lot of Scripts is present that can be used for particular websites. For instance, the script for Facebook Friends Checker will let you monitor and track your friends list every time when you log in to the Facebook account and will notify you if a friend is removed from the list.

9. View Source Chart

If you make use of ordinary tools available on Firefox to view the source of a web page, you will be presented with a large block of unclear and unorganized text. It will be tough to search and scan for specific things on the source. View Source Chart add-on will display source code of the web page in a series of elegantly divided and colored portions. It visually shows the tag boundaries and DOM structure that will let you move across easily without getting lost in the noise.

10. Aardvark

With Aardvark, you can select elements present on a website and do any kind of wide variety of functions on them. You will have to select an element and press any of the several keyboard shortcuts available. For instance, you can press I to Isolate, R for removing the element, V to View the source of the element or W to widen it. You can press H for Help option to take a look at the list of all the 14 shortcuts available.

Let is us know how did you liked our webdeveloper add-ons for firefox.

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