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10 Reasons to Try out Ubuntu 10.10

Once the Ubuntu 10.10 hits the streets by this Sunday, I bet that all the existing Ubuntu Linux users will damn sure update to the new release. After all this looks to be the most user friendly Ubuntu Linux yet, and most of the new features swear to be the must haves.

For those, who are in the business world who haven’t tried Ubuntu yet, however, the reason to download and give a twirl are even more undeniable. Here are a few of them.

Ubuntu 10.10

Here are top 10 reasons to try out Ubuntu 10.10

1. Speed

Ubuntu 10.01 is the damn – darn fast. According to the reports the beta version could boot within 7 seconds.

2. Price

There won’t be any contest because Ubuntu is free. You don’t need to invest anything, unless if you need to buy the professional support later on.

3. No Commitment

Ubuntu can be tried out in the computer without any changes or affecting anything thro’ options such as Live USB or Virtualization, LiveCD. You have nothing to lose in trying out this in your computer.

4. Hardware Compatibility

Ubuntu will be working well on any machine you may sit around, so you can try out his on an extra one to keep it off your Windows machines on the whole.

5. Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is the one which gives you the personal cloud services which allows you to synchronize all your notes and files and then you can access all these from anywhere. And also you can combine your computer and cell phone contacts and share the docs and the pictures with them. By using Ubuntu One you can buy music’s and gets it delivered to the computers of your own choice

6. Windows Compatibility

Ubuntu 10.10, a beta client for windows also lets the users to integrate their Ubuntu worlds and Windows by accessing the files from either of the platforms. You don’t need to worry that you can’t able to get at your windows files.

7. Applications

Ubuntu has the key business productivity software for free which include OpenOffice.org. There is also Firefox included but there is also support for Google Chrome and Flash. Anything which is not there already, in the interim, can be found in the Ubuntu’s Software Center. Finding a software on windows is like a hunt-and-peck process, with so much hours has to be spent on the Google – and your debit card – the software center offers you the central place to locate and download 1000’s of open source app for free in just a few seconds.

8. Security

Ubuntu is extremely secured one, particularly when compared with windows and Mac OS X. The experts all recommends us that using the Linux for online banking is secured one and the other are just not secure enough.

9. Multi-touch

When you try out the Netbook Edition of Ubuntu on a Netbook, you can find out the new multi-touch features in Maverick’s new Unity interface.

10. Beauty

On chief thing that can be found on Ubuntu is that it’s more aesthetical and beautiful to use. The Unity Interface in the Netbook Edition and the Ubuntu’s Font Family are all looking beautiful.

Starting form this Sunday Ubuntu 10.10 will be available for download from Canonicals’ Ubuntu site. If you once started using Ubuntu for your business, then you will keep it for longer period.