Some De-motivating facts about Internet

We are living in the age of technological irony. I am able to have many music’s in an compact ipod, streaming internet radio wirelessly and i can download any songs that i want for a buck, all just in an elegant interface.

The previous Web annoyances like GeoCitis, pop-up ads for X10 surveillance camera and the extensive usage of blink and marquee tags might be dead and gone, but the combat for internet reason rages on. There are still many in Web 2.0 that is old and infuriating.
De-Motivational Internet

1. Misleading Links in Downloads Sites

If I am visiting a download site, it is safe for me to say I am there because I do need to download something. I know that the bandwidth is not free, so I am very much happy to spoil whatsoever hateful screen flash ads that the sites throws at me.

Where I draw the line is at serving the ads which has nothing but then a big ‘Download Here’ button. That is just cheating.

It is a trap!!!!! You can find like this in MegaUpload. When I click on the download link it takes me to a page which shows a screen- shattering ads. I drift over the blue download button in the middle for a sec. And I see “this is an ad. No click for you.” And then I proceed on to click on the orange coloured download file button.

That is not download link… Oops I just forgot to enter the CAPTCHA code. Let’s try out again. Hey that is the file that I want. I will be clicking the big Download button, and it says that “Premium Download”. I am not going to pay $20 for the stupid Mega upload monthly subscription. Now I will click on the back button and I will click on the Download link which is there just above the premium download button. And I will click on it.

After all these moving forward and backward clicking, MegaUpload must Pay ME to download this file. And now I am back on to the 1st page, because I was silly to think that the Download link was actually a download link. Enter CAPTCHA and click on download file. And I have to wait for 45 sec’s to download this file.

2. Embedded-Video Headaches

Gmail chat: the correct way to grip embedded videos. As of this writing, Youtube is little more htan 5 yrs old. For beginners, let us make it so that when I put an YouTube URL in an e-mail, tweet, forum post or any toher text box, it shows up a video, just like in Gmail chat.

There are some sites which converts the URL to an embedded video, and there are some other sites make the embed codes correctly, some sites displays the codes as text, and sites doesn’t allows you to post any sodes at all. You won’t know the rules of the game until you try and post any clips.

If I totally have to copy paste the code, don’t make me to guess which tags that I must keep and which tags that I must leave for the video to show up correctly.

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