Roller Coaster Extreme for Nokia N8

Most of us irrespective of our age are thrilled by the Roller Coaster experience. The Barclaycard Rollercoaster extreme for Nokia n8 developed by Fish Labs bring thrilling, heart racing experience right in front of you in your Nokia N8. It’s also amongst the most recommended and the most popular game downloaded for Nokia N8. Just like every other game for Symbian phone, The Rollercoaster Extreme is available for download through the Nokia Ovi store.

review of rollercoaster extreme

Rollercoaster Extreme is setup with a backdrop of the suburbs of New York. The game on rails is very intuitive and addictive. It’s not esoteric like certain games with complex controls that thwart your gaming experience. The 11 rollercoaster tracks will test your reflexes and take you deep into the game.
The concept in the game is very simple. You ride the Rollercoaster and reach the end point in the best shortest time possible. On your way you will find power ups on either sides of the track for which you have to reach out to grab it. The power ups will either boost your speed aiding you to reach your destination in a shorter time or sap your speed and waste your time. The difficulty increases as you complete tracks. You also earn merit badges for achievements on the track like fastest time around each track and Artful Dodger for keeping out of obstacles.

The tricky part of the game and also its credible feature is the obstacles. Along your ride you will find twists and turns, corkscrews, chandelle turns, bumps, washing lines, demolition balls and very low bridges adding to the changing speeds. You will have to dodge these obstacles, while obtaining turbo boost power ups to score high on the track. When you finish well in one track the next opens up with much higher difficulty level.

The controls of the game are pretty simple. You have to tilt your phone to the left or right to grab power ups. To boost your speed you can touch the bottom left of the screen and the bottom left to duck from obstacles.

The most important to consider while evaluating a game would be the quality of smooth user experience it can provide. The Graphics of Rollercoaster Extreme is very appealing with the buildings and banners around you. The game runs very smooth on the Nokia N8. Although it does not have the HD tag that most users crave for, it does provide some decent graphics. Sometimes when you are riding very fast, the tracks seem to just end, most likely because the graphics is at its maximum. I feel that a little more intricacy could have been provided to the track during these extreme situations rather than the backdrop. The tracks are of course the way to anticipate and quickly react to the game.
The game allows you to post your scores online and compare them.


Rollercoaster Extreme is an appealing game for all age group designed quite well. The tilt to control feature makes it all the more interesting to play. The graphics is quite pleasing but not perfect, as it tends to lag when you play extreme. The controls are very simple and provide a complete gaming experience to the user, although the controls are not very reactive on the N8.

It’s very smart to bring the thrilling experience of a rollercoaster on to the mobile phones.

One very annoying thing for certain users might be the advertising message boards of Barclaycard with a built-in sound track “Let your Love grow” that runs in the background. On whole the game is very much recommended for download. I would give it a 4 on 5.

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