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Tablet PC from Lenovo to be released by the end of 2010

Lenovo, a Chinese company has got plans to release Tablet PC by the end of 2010. Apple’s iPhone 4 was challenged by Lenovo’s (LePhone) handset and now it is likely that they may release Tablet PC (LePad) to compete against iPad.

Liu Jun is the senior VP and President from Lenovo’s consumer business group has said that, “The tablet PC that is to be released will run on Android mobile OS and is referred as ‘LePad’”, which was later confirmed by Lenovo.

Lenove tablet PC

Lenovo’s Chairman Liu Chuanzhi has commented that CEO of Apple, Steve jobs has not considered the Chinese market. Liu Chuanzhi has said to Financial times that, “If Apple were to spend the same effort on the Chinese consumer as we do, (Lenovo) would be in trouble”

Earlier this year, Lenovo has launched its handset termed “LePhone”. The company’s main aim is to excel in China first and then move to other countries for selling their Phone. Lenovo hopes for the company’s business to increase from 10 % to 20 % in the field of mobile services and Internet hardware, by the next 5 years.

There are other companies in China who are going to release their own tablets PCs, but Lenovo is bigger and effective company in building such devices.

IDC Asia Pacific’s VP Bryan Ma has commented the Lenovo’s plans by stating, “Lenovo is well known and established, which will be in their favour”

According to IDC, the export of Tablet PC will increase to one million for both Taiwan and China jointly, by the year 2011. And by the year 2014, it will be four million. We will have to wait to see how it goes for tablet markets in China.

Ma said that, “It is still unknown about the applications that can be used on the tablet PC. What category of people it will draw.”

Apple’s iPad will be sold from this Friday in Hong Kong, but no information on its plans to sell in China.

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