Best 8 Online Backup Services

Here we are going to list free and paid best online backup services

Why use an online backup service?

You can create backup of your PC data with CDs, DVDs and other external memory devices, but these are not reliable for long term. These backup won’t happen during real time. So, make use of the best online backup services that will automatically backup data real time without the human’s intervention for a reasonably priced or no fee.

Best Online backup services

Best Online Backup Services with Free Storage

Backing up of data that is less than 2GB would not cost you even a cent.

Except SkyDrive, all other services would let you to download a client to your PC, select the local folders that are to be stored online and the client will automatically copy the files from the folders and monitor them. Except Mozy, all other services will let you to access the data that is backed up online.

SugarSync is for Windows and Mac whereas ZumoDrive is for Linux, and both are easily configurable. Dropbox provides online backup and also file synchronization

Subscription Based Online Backup Services

If you have all your data like emails, files, photos, etc (totally less than 2GB) organized together in your hard drive, you can choose subscription based service.

1. Backblaze – The true ‘set it and forget it’ backup service

  • Easy installation. Backup all the folders expect the OS files and application files.
  • Newly created folders will be updated automatically online.
  • Restoring files from online backup is little complex

2. Carbonite – Makes data recovery really simple

  • Files and folders having a colored dot are selected for backup and others not having a dot are not.
  • Access the backup data anyplace with PC’s browser or apps from Blackberry and iPhone.
  • Recover backup data using Windows explorer pretty easily.
  • The client tool is looking bad and old, but the web interface is better.

3. Mozy –  The original cloud backup service

  • This will group the folders and files to sets (of emails, images, songs, etc). So, the user can easily select the sets that they want to backup.
  • The older version can only backup data online, but the recent version can backup to external disk also.
  • Easy methods to restore the backed up files.

4. iDrive – For quick and easy backups

  • It shows tree structure of folders in your PC. You will have to select the folders from the tree and it will be uploaded.
  • Add folders and files by right clicking on them in the Windows explorer and upload them.
  • You can restore all the data from the client tool or restore individual files from their website.
  • The family plan lets you to backup data from several PC to a same account.

5. CrashPlan – One backup service for all platforms

  • You can backup your data to several places like a cloud, a folder on same disk, home PC, or other PCs networked.
  • Ease of work, interactivity with better understandability.
  • Works on several OS like Mac, Linux, and Windows.

6. Jungle Disk – Metered online storage

  • Makes use of Amazon S3 for backup.
  • Backup several PCs data with a single license.
  • This also works with all OS.

7. SugarSync – Access your backups from any mobile device

  • Real time monitoring of changes to files and updating real time.
  • Access the backup data through web or apps from handsets.
  • Will not work with Windows Explorer and so it tough to add new files for uploading.

8. ZumoDrive – Simple and elegant

  • Configure easily by just right clicking on any file and you can add it.
  • Restore data in ZIP package and so you have to extract them to any particular location.

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3 thoughts on “Best 8 Online Backup Services

  1. Bruno

    Good information but all the above online backup services offer almost the same services and they don’t offer free services written above but they offer trial versions which expire after a given period of time.I love my backup system and it is the one i use for all my backups.Safecopy backup offers a free unlimited 3GB trial version for life because it does not expire.So to me this is free.

  2. Matini

    Great online backup softwares above here.And the article reminds anyone reading it about backing up important files before anything goes wrong.Well on the other hand,i see a comment too talking about SafeCopy online backup.It is what i use for backing up my crucial files and Dropbox for sharing any file i need.


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