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Nokia N900 Review, price and features

The Nokia N900 is one of the world’s most advanced and the top cell phone manufacturing firm. Nokia proposes an everlasting variety of cell phones for almost every range of the customers and this mobile N900 is an enthusiastic internet device that means that the Nokia N900 is absolutely suitable and the best choice to satisfy the demands of the internet users.

Nokia N900 review price and features

Now let’s talk about the great and touching features of Nokia N900. If we talk about the look, the Nokia N900 is very attractive, presents a charismatic look to the users and also pretty prominent. This has made Nokia N900 a very attractive cell phone. The width is certainly going to give your pocket find the obtrude of the cellphone. The total dimension of the mobile phone is 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, and it has weight of 181 grams. Thus, it is perfect to take the handset in your pocket or bag. Because it’s not so heavy. This mobile phone has a slider pattern and when the it is slid-open, the whole QWERTY keyboard appears. And certainly the QWERTY keyboard is a blessing. You can easily type on the keyboard pretty efficiently and   the typing will be appeared at the display screen which is in the landscape view.

Now that we have looked at the effusively functional of QWERTY keyboard, let’s take a lookout the other great features of this fascinating cell phone, this cell phone has the wide touch screen display. One of the N900 features includes a 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touch screen that vaunts 16 million colors and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The display features are complete of accelerometer sensor for auto rotate and proximity sensor for auto turnoff.

The Nokia N900 mobile computer has a dominant 600 MHz processor & up to 1GB memory (256 MB RAM, 768 MB simulated memory). With brilliant power it enables you to enjoy all of your applications very fast, easily, and instantaneously on Nokia N900. You can enjoy the complete internet and browsing with Nokia N900Maemo browser. You can also personalize your own panorama desktop on Nokia N900 touch screen.

The cell phone is flaunted as an “internet tablet” and so, it must be supported with a better memory choice. The device is empowered with a 32 GB built-in memory, which is enormous for packing up with variety of applications such as Skype and Google Talk VoIP integration, OVI maps, WMV/Real Video/MP4/AVI/XviD/DivX video player, PDF document viewer, photo editor, Adobe Flash Player 9.4 and games etc.

One of the main highpoints of Nokia N900 is its camera selection. The cell phone is designed with a high quality 5 mega pixel camera that delivers a resolution of 2576 x 1936 pixels. Some of the bulging highlights of the N900’s camera are Carl Zeiss optics, Dual LED flash, video light, Geo tagging, and auto focus. Moreover, there are tons of entertaining preferences in the mobile phone.

On the whole, Nokia N900 has several pluses and therefore, it wins a “thumbs-up.”

Nokia N900 – Review, Features and Specifications

The Nokia N900 will be a boon to lot of cell phone lovers to those who are searching for the best yet reasonable priced mobile on the market. This N900 can be customizable which makes it far better than those others that are not. This can act as a companion of yours, covering all aspects by providing you a various functionality. This provides a platform for use of various web browsers, apps and especially the GPS, with which you can explore each nook and corner of locations.

This Nokia N900 is made up of an attractive HD (high Definition) touch screen, which defines the words quality and clarity. This N900 covers all the functionality that is to be had for a handset to be called a high ended handset. It has got the dock feature where gadgets are present. The integrated GPS allows the use of various applications like Geotagging, Navigation, Ovi maps from Nokia.

Nokia N900 review features and specifications

Nokia N900 Features and Specifications

The features of Nokia N900 include a 3.5 inch HD touch screen which has got resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. N900 has a got a powerful TI OMAP 3430: ARM Cortex-A8 processor having a processor speed of 600 MHz and also it provides support for advanced graphics via OpenGL. N900 is accommodated with a 256 MB RAM and 768 MB of Virtual memory, which gives a performance while in multitasking and working on applications. It comes with an in built memory of 32 GB which is more than enough to accommodate all the entertainment that you want to enjoy on the fly. You can store up to 50 hours of complete entertainment on the memory to keep yourself entertained. If you think, you want even more memory then you can use extendible memory MicroSD card up to 16 GB. The inbuilt GPS system is one of the main feature which allows it to make use of Navigation, Ovi Mapping, Geotagging apps.

Other features of N900 are, you can establish connection with your Tele Vision and go through your videos and photos in your memory. Also, you can have better browser experience both in use and speed. This phone has the latest QWERTY type keypad, which allows you to run through the keys, just the way you type on the keyboard.

Nokia N900 GPS with Ovi Maps apps

The Ovi Maps software is really useful as it allows us to navigate through nook and corner of all areas in the maps and the GPS support acts as the base for the software to work.

Nokia 900 Review

The Nokia N900 launched in 2009 and has been very well received across the world. Reviews have been incredibly favorable for this cell phone and it has touched the techno-hearts of both gadget fanatics and everyday people. Here’s a roundup of some of the reviews the N900 has received in its relatively short life:

The Nokia N900 has covered and attracted most of the mobile technology lovers across the globe. This has satisfied almost all the diversities and has been a successful story for Nokia. Nokia N900 has almost got no negatives but is rich of positives. Some of the reviews are given below.


Points: 8/10

Review Summary: It is a complete package. The apps provided are really awesome as it gives extended functionalities with gadgets like emailing, maps, navigation and social networking. The QWERTY key enables faster typing and the performance is really good.

The Inquirer

Points: 8.9/10

Review Summary:

This is a boon for Nokia Mobile lovers. The processing power and the storage capacity are really beyond the expectation. The QWERTY keypad eliminates the problems of multi-typing and thus emailing is also really easy.


Points: 9.2/10

Review Summary:

This is really not to be called a mobile phone as its capability is just like that of a mini computer. The browsing facilities, managing email accounts are really easy and multitasking is an advantage. The only problem may be that battery charge stays only for 2 days

Altogether, It is a complete Smart Phone package for all.

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