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What Solar Energy can do for us?

What solar energy can do for usSolar is a natural and the most valuable source of energy available to mankind. It is now that we have realized that this source of energy should be efficiently utilized. As technology advances we have now come up with various means of storing and reusing this energy. The energy produced by the sun is 6000 times the totally energy consumption of the entire universe.

There are various natural sources of energy like wind, solar, hydrogen and tidal waves. If these can be used at a wider scale can bestow an orotund economic boon for the nation. As these are clean sources of energy, they can become beneficial for nature and mankind. Man today has become more intellectual and smart. No doubt that the world has immensely advanced and explicated. But seeing the other side of this scenario, we have ruined the nature for a more a civilized lifestyle. So instead of adopting the route where we favour civilization against environment and nature, we should adopt the one which can have both going hand in hand. So we take a crucial step towards this by efficiently utilise the radiated solar energy for various purposes.

Solar power is generated by collecting the sunlight and converting into electricity by solar panels which are made up of solar cells. This energy collected and stored can be useful for many applications like the major one is to generate electricity. The alternatives can be for cooking by using various solar cookers, cooling your home by using solar air conditioners, solar chargers and solar watches. Taking into account all these applications and benefits of solar energy the world is unanimously progressing towards the development in this field.
Solar parking lot: – This is the first solar parking lot in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara County, California. This was the first solar powered parking lot which can sustain the sunlight and light up its own lights. As also the future electric vehicles can be charged here too.

Solar trees in the parking lot:
Dell sets up a very innovative way set up by Envision Solar to set up solar powered lights as also providing shade for parking spaces , an innovative way to use sunlight as a viable energy source.

World‘s largest solar power project:
India is one of the leading countries in the development of alternative sources of energy. This is a project in Gujarat state which was previously to provide 500 MW of electricity by 2014. But this has now increased to 3,000 MW.
Storage of solar energy:

MIT professor, Daniel Nocera who worked on catalysts found out that water molecules can be divided and can be utilized to store energy. He is known a “huge centralized energy person “.His recent researches are to find cheap ways to store solar energy and reuse it. Apart from this the has also found a chemical which is easily available and cheap for this purpose.

Many such projects are coming up all over the world every day. Thus ,we see that solar is the future technology which has to be made available at a larger scale at a cheaper and efficient way for current systems to work on it and make the environment eco friendly by using carbon free fuels.