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Safeguard your iPhone 4 through various methods and products. This include Zagg invisible shield which covers your iPhone and protect them from physical damages.

Protect iPhone 4: The zagg invisible Shield

Everyone who got their new iPhone 4 wants to secure it to make it appear beautiful for many years in future. ZAGG Invisible Shield could keep your new iPhone 4 appear clean and magnificent like a fresh one and provide guard from scratches and other physical damages. The iPhone 4 shouldn’t be disturbed for the next day (24 hrs), once the setting up of Zagg Invisible Shield is done.  But though, it might be hard to have the new iPhone 4 before you at your eyes and not handling it for a complete day, from the time you bought it. Yet, you must realize that it is essential for your new iPhone 4 safety.

Protect iPhone 4

AS the time passes, the bubbles formed during the set up process will vanish automatically. The advantages that you get from ZAGG invisible shield is explained below.


You should make up your mind to wait and have concentration before beginning the setting up process of Zagg Invisible Shield. Turn off the iPhone 4, wipe out the micro dirt or dusts, plastic covers that are still present in your new phone and clean your Apple iPhone 4 Display Screen. Spray the solution above the plastic film and with the use of squeegee gel remove the air bubbles by pressing hard upon the film. The Microfiber fabric is used to get rid of the extra solution. After installing the films to the bottom and top surface the iPhone 4, leave it unaffected for at least 24 hrs (a day) or 12 hrs (a half) for it to get established with the surface. As the solution gets dried off, the air bubble will also be no more.

Great Experience and Feel

You would experience a good feel while you handle your shielded iPhone 4 for the reason that the film being set up on both the lower and upper section of the mobile.

Hidden Protection

Just like the name says ‘Invisible Shield’, you won’t feel its existence but it stays there always helping you to protect iPhone 4. This shield the iPhone 4 from blots, markings caused by fingers and nails, and decreases the reflection coming from the screen.

Cut – Trim

The films for the screens will be perfectly sized to match the iPhone 4’s screen. You have nothing to worry about like film cropping.  Purchase these films and set it up on the Apple iPhone 4 in no time and you would appreciate it.

Protection – Guard

Usually external damages and scratches are caused on the iphone 4 while handling and travelling. But by using the Invisible shield you get rid of those external damages and scratches. Zagg offers a lifetime warranty and also it offers you forty-five money back guarantee.


Some individuals don’t want their dazzling iPhone 4 to be locked into Cases. In this case, you can use the Zagg Invisible shield to guard iPhone 4 and you can admire the beauty of your iPhone then and there. This Zagg Invisible shield films will be acting as screen protection and it provides you greater protection from the external damages.

The Zagg Invisible Shield is available in four different choices. You can get maximum coverage films to your dazzling iPhone on all the 4 sides at a cost of $39.99. Along with that, you can get the top portion covered to protect the front most side of your iPhone 4 at a cost of $29.99 and the bottom most coverage to guard the rear part of the iPhone 4 at the cost of $29.99

The Zagg Invisible shield pack consists of Installation guide, invisible shield films, Squeegee and spraying solution. Click the image below to protect iPhone 4 :