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5 Best Social Media services for Small business owners

We have enquired with many small business owners through out the year about what are the best practices, suggestion and the success stories in the social media.

The social platforms must be chosen based on the type of the content that your company producing, the goals you are looking to obtain and how do you plan yourself to add value for your business followers.

Even though the social media platforms are used for business, all the social media platforms will not suit for every business. Here in this article you can find the best social media services for all small business owners.

Social Media for small business

1. Communications Service: Twitter

When you ask any business owners about the social media strategies, the first words that come out from their mouth are Facebook and Twitter.  These two platforms are the entry level platforms for all small business owners looking to get more social.

For the quick and effective communication the maximum votes goes for Twitter. The Micro-blogging service allows the small businesses to speedily and efficiently enhance customer service, public relations, business development and even lead generation.

Twitter is a social site which is very easy to setup due to its minimal approach. Twitter makes a very big win for the small businesses.

2. Video-Sharing Service: YouTube

Even the CEO’s are getting themselves involved in creating videos for their small business. The top way for small business is the YouTube where you upload the videos of your business.

YouTube exceeded Yahoo as the 2nd biggest search engine in U.S. in Nov 2008. It still has this spot and it also maintaining to have this spot. By posting your Videos in YouTube your videos has more chance to have more familiarity and much audience.

3. Twitter Photo-Sharing Service: Twitpic

There are many Twitter photo-sharing services to sift thro’, but the most familiar and also the most popular one is TwitPic.

The great way in which you can showcase your products is by Photo-sharing on twitter. It is very easy to use it just requires the users to sign in via Twitter oAuth, and showcase photos in a timeline. TwitPic adds up the additional value of being recognized with your twitter stream.

4. Blogging Platform: Tumblr

Many corporate blogs are catching on with many companies of all size and types. In order to make a corporate blog you must have a convincing content, many dedicated writers and obviously a blogging platform.

You can make use of Tumblr to make blogging. This is as easy as tweeting. This is also very easy to use and also there are tons of themes and re-blogging features which make it easy for the users to share the contents.

5. Social Media Dashboard: TweetDeck

There are many social media management tools are available for small business owners. The best one is TweetDeck and this used by many small business owners. It is free and it enables you to connect across various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google Buzz.

The dashboard is very clean, customisable and also easy to use which allows the users to organize feed, messages, mentions and searches across multiple columns.