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Thecus N4200 NAS Server Review

The Thecus N4200 is one of the very few four Bay NAS Servers available in the market that offers fast throughputs, great convenience and stability. The new included feature is the backup battery providing stability to the network. The hard drive bays accept all standard hard disks in both SATA and RAID configurations, which is an added advantage. It also packs a few frequently used features in network sharing.

price of thecus n 4200


Features  Description
1. Device type  NAS server
2. Host connectivity  Hi-Speed USB/ Gigabit Ethernet/ eSATA-300
3. Max supported capacity   8TB
4. Installed Devices Qty  4(max)
5. Built in devices  Built-in Battery, LED panel
6. Processors installed   1* Intel Atom D510 1.66 GHz
7. Multi-Core Technology   Dual Core
8. RAM installed  DRAM 1GB
9. Storage Controller Type   RAID
10. Interface Type   eSATA-300
11. Controller Interface Type  Serial ATA-300
12. Data Transfer Rate   300 MBps
14. Hard Drive Type  Hot-swap- 2.5”/ 3.5” shared
15. Networking Type   Network adapter- Integrated
16. Data Link Protocol  Fast Ethernet, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
17. Network/ Transport Protocol  AppleTalk, TCP/IP, FTP, SMB
18. Features  iTunes server, Download client, print server, Dynamic IP address assignment,
  Digital Optical Monitoring(DOM) support, Load balancing, Auto-uplink (auto MDI/MDI-X),
  UPnP Media Server
19.Expansion Bays  4(Total)- 2.5”/ 3.5” shared
20. Interfaces  6* Hi-Speed USB- $ pin USB Type-A,
  2* eSATA-300-7 pin external Serial ATA,
  2* Ethernet 10Base-T/ 100Base-TX / 1000Base-T- RJ-45
21. OS Required  UNIX,
  Apple MacOS X,
  Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7,
  Microsoft Windows 2003,
  Apple MacOS 9


The Thecus N4200 is a four Bay NAS device that is well suited for small-business applications, although it lacks certain advanced features and its high price is a turn down. It has a few unconventionalities of its own, namely its Battery module, a dual disk-on-module design and the ability to house both 3.5” and 2.5” hard disks. If you don’t mind the cost and need a high performing device its RAID capable feature is exactly what you need.

The hard drive bay design is very attractive. The N4200 has front accessible bays and drives can be replaced when the device is running. The server doesn’t include storage drives, but it can house either 3.5” SATA drives or 2.5” SATA drives each up to 2TB. These hard disks support RAID configurations- RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 6 and RAID 5.

On the front, the server has a tiny LCD that displays detailed information like its IP address, hostname and temperature. The N4200 has four USB ports, two eSATA ports, a LAN port and a WAN port on its back. The USB and eSATA port can be used to connect external hard drives and printers. The N4200 has its firmware installed in both modules of the dual-DOM design. This enables you to continue functioning even though one module fails.

The N4200 has all the basic features one can expect in an advanced NAS server, that includes FTP, UPnP MediaServer, iSCSI and more. One of the most interesting features is its ability to mount ISO files. Once it’s mounted its available on the network for users. The shared folder option is not very intuitive when it comes to privileges to users. The Thecus N4200 has a Backup utility, the Windows Backup Utilty, is very primitive.


The Thecus N4200 NAS Server is available from $641.99 USD.

iTechFreak Review

The Thecus N4200 although primitive in its Backup utility, excels in performance tests. It is one of the fastest devices available in the market.

RAID 0- 751.1 Mbps on write test, 615.5 Mbps on read test.
RAID 5- 549.7 Mbps on write test, 569.1 Mbps on read test.
N4200 delivers fast throughputs, but its just too pricy for the features it brings to the consumers.