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Need For Speed HD for Nokia N8 Review

Need for speed, the most fascinating racing game ever, the all-new Need for Speed Shift, which was a big hit for the Windows platform, is available for the Symbiam 3 platform and even more interesting its in HD. One of the most downloaded games on the Nokia N8, Need for Speed HD is a splendid game utilizing the extreme graphic capability of the Nokia N8. Need for Speed Shift HD is yet another racing game for the Symbian platform and it’s the only game that can be downloaded for free.
need for speed hd

Having a smartphone like the Nokia N8 tempts you to try this exuberant game. The Need For Speed Shift requires extreme and detailed graphics to have a complete user experience. The game revolves around a simple story where you have to go up a series of levels to take part in the World Tour of racing.

Once you enter the game you will find the Quick Race option that will get you racing very fast. But the most interesting mode is the career mode allowing you to start a career from scratch, competing in various styles of racing, earning money for finishing on top. You also earn for keeping to the race line, clean or nasty overtaking and lot more attributes. The money you earn through the races can be used to improve the performance of your car through various modifications to the suspension, transmission, nitro boost, engine grade, brakes, tires and lots more. The better the performance of your car the more are your chances in competing and clearing the high difficulty races. You can also buy cars from the long list of cars available.

The mode offers you three-difficulty level to start your career. Your career will begin with you street racing with a reasonable car in Chicago. Slowly as you get a hold of the game and start winning races you move to London, Tokyo before competing in the World Tour.

It’s not a traditional and boring round track race game. You will encounter several types of races that will test your versatility.

  1. Circuit– Race with a number of laps around a circuit.
  2. Sprint– A single lap race that is like a death match.
  3. Driver Duel– Head to head race with another driver.
  4. Eliminator– Similar to the circuit race with a driver eliminated at the end of each lap.
  5. Time Trial– Beat the clock race.
  6. Exhibition– Head to head where you have to beat a sprint race of your opponent.
  7. Drifting– Earn points for your slides and drifting skills.

As you complete races you earn stars to unlock new levels and also earn stars for specific goals accomplished like staying first for a lap and more.
The very important feature that stands out is the very simple controls. Your Nokia N8 accelerometer and gyro sensors take care of the driving and steering. All you have to do is tilt your phone in the direction you want your car to turn and touch the screen to brake. It’s as simple as it sounds. One important customization is the option to choose between manual or automatic braking, assisted steering and a visual racing line on the track.


The Need for Shift HD takes its place as a game that quenches the never-ending thirst for racing. The Game is so intuitive and rich in graphics that runs very smooth on the Nokia N8 utilizing its on-board graphics accelerator.

With all the help from the N8 stellar hardware the game provides a stunning user performance and a complete user experience. The exciting levels tests the skills of the users.
The Need For Speed Shift HD is an excellent game for the Nokia N8 users matching the experience of Asphalt, although one disappointing thing is that it provides only one camera view mode.

On the whole the game offers a pleasant experience and scores as one of the most downloaded game on all platforms. I would rate the game a 4.5 on a 5-point scale.

Click here to download Need For speed HD for Nokia N8.