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Nokia N8 Applications Part 2

Nokia N8 is one of the most advanced smartphone designed by Nokia. The stellar hardware and appealing aesthetics makes it a success.

nokia n8 aaplications

Some of the must have and interesting application for your N8 is listed below. They are all available for your N8 via the Nokia Ovi store on a trial basis before you actually buy the full version.

SPB Wireless Monitor

With the increasing use of the Internet it is getting too complicated to keep track of the usage and the cost of your data plan. SPB Wireless Monitor is a comprehensive application for your Nokia N8 that provides a complete solution to keep track of your Internet usage and also in calculating the network data usage costs. It comes with 330 plus data plans to choose from and also raising an alarm when you are about to exceed your data traffic limit. This helps keep your costly data plan under control.


4squick is a free foursquare client that is similar to the Google Maps for your Nokia N8 phone that facilitates you to check out places near your location and check-in to find someone. Features such as navigation are yet to be included but are expected in the further updates.

Nimbuzz Version 3.2

Nimbuzz is a very important application for people who need a VoIP/IM client on their Nokia N8. The new version for the Symbian^3 platforms smells new and improved interface and performance like the message delivery notifications.

YouTube Downloader 2.0

YouTube Downloader 2.0 is a free application that allows you to download videos from the YouTube easily by just searching for them and hitting download. Several resolutions from 240p to 720p are compatible with this application. At any time you can enjoy high quality videos on your N8 handset.

Fring v4.5.17

Fring is a very popular application that allows you to make free video calls, voice calls and set up video chat with your friends. Fring allows you to chat wit your buddies on various Social networks like the Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and more. The new Fring has improved video quality and better audio.

Nokia Battery Monitor 2.0

Nokia battery Monitor is an application rewritten for Qt. You can view your battery level and the app gives you an estimate of the remaining battery time. It also provides stats regarding what has been using your battery to help you manage your precious battery time. It can also be used as a home screen widget.

Nokia Bubbles v1.00

Nokia Bubbles is a Bubbles screensaver for your N8 that activates when you lock your device. The bubbles on your screen can be configured to activate or deactivate certain function without actually opening it. It is also supported with the official Qt version.

Facebook Browser

Facebook Browser is an excellent application developed by Pixelpipe. It is basically a Facebook client using the Qt library and HTML5, but it lacks chat. It is very compact and comprehensive solution to keep track of your account.

Skype v2.00

Skype, the favorite and popular IM client for mobiles and laptops is also available for your N8. Skype allows you to make free IM calls on 3G or WiFi with a basic Skype account.

These applications make full use of your Nokia N8 completing the phone as a whole.