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New Progresses in Cell Phone Industry

Now a day mobile phones have become the most essential thing in everybody’s lives. Many individuals have started buying mobile phones and started entering into the cell phone community. The chief function of a mobile phone is that it allows people to communicate with anybody in this world at any point of time.

Latest Technology In cell Phone Market

There are plenty number of features shown in mobile phone which are found in the cell phone market. Still humpty number of superb features are added up and there is continuous researches are carried out in this filed. The features that you relish on you mobile phone will really depends upon the type of mobile phone that you have. Initially the basic functions that are found in the mobile phones are storing up the other person contact info and for communication. And now MP3 player, GPs, etc are part of these sets. You can make use of the internet facility present in your mobile phones to check your emails, surfing to know about the latest news, playing games and can do much more things with it. It is essential that the new technology enthusiasts are conscious about the latest mobile phones which are available in the market these days. Now you can see that new type of mobile phones are released by all the producers by every month. Only rarely a month goes without any latest feature mobile phone launched in the market.

The function of a mobile phone is similar to a radio operation. Wireless Communication technology is been here for quite long period of time. But the efficiency of the latest communication technology is more efficient than the older wireless communication technology. In earlier days the technology that was used is 1G. That technology makes use of the analog signals system for communication.  Then in mid 2G technology was used. With this arrival of technology number of channels enhanced.

And now the technology that is used in most of the country is 3G. 3G let the users to make use of superb features such as video calling, high speed audio and video downloading and high speed internet. In few countries 4G technology are peeped into the market. The power consumption of these devices is not truly high and this makes it affordable to go on.

The competition in this business is very vast. This has truly made the market condition pretty favorable for the clients.  The companies are occupied in an extreme struggle with each other to track down the utmost clients from the available pool.

In making it short mobile phones have completely enthused the way we communicate with each other. It has truly made simpler to contact anyone in this world at any time. This technology will keep on growing and there will be more inspiring things coming out in the future

Latest mobile phones have improved the rivalry within the already existing mobile phone retailer merchant hence there’re low-cost mobile phone deals are available in the market. Comparing the mobile phone dealings can boost your savings and an opportunity to get free gifts or accessories as a bonus for you.

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4G Technology

4G TechnologyIn recent years, the communication field has experienced an elevated era in technology. Since we have ushered in the 21st century, so with time the technology is also getting more and more advanced. The latest advancement being the “4g” viz the 4th generation communication technology.

In the history of mobile phones we come across 4 different eccentrics viz 0G, 0.5G, 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G and the latest being 4G which is also sometimes referred as super 3G.

OG: This generation experienced the development of two way radio telephones. Which was successfully tested by soviet engineers G.Shapiro and I.Zaharchenko in 1964, and mounted it inside a car, train and airplanes? This was the device which could connect to local telephone network within a range of 20kms.

0.5G: This was a little upgraded from 0G by introducing ARP, the first public commercial mobile phone network which overcame the limited coverage area drawback.

1G: This generation introduced the wireless technology, mobile technology. It used analog type of radio signals for the transmission of voice. The voice signal transmitted was modulated to higher frequency of 150MHz and above.

2G, 2.5G, and 2.75G: In 19th century second generation was introduced. Which bought GSM, IS-136 and IS-95? Out of which IS-136 use TDMA (time division multiple access) and IS-95 uses CDMA (code division multiple access. 2G introduced wireless transmission via digital signals using circuit switched technique. It bought new variant in telecommunication by introducing SMS (short message service) and multimedia access on the mobile phones.

3G: 2G is widely used worldwide now. But due its limited data rates it’s difficult to use applications like video conferencing, video and music download. Thus, to overcome these drawbacks 3G came into existence which has wider bandwidth and high data rate of about 2Mbps by using packet switching mode of transmission.
The first commercial launch of 3G was on October 1,2001, by NTT DoCoMo. They used WCDMA technology which is better than CDMA. This generation encourages video telephony using EDGE which is the latest GSM technology which supports high rate multimedia. We also have an advanced 3G mobile telephony protocol HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) which allows data transfer at high speeds.

4G: This is the future generation of telecom industry. Which is fastest and more efficient than 3G? 4G will provide data rate of 100 Mbps for high mobility and 1Gbps for low mobility.

And you never know there is a high possibility of 4G coming to India before 3G.

Time for Web 3.0

Time for web 3.0In the ever changing world today, where nothing is constant “change” is the only thing that is constant. This we all might have heard several times. But how and where do we find these changes..?? Is this in our environment, nature, where we see the sun rises and sets at the it’s own time or is it in our daily routine..? It is rather toilsome to find answers to these questions but what is evident from this is that, we all need changes. And the changes which we can relate to our everyday life are always welcomed with open arms. Similar, is the change brought by Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web, in the form of “Web 3.0” .

With the time proceeding ahead there are diverse alterations in technology. Take the web for instance; it has dwelled from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 i.e. from just an informative web to a more interactive one. Tim Berners-Lee, has come up with Web 3.0 which is also known as ‘semantic web’.

Tim Berners-Lee expressed his views on Web 3.0, as his dream to merge all the links, data and the interactions between the web and users through an intelligent search which even the computer can read and relate to. After this you might have got the rough idea about Web 3.0. In layman terms, you can say it is an intelligent interface between the computers and the web.

As in Web 2.0 ,we can socially interact with the web, which can be addressed as a duplex communication where there is two ways interactivity to read and write, but this interaction is understood only by humans . This is not going to be the case with Web 3.0. The machines are going to be endued with intelligence so that it can read the Web as much as we humans can and give us a more precise and accurate search results. These search results will be a combination of artificial intelligence and semantic web which all together will form a database which gives the admittance to both the machines and the web to incur the information postulated.

Web 3.0 will embark much more than just social networking, collaboration of various websites, use and create applications. It will commence the era of intelligent search with versatile web applications . This will wreak a new platform for open sourced data and software sources via the application programming interfaces (API’s). But, this will increase the security risk. Thus, for Web 3.0 to come into existence is going to take a longer duration of time may be more than it took to bring the Web into existence.

Google Goggles – My personal review

Google goggles personal reviewWelcome to the world of interactive search engines, as Google introduces its new synergistic search. We have all experienced using Google; it has a very simple and precise way of searching things via the words given by the user. So basically Google takes the keywords given by the user and link to all the various sites which has some substantial data related to it.

Thus, to take a step ahead in the field of visual search Google introduced its new product named as Google goggles. The name may sound humorous but its function is highly impressive. You just have to click a picture from the android phone, having the Google goggles application, and just Google goggles. It will give all the information related to that picture. For example, at the launch of Google goggles a picture of a bottle of wine was clicked by an android phone. When this picture was ran through Google goggles it showed that the bottle contains some apricots. You can use goggles to find various things like CD covers, bar codes, logos and labels. To read the text Google goggles uses optical character recognition for reading logos and labels.

Google goggles is an android application, which recognises the picture clicked and gives the search related to it as to what is there in that picture. Right now it recognises various pictures of different landmarks, books, places, contact info, labels and logos. It is working on recognising various other aspects like plants, fruits etc.
In layman language, internet means Google. To find any info you just have to know how and what to Google right. And if you don’t know what it is just click a picture and goggles will tell you all about it. This is the latest advancement in the arena of visual search. This application can be very useful in revealing out all the undercover secrets of the corruption happening and can be send on and can be known to each and everyone. This new creation will give advanced knowledge about different things from the educational aspects of the growing children. For that instance any individual, will be curious to know about the thing if he sees something new and knows absolutely nothing about it. This application on the broader scale can help us differentiate between the texture and looks of lookalike things which have totally different characteristics.

With the help of different technologies available today like image processing we can clearly notice even the minute details in the picture. Thus, with this we can conclude that Google goggles is a boon in the field of visual communication.

The Revolutionary change-IPTV (IPTV Training)

IPTV TRAININGAs the technology advances, access to internet advances, the entertainment industry has also become more technologically profound. Often the more amazing technology less likely it is to triumph, but surely it widens the scope for a whole new genre of creativity. The internet has become a great equalizer making geography and distance irrelevant and opening the world to collaborate in ways no one could have possibly imagined.

Coming to the latest advances of internet is the “Internet TV”. This is an entirely new television with a new idea rather than new infrastructure. The IPTV as it is referred to in general; it is more of a revolutionary change from what is existing today. It provides true personalization and two way interactivity. It empowers the user the freedom of choice and access to on demand content, just a click away. It variegate from the regular set of television box by different alternatives to choose from. It is more facile to build an IPTV connection than those which we have now in existence using cables, antennas, satellite discs etc.

The Internet TV can have the edge over the other conventional TV due to its interactivity and easy access. Anyone can reconcile their ideas and can innovate anything and just publish, that’s about it the world can now access that innovation anytime they want. It is an open platform, it has enormous implications if you think it through .To the layman, this service is just like a website which displays screens with pages designed in different mark up languages like HTML/JAVA etc which is stored on a web server that a web browser in a setup box requests and displays. Where it differs from is the richness of multimedia displayed and in CRM (customer resource management).This openness and interoperability makes the service transferable and can work on any platform. Like for instance you build up goodguy.com, that once published can be accessed by all the IPTV platforms simultaneously.

The data and content generated by the users is exponential in its popularity and is applicative in everyday life. And IPTV technology beautifies it by giving the full freedom to explore new things which no other TV can do. But where comes the comfort comes the afflict. To maintain the IPTV services you need broadcast rights which differ from country to country. To maintain the HD (high definition) quality of the multimedia high cost is needed and also the quality of the audio video varies with the internet speed the minimum speed required is 1500 kbps as HD is highly sensitive to bandwidth, high bandwidth is to be maintained. So the bet is to invest in LLU (local loop unbundling) via NTL which allows multiple telecommunication connections, rather than using IP(internet protocol) as their transmission media through coax cables. There are many technical hurdles but when we can use it for watching video on you tube, providing IPTV services wouldn’t be a tough job.

The IPTV is existing in the market but the usage is minimal. As also we can say that the infrastructure has not much potential in technology to use IPTV on a wider scale. But as it is said with time everything changes and so good and developing changes are expected in this field.