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Develop your own apps for iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7

Surprisingly, a large number of 1st time mobile apps developers are actually 1st time developers as well. You can understand this fact, if you think deep about the reason for it. Mobile is the hot topic nowadays with few new mobile OS(s) entering the field and has also become easy to work with it.

Web Developer Resources

Additionally, a good and well made mobile application can be useful and a huge hit. For instance, consider the flashlights, tip calculators and much more apps.

Though it is easy to work with developing apps for those mobile OS(s), you must know some basics to develop them. In case, you have no experiences in programming languages like C, Java, C# or web programming, it is going to be tough for you to develop apps on your own. So, I had went through several resources online, ebooks, friends circle to find methods on developing apps for iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7.

Titanium from Appcelerator is one of the development platforms that make it easy for web developers to perform transition to mobile platforms. But, I think it will be useful to use time in order to learn these programming languages according to the mobile OS type that you are interested in.

Considering iOS, you will have to learn Cocoa Touch and also Objective-C. Considering Android programming, it is same like Java along with Android related Frameworks and APIs. Considering Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, it uses Silverlight that requires experiences in .NET or C#.

iOS Books, Sites and Resources

If you want to learn about the fundamentals of iOS Programming, you can refer to Apple Developer site that has got bag full of essential information. You can get free access to developer documents after registration, but have to pay $99/year to get access to extensive videos, tutorials from WWDC and several tools, in order to become an iOS app developer

You can find several dozens of books when considering developing of iPhone apps. Mobile and Mobile platforms are evolving day by day, so it will be tough to stay updated about the recent trends by just referring to books alone.

But though, they can give you a great insight about the iOS/Objective-C/Cocoa/Cocoa Touch education and some of them are stated below.

iPhone App Development: The Missing Manual — The book was written by Craig Hockenberry is from the Iconfactory, is truly a wonderful guide that explains the nook and corners of the iPhone Programming.

iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide — In case you are ready to spend some amount and can afford to take 7 to 14 days time for studying the best guide around, you should not miss The Big Nerd Ranch. If you do not have that much time to spend, you can of course switch to book versions from Joe Conway and Aaron Hillegass. The book on seminal Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X was written by Aaron Hillegass and a 3rd edition is available currently.

iOS Developer’s Cookbook — Erica Sadun will be releasing a book by this January month is expected to be a big success and that would deal about the iOS Programming and iPhone.

Programming in Objective-C 2.0 — you can consider this book as the holy bible for Objective-C 2.0 as it discusses about it in several depths. The principles are actually used for Apple Mac OS X Programming, but that can be used for iOS programming too. You can expect a 3rd edition of the book by the start of this year.

In truth, the iOS Dev Center is likely to be the top class resource found on the web. Apple has got a better, detailed resource library, sample code library, reference list and also a developer forum that gives an environment to communicate with several other Apple engineers and iOS developers. In order to get all these wonderful things, you will have to be iOS Dev Program’s member. If you don’t want to pay $99, consider the below online communities.

iPhone Dev Forums — It is a wonderful website that is medium active and a better place for accessing listing of resources.

iPhone Dev SDK — It is a fair active forum having several channels to interact about several topics related to the business part of iPhone development and the iPhone development itself.

iPhone-Developers.com — XDA Developers team from the iPhone Developers, latest forum and community focussed on the iPhone development.

Note: You should have Mac OS for iOS developments. There are various tools like Flash to iPhone tool from Adobe that can work in Windows, but if you have to submit the app, run Xcode and for testing it in the simulator, you will require Mac for it.

Android App Development Zone

Like everyone expects, Android Developers portal from Google has got lots of essential guides, tools and information. The development tools, emulators, and SDK can be accessed for free along with several videos, tutorials and examples on that website.

The e-books and the prints of Android is not complete like those available for iPhone development and so it is essential that the book you are looking for is covering the topics of Android 2.0 or more and that you are interested in. Even if you consider the number of e-books that are to be released this year is a area of concern and has to be increased, big time.

These are some recommendations to follow:

Learn Java for Android Development — if you got no experience in Java, take a look at this to begin your Android Developments.

Android Programming Tutorials — Mark L. Murphy, a long time Android Books’ Author is also the author for this book and now in 3rd edition has got forty various tutorials and exercises for Beginning Android Devs or Android Devs.

Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — this book is an iPhone version and is really good and I am sure that this book is as good as Android version from Jonathan Stark.

A few of the top Android info that you can get online and sites that have to be bookmarked are given below:

XDA Developers — XDA Developers is a wonderful source for Android Phones followers or installing custom ROMs, but the forum is a wonderful area to get answers for questions and to know things.

Anddev.org — You can get lot of Android Tutorials and Android development.

Android Developers Community Portal — It is the Official Page from Google for Android Developers, but it is a great resource to several Google Groups and mailing lists for Android Development.

Windows Phone 7 Apps

During 2010, in Asia, Europe and USA, the Windows Phone 7 has been released. This is the latest O platform that is fresh and is sure to create revolutions.

Comparing Microsoft with other Corporate Companies, it excels in providing amateur and professional developers with huge volume of development tools and resources. Consider it to comic or not, the speech “Developers, Developers, Developers” from Steve Ballmer was not that long back.

Windows Phone 7 is in its early stages and is evolving, as the development tools are still tweaked and modified. Due to this, I would truly propose that first-time programmers to wait for few days before beginning the Window Phone 7 developments. But in case you have got .NET, Silverlight, C#, WPF experiences, building applications for Windows Phone 7 is going to be truly easy for the transition.

These are few resources that you can visit to know more info about Windows Phone 7 development.

App Hub — The App Hub portal from Microsoft deals with Windows Phone and Xbox 360 developers. This gives access to forums, blog entries, documentations and tools from the experts.

Getting Started with Windows Phone — this webpage consists of hyperlinks to hands-on videos and labs on how to get started for developing Windows Phone 7.

Silverlight for Windows Phone — this portal provides training and lessons for how to use Silverlight to build Windows Phone 7 applications.

XNA Framework 4.0 for Windows Phone — the training course gives lots of videos and lessons for using XNA Framework to design games for Windows Phone 7.

Note: You can Develop apps for Windows Phone 7 only with Windows. To host Windows applications, You need windows hosting server.