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Windows 8 : May be a fake News

A Windows Analysis told the reporter that the leak slides about Windows 8 may not come from Microsoft. The announcement leads everyone to wonder if the slides that are leaked on Monday are authentic. The slides offer many insights about the new features of Microsoft Windows 8 including automatic facial recognition and etc.

Windows 8: May be a fake news

Michael Cherry said that he is not sure about the origin of the leak of the slides. He said it is possible that the leaked Windows 8 slides are created by a person that wants all the features in the interface.

Cherry suspected that the slides are from a fake source because it has a date stamp of April 2010. The slides were first posted on Win7Vista.com by a Windows fan. Later, Stephen Chapman reposted it on the blog. Many news blogs had accepted the fake news as a valid news.

Michael Cherry said that the false leak slides cause 2 dangers. First of all, the Windows fans are giving people a wrong idea about the stage which Microsoft is in. When people see the slides, they may anticipate for the features that probably won’t be made available by Microsoft.

Cherry compare the false leak with the WinFS event. Microsoft once plans to use the WinFS storage system in Windows Vista. However, Microsoft was not able to incorporate the WinFS system because of a mistake that they encounter in the operating system. Due to the error, the team has the start the work all over again.

Cherry said that the slide is very interesting. However, nobody will know whether the features listed in the slide will be made available by Microsoft. The leaked slides also have a development timelines that is not labeled with dates. Cherry had created a rough outline about the development of Windows 8. According to Cherry, Microsoft will take at least 3 years to develop Windows 8.

The production of Windows 8 will start at fall 2010. The project is expected to come into completion by fall 2012.

The Windows Vista was delivered after the promised timeframe. One of the goals of Windows 7 is to deliver it within the allotted time frame. Therefore, Microsoft is sensible to set a three year time frame for Windows 8. By doing so, there is enough time to include all the features.

Microsoft Release Details about Goals for Windows 8

Microsoft is in the process of making Windows 8. The new Windows 8 will offer many advance features that are not available in Windows 7.

Windows 8 feature

Windows 8 is integrated with your webcam. It can detect your presence and log you into your desktop. The user accounts are used to confirm the identity of a user. In Windows 8, you will be able to switch to other user accounts easily.

Your Windows account will be able to connect to the cloud. You will be able to login into your website through your user account. It also has a more secure system so that you can surf the internet safely.

The Reset Windows option gives you the ability to restore your computer to original state. When you restore the computer, your documents and settings will be in the original condition just like before you reset the windows. Microsoft is developing a Windows 8 app store. The app store will offer a large range of apps that works with Microsoft 8. Windows 8 will be faster than Windows 7. It will include more help topics.

Microsoft will design special software and services that are designed for the end user. Windows 8 will be targeted towards two types of audiences including enthusiasts, mainstream consumers. The new Windows 8 can be customized along with their hardware and software offerings. You will be able to create unique and branded experiences. Customers that are planning to purchase a new desktop can select a PC that match with their personality, and interest.

The new Windows 8 allows you to turn off the PCI devices when you are idle. The memory power management allows you to increase the efficiency of your computer by turning off unused portions of memory system.