Firefox – 6 useful tips and tricks and shortcuts

The reason for which the Firefox is famous is due its customization options and wealth of downloadable add-ons. Here in this article I will be describing some tips and tricks which will improve your experience on web surfing.

These Firefox tips and tricks may be simple but these are really powerful tips and tricks which will make the browser faster and smarter

Are you a Firefox user? Then do check these firefox tips and tricks that are listed below.

Firefox tips and tricks

1. One-Click Bookmarking

By using Firefox you can bookmark any site in not time. This can be done by just clicking on the star icon in the browser’s location bar.

By just clicking it once the page will be added the Unsorted Bookmarks folder and if you click it twice it will take to a window which allows you to choose where does the bookmark must be saved, its title and any tags.

2. Tag Your Bookmarks for Quick Access

There are different ways in which you can organize your bookmarks in Firefox and tagging the bookmarks with keywords in Firefox is the best one. You can do this when you save a bookmark or you can go and click on the bookmark menu and select organize bookmarks and then find the bookmarks that you need to tag and add keywords. Once you added a keyword say sports Firefox will be offering this tag option in the future.

Once you have done with the tags, just type the tag in the location bar and this will bring you all the sites which are tagged to that word.

3. Shrink Your Icons

You can shrink all the toolbar icons in your Firefox to have little more screen space.

This can be done by just clicking on the View menu and select Toolbars and then click on the customize option and then hit the “Use Small Icons” box”.

If you want to hide (lose) all the icons, you can do the same steps but click on the drop down menu which is next to Simply go to the “View” menu, select “Toolbars,” hit the “Customize” option and then tick the “Use Small Icons” box and select Text for a free graphics free toolbar.

4. Add Icons to the Toolbar

Are you doing same actions frequently like printing, managing downloads or viewing history there is way by which you can add extra functions to your toolbar.

Click on the view menu and then select Toolbar and then click on the customize options and then you can simply drag and drop any number of icons to the top of your browser.

5. Shortcut Keys

There are many keyboards and mouse shortcuts but I have highlighted the most useful ones.

Control + Enter —This Keyboard shortcut adds .com at the end of text in the location bar.

Control + Shift + T —This keyboard shortcut will reopens all the tabs which are previously closed.

Alt + D — This keyboard shortcuts highlights the text that are entered in the Location Bar

Control + Page Up/Down — this shortcut Moves on to the previous tab or next tab

6. Set-Up More than one Homepages

In Firefox you can have more than one site has your homepage. By configuring Firefox you can load all your webmail, favourite news site and social network of your won choice when it starts.

To do this, just load up the websites that you want as your homepage, move to options and then click General and then click the Use Current Pages button.

Now, when you start your Firefox you will be having all your websites as your homepage.

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