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Safari Extensions – Wonderful 15 Add-ons

Safari Extensions. On June, Apple launched the Safari 5, which was having support for Browser extensions. This gives the freedom for developers to create add-ons in order to boost the Safari’s browser experience.

During the end of July, the Safari extensions gallery that were composed by various best developers was released by Apple. The additions to the gallery are just a starting step and there are more to come.

The 15 wonderful safari extensions are listed below.

1. TabLinks

This extension lets you to list the URLs of each tab that are open in the browser. This list can then be copied to an editor or can be emailed. So, keeping track of history is easy for addicted internet users. The text output produced will be markdown compatible.

2. Procrastinate

This extension provides a one click access that takes you to Delicious, Instapper, Pinboard.in, and Read it later. It is essential when you are not able to remember which ‘read it later’ takes you where.

3. Safari Duplicate Tab

When the duplicate button is clicked, this will present you a duplicate tab of the currently active tab.

4. Widgets Bar

Widgets like a news RSS ticker, the date and the World Time all in one toolbar.

5. Google Reader Snow Leopard

Google reader having this safari extension would give awesome experience and look. The Google reader has got many stylesheets like Helvetireaders, but this style looks apt for the Google reader.

6. MeasureIt

You can measure the pixel metrics of each component or element of a website. It helps you to find the metrics of a picture or image.

7. AutoPagerizer

This Autopagerizer will present the full text contents all in a single page, saving you from having to click the ‘next page’ each time to move from one page to the other. This will be useful when browsing on instapper (having large sized articles).

8. Coda Notes

The developers of Coda for Mac operating system X has developed this extension which allows you to annotate on a website. The webpage can be modified by adding or editing text content, highlight contents, draw notes, and modify the page structure and finally send them to your friends, team or designers. This is useful for users to give feedback for live sites easily.

9. FastestTube

The extension will add a button on the right side of the “embed” in the video pages of YouTube. You can download raw YouTube videos in any formats.

10. Add-to-Reader

This saves your time by adding the current (active) page directly to your Google Reader.

11. Better Source

Getting source code of page is already available. But, this extension will present the source code in a new tab with line numbers and coloured highlighting of syntax, which means you can also switch between the original and modified source code.

12. Google Apps Extension

This will let you to have a one click access (toolbar) to Google Apps tools and accounts like Docs, Calendar and Mails. You can access non Google apps, Google Voice accounts or Google reader. You can also have several Google account sessions simultaneously.

13. BuiltWith

This will display the profile about the currently viewed website like Web Server type, Scripting language used, Flash modules or JavaScript details and other details.

14. Flickr Original

You can view the original or custom size of the picture by just right clicking on the picture.

15. Gmail Counter

A toolbar button will display the number of unread mails in the inbox. When the button is clicked, the Gmail inbox will be opened.

Apple Iphone 4G

When choosing the best mobile phone to buy, it is important to consider a number of things—one of which is its functionality. When it comes to performance, iphones might be the best options. Aside from the many features and applications they offer, they also facilitate free conference calling service through the help and partnership of different network providers. This feature is really advantageous and quite important especially for those who run their businesses. Through this, anyone can hold and conduct meetings without being physically present. Know more about apple by reading its other features below.

The apple has been known for its unique functionality and features. When Iphone 3gs hit the market it out numbered every cell as far as selling is concerned. Apple has made its mark regarding the technology and its innovation and with the release of Iphone 4G, Apple has once again proved its name in the field of technology. The technology being used by Apple is no different from the rest of the cells but the thing which really makes a discrepancy is the quality and more smoothness of the technology.

As expected the Apple iPhone has sleek stylish design, simple but cool. As far as the display is concerned the whole eulogy can be put in one simple word ‘fascinating’ with out of the box multitouch user interface. iPhone 4G offers high speed net surfing with its Safari browser and the applications are not that hard to comprehend.

Now let’s look at the some of the drawbacks of it. Well, there are some receptions glitches in the phone and lacks some of the basic features such as 3G compatibility and stereo Bluetooth support. Regardless of lacking some basic features, call distortions and sluggish data network, the iPhone 4G has set standards for the integrated mobile phones and MP players.

Browser Wars Entered into a New Round with Safari 5.0.1

A few week ago Apple launched version 5.0.1 of its Safari browser. It fixes the major security weakness. It turns on the support for the extensions, where Apple is gathering in its new extension. The amount of available add-ins is meagre when compared to Google Chrome or particularly Firefox, but already there is some good stuff – The one I like is the Gmail Counter, which adds a button which indicates the number of emails that has been arrived since you did the last check on your inbox, along with a banner which rotates through the recent subject lines. Safari extension is the most flawless installation process.

Until now, when people asked me that how does the major browser stack up, I have mainly commend Safari but that the short of extensions made it to be less suitable working environment. But now it has got all of them. The other reason for considering the Safari is one less main unique characteristic for the competition.

Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera are all really good browser and they are developing more similar.  The overarching objectives are mostly industry wide ones like cutting edge HTML5 support, slicker frameworks for extension, more modest interfaces and zipper performance and other customizations.

An awkwardness of best browser to opt from is great news, of course. But on some odd level, it leaves me offhand about the entire topic. Most of the majority browsers are roughly comparable. And I am unable to remember which browser that I am using at the moment. (at present I have chrome, safari, Firefox open.)

At some point of time the interfaces will get as smooth as they are going to get, it will be tough to get more speed out of the JavaScript engines, and HTML5 will be all over the place. The browser developers must have to fastener onto new ideas and when they do; their products may again feel more characteristic than they do at the moment..

I am not asserting that there is nothing distinctive in the current browsers. A few e.g. of new ideas currently on display: Opera’s Turbo browsing, Safari’s easy reading mode, Firefox’s “tab candy” and all the social characteristics in my favourite underdog browser, Flock. I looking forward to see more stuffs like this and I keep my fingers crossed.