Best apps for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 is a wonderful phone which offers lot of features. The best part is you can install large number of applications to enhance the functionality of this phone. Here we present you the list of Best applications for Nokia N8.

Best Nokia n8 Apps

Best apps for Nokia N8


MOBILE DOCUMENTS is an App that comes from the most dominant and the excellent Email Client from Symbian, Period that offers improved support for attachments, multiple emailing, Push email services. MOBILE DOCUMENTS app, considered as the next generation email, not only provides Push Email services but also acts as an art Note. Stay tuned here, as an updated Symbian^3 version of this App will be released soon.

2. Opera Mini 5.1 for Symbian (native) from Opera Software

Opera Mini 5.1 is a sis version browser. This browser is known for its ease of use UI, fast browsing capability. This app should be the best suited browser for your Nokia N8.

3. Gravity by Mobileways

Gravity is considered as the perfect social app from Symbian. Period. With this app installed on your Nokia N8, you can experience Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Google Reader, etc. The interesting feature of this app is its photo upload feature to upload images to various famous websites like TwitPic et al, Flickr, in an awesome way.

4. Best ScreenSnap by Smartphoneware

If your hobbies are Reviewing & Blogging like me, this app will suit you. Even if you are not, don’t worry. I am sure, you can find more usages with this app.

5. Best Taskman by Smartphoneware

If you ask me, the in-built taskmanager found on the Symbian^3 is not easy to work with; we need to perform tiresome steps in order to know what’s running currently on the back. Thanks to Best Taskman app that will represent the currently running task in an old fashion style, letting me to view and do more with few gestures.

6. Pixelpipe by Pixelpipe

No matter what others say about Pixelpipe, according to me, Pixelpipe is a wonderful “Free” service that lets you do media sharing at no cost. I actually don’t worry much about the now “gone missing” Share Online app from the Symbian^3, as I had never used it before. Pixelpipe, on the other hand is a must, if you want to make use of the full capability of the Nokia N8. This app will let you share your photos and pictures taken via N8 camera to your ‘PicasaWeb’ account.

7. SyncLion by Trismer

With this SyncLion app, the jobs of SMS text messages archiving and MS to emailing works can be made much easier and faster. Once you configure, it deals with everything on its own. It will sit passively at the background and becomes active whenever it needs to archive text SMSs and notes to your email. Real Time Usage!!! Stay tunes here, as the Sumbian^3 version of this app will be available anytime soon.

8. WordPress for Nokia

WordPress app is an essential app, if you are a WordPress Blogger. WordPress app is one among the many that my N8 has got, as I need it all day for blogging. It does what it promises to do, that’s all you can get from this app.

Better is to get the updated version from the developers’ URL itself.

9. i-SMS by Mobile Woo

If you feel that the in-built conversation of N8 is boring, this i-SMS app with threaded messaging feature will give you a new experience. This App is filled with many features and looks neatly designed and clear UI.

10. SugarSync

SugarSync lets you to access your files from any place geographically, even when your PC or the Laptop is turned off. You can also try Cloudsync app that will work on Symbian, as its free of cost. You can get 5 GB for your account, as soon as you sign up for an account.


All these apps are third part apps. Stay tuned on our blog for more updates on apps.

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