Angry Birds Lite for Nokia N8

One of the most popular and the most downloaded game on platforms like Google Android and iOS is finally here for the Nokia smartphones on the Symbian platform. It’s one of the most popular games on the Nokia N8 and the lite version offers a preview of how the game feels like on your Nokia Touch phone. Angry Birds Lite is available through the Nokia Ovi Store. The appealing and addictive game has nearly 105 levels of which only 15 levels are provided in the Lite version.

review of angry birds lite

If you are looking for an action-packed game that also tweaks your brain, Angry Birds Lite is that you want. The Game never ceases to throw at you interesting and intelligent levels to play.

Angry Birds is a very simple, yet fascinating game that revolves around a very simple story line that imposes twists in the plot. The greedy, filthy green pigs have stolen the eggs of the birds. Now the “Angry Birds” have to retaliate to retrieve the eggs from the green pigs. In taking revenge the angry birds use their special powers to dish out the pigs. There are six types of birds with special powers- the small red bird, the yellow bird that smashes through wood, the dangerous black one that explodes, the big red bird that demolishes anything in its way, the green bird that moves like a boomerang and finally the white bird that drops an egg that explodes.

With all these angry birds all you have to do it take out the green pigs to advance up the levels to recapture the eggs. The Gameplay is not easy as the story sounds. It takes brutal force, quick intelligent thinking and unique obstacle that you have to tackle to dish out the pigs. Each levels test your intelligent thinking and creativity to clear them with three golden stars. No two levels are the same; you will have to use all of your strategies up your sleeves to defeat the green pigs.

The graphics of the game is not too fancy like 3D. It is very smooth and effecive. The most credible feature of the game is the very simple controls. All you have to do on your N8 is to touch the bird and pull it back by sliding your finger across the screen and adjust the angle accordingly to catapult your bird. This improves the user experience of the game.

The game also provides easy and comprehensible instructions to play the game. The Lite version allows you to use 3 or 4 birds to throw out the pigs in each level. It’s only 9 MB heavy and can be downloaded directly to your N8 phone.


The Angry Birds Lite for Nokia N8 is a simple yet interesting game that will never leave you bored after a few minutes of play. The game is very addictive tempting you to take out the lousy green pigs and fly up the levels.

The highlighting feature is the simple and effective controls that add to the user experience. The graphics is very effective for a game with such kind of story and the absence of Hi-Fi graphics improves the performance.

As far as the levels are concerned, they seem to be exhausting very soon considering the addictive nature of the game. The game could come with more and ever growing number of levels to keep the consumers interested in the game.

On the whole the game could be rated 4.5 on a sale of 5. It is a wonderful game for which you could pay a couple of rupees to get a hold of its full version.

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