Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software

In order to edit your videos taken during an official meeting, party, vacation, etc, you will require a Best Video Editing Software. You can purchase full licensed Video Editing Software for a price varying from USD 100s to even USD 1000s. Lot of such high priced software do not livie up to their expectations or provides tech help on how to use them. So, it would be better to make use of Free Video Editing Software found online. Let us have a look at the top five.

1. Windows Movie Maker 2.1:

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 sits right at the top and can be used for creating, editing and for sharing any kind of videos, movies, etc. You will just have drag and drop the clips in order to make your own composed movie that can later be copied on to a CD/DVD, or shared on the web via email/other means, or copy to video tapes and view it on a Camera or a Television. The WMM 2.1 is compatible with SP2 Win XP Home or Professional or x64 Edition running on a PC having processor speed of 600 MHz or more.

2. iMovie 4:

iMovies is a Video Editing software to create real-time videos, editing, improving the quality of those valuable moments captured on the video, and share them by writing them on a CD/DVD. You could flip through the videos and album covers of iTunes, and share them via iMovies. You can take photos, upload them on to the iMovies and create your own online photo albums. The software provides a way to edit, easy drag & drop clips, search and view videos all in a same place. You can provide Title, add Effects, and produce Transitions by editing the Videos on iMovie 4.

3. Portable Movie Maker:

Editing the existing clipping and merging them to produce movies is the main function of this Portable Movie Maker. The movie making process is quite complex, technical and has got a nice UI. Collections tab contains the collection of clips and Task tab has features to record videos, edit them, converting it to a watchable format. You can make transition effect and timeline changes to the clips. If you understand the software well, you can have fun and make full use of it.

4. vReveal:

vReveal has a collection of easy to use tools including Video Editing tool capable of improving video qualities. You can browse for the Video clips (thumbnail view) you want from folders and upload them for editing. Use the fine tuning options and improve the quality. There are 2 preview windows available on left and right side; one on the left shows original video clip and the second on the right show the same clip with fine tuning done on it.

5. Youtube Movie Maker:

You can create, edit photos/texts/clips with several transitions and special effects, make several formats, share and maintain your YouTube videos on YouTube, with this YouTube Movie Maker. You can add music, text, subtitles, titles and dubbing, and the video editor lets you to crop, cut/split, trim, zoom out/in, and in several formats even in HD to advertise and manage your videos. In timeline mode, you can add titles, sounds, music with time.

Download these best free video editing software today . Happy Editing. Do share your experiences and requirements with us. We will love to read your comments.

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