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4 Cool and Free android applications which will replace your other gadgets

Here in this article I am going to mention 4 coolest free android applications which will spice up your android mobile phone. Check out the 4 coolest android applications below.

Free Android Applications


Flashlight is a great android application which is available at free of cost for your android mobile phone. You can download this application from the android market at free of cost. When you launch this application your phone camera LED will come on and light your way.

Once you have opened this application keep your finger at the bottom and move from bottom to top and the bulb starts glowing and if you want to turn off the bulb just move your finger from top to bottom.

Important thing to be kept in mind while using this application is that before moving on to your phone’s home screen switch off the bulb. This is because if you don’t turn off your bulb your battery will soon die. This application is most dependable on Motorola phones, but it also works on some other mobile phone as well.

Tape Recorder

There are many recording android applications are available for android but I recommend the free RecForge Lite and its $6 big sibling, RecForge. With the Lite version you can record for less than 3 mins for each recording.

AS a default the sounds that you record will be saved in the format as .mp3 files. If you want you can save the file in the formats like .wav or .ogg file by changing the settings. You can choose to record the sounds in mono or in two- track stereo.

Once you have done your recording you can attach a further recording at the end and you can convert it into another format and if you want you can share it via Gmail, text message or Bluetooth. In Recforge Version you can edit the audio.

TV Remote Control

I wish I could use my android phone into a universal remote. But it doesn’t happen any time soon. The problem behind this is that the phones don’t emit the infrared signals, which are the preferred interface between the device and the remote.

This Wi-Fi remote neatly controls the boxee set top box.  By switching on your Wi-Fi connection on your mobile you can control the device over LAN.

If you have attached your Pc with your TV so that you can see all the movies and also the TV shows Via Boxee account, this program allows your phone to access a remote control.

Remote Keyboard and Mouse

By using your Android phone you control your computer. The open source RemoteDroid makes use of the network and the java to ast to another keyboard and mouse for your computer. Initially you must install the Java SE runtime on your PC and then run the RemoteDroid Server software and also you must turn on your android phone’s Wi-Fi and get it onto the network.

Once you have done those steps, you will find the UI minimal but intuitive: the big rectangle as a touchpad, the 2 small rectangles are the buttons and the keyboard icon brings the keyboard.

Unfortunately RemoteDroid doesn’t support Swype. But still it allows you to control your PC without touching it.