Best top 10 free applications for Nokia N8

Nokia N8, a new splendid phone from Nokia that is becoming the talk of the town all over. This phone has excellent features like sparkling Symbian 3 OS performance, build quality, very good multimedia support, easier to use menus which all made the peoples drooling over this phone. The application experience in this Nokia N8 is far better than Android and iPhone phones so far. So here I am going to list out the essential top application, best and free to get you start experience these app on your dazzling Nokia N8. You can simply start search the app in Nokia Ovi store and you can download it easily and quickly.

Nokia N8 review specifications and features

1. Foursquare (social network)

Foursquare application is being the most famous Social network now. This is closing to 200 million total check in.  Foursquare application on your mobile phone offers you and your buddy’s new means of exploring the city. Try it on your Nokia N8 and find your buddy’s and their latest activities. You can directly access foursquare app from Nokia Ovi Store and have fun connecting to your Pals. This is Available at free of cost.

2. Vopium (VoIP)

Vopium is the 1st VoIP app for Nokia N8 that offers international calls and SMS with a save 90% of your money.  This application offers the N8 users for free calls over Wi-Fi and the other mobile data networks. The advanced built in functions will search and looks for the low rate options for calls and SMS. Vopium offers a free 15 mins calls worldwide, giving the users a very great opportunity to try Vopium immediately on their N8 handset.  In order to get start with it, users must log in to and they must enter their mobile number, or you can simply go on to on their Nokia N8 browser. This application is also available in the Nokia Ovi Store.  This application is available at a free of cost.

3. Opera mobile 10 (utility)

The Opera mobile 10 comes with a great look and also it comes with great features like Speed dial, tabbed browsing and the handy pass manager. This Opera 10 is well suitable for both keypad navigation and touch screen. This version offers double the speed of the previous opera released for Symbian/S60 and you’ll explore noteworthy speed improvement while downloading pages, panning and zooming. The Opera turbo is intenerated with this opera offering the users to save both time and money. Opera Mobile app is available at a free of cost.

4. Slide Unlock (utility)

Slide unlock is a great app which allows the users to customize your homescreen in your own style and slide to unlock your phone. In version 5.1, you have the option of downloading bounty number of high quality wallpapers to set them as the background within the application. See everything you need at 1st glimpse: indicators of your current phone status and easy-to-read time display. Then Unlock your Nokia N8 phone with one sooth slid on your phone screen. Font colour, Background image are all completely configurable.  Slide Unlock app is available at a free of cost.

5. Fring for free video calls (Social network)

Fring app offers you free voice calls, video calls and also live chat too all your fring Pals and also to other buddies on the famous social networks such as Gtalk, Ymessenger, MSN messenger, ICQ, Aim, Twitter & SIP!. And also use the Fringout to make calls to any landline or mobile numbers at a low cost all over the world (1c a min). *Free live chat *Free video calls *Free voice calls *Low-cost international calls Download Free now!

6. Sports Tracker (utility)

Sports tracker application is the award winning application. Your handset will become a full-featured GPS sports computer which keep tracking every calories burned while running at avg cycling speed over altitude. You get time and distance calc, maps, step count and also heart rate while you use a compatible HR belt. All the data’s are stored in a diary so that you can chart your progress and you can find all your weakness and strengths and share it with others. Billions of downloads international – join the team. Sports Tracker is available at a free of cost.

7. Ovi Maps (city guides and maps)

With Ovi Maps app you can get free drive navigation and walk navigation with voice direction. Also this app comes with free local weather, all the nearby events and travel guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin. This app also comes with a support of offline maps that you can make use of it anywhere without the GPRS or internet connectivity. Operator data charges might be applied. To get more info check out Ovi Maps can be downloaded at a free of cost.

8. Dictionary & Translation Pro (reference)

Dictionary and translation pro application offers the users a one-touch access to a wide online English dictionary, thesaurus and translation service supporting for various languages such as Arabic, German, Hindi, French, Spanish, Italian and much more. The online dictionary is nearing to million words and it is constantly updated by a community of language professionals. Download Dictionary and translation Pro is available at a free of cost.

9. Snaptu (social networks)

Snaptu is a fast classy all in one application which consists of all the mobile essentials in one place. Facebook, Picasa, weather, Twitter, Flickr, Sports, Sudoku, Movies and much more… Instead having many individual applications which eats your battery, your phones memory and slow things down, guess what? You must have snaptu app which is a single efficient and extremely powerful application which keeps your handset running at full speed ahead. Download Snaptu at a free of cost.

10 Currencies Touch  ( Business productivity App )

Currencies touch is a great application which converts the currencies. This is must application for the people who travel around the world who are always counting and converting their money, this makes their life dreamland. Currencies Touch is available at a free of cost.

Let us know your thoughts on our list of top 10 applications for Nokia N8.

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      1. prasooncc

        the picture is that of an images and bing also return these stupid results.N8 is a monoblock design not qwerty slider.

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  2. G mustafa taj

    The leader in Mobile device Market, Nokia, has officially announced the arrival of much awaited Linux Based N900 in India. The phone is running on Linux Maemo operating system. The N900 boasts an impressive hardware specification sheet with an ARM Cortex A8 processor and Open GL ES 2.0 Graphics acceleration support.

  3. Bigman

    Hi, does anyone know how to create a sshortcut / icon for an application on the home screen ?

    I always have to gothrough the menu into applications to find what i want

  4. sandeep

    am using n8 am not satisfied with this phone and i want to the slide to unlock and slide to answer key for my and free download applications are always connecting to net i want applications with full version


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