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10 guidelines to make your Laptop work efficiently

People can use their laptop for their work as well as entertainment. So, it is essential to maintain and cleanup your laptop periodically for it to work like a new one. Here we present some tips and guidelines to make your laptop work efficiently.

Top best laptop Tips

Here are some guidelines for it.

1. Defragment periodically – once every week. The files are split up and stored in several locations on a computer memory. When you defragment, the pieces of files are grouped to a particular place, making it easy to access.

2. Registry Cleaning – periodically. Registry is the vital part in all OS. The OS registry might get affected because of fatal errors due to infected or disfiguration. This mainly happens due to faulty installation of software. So, have a routine clean up of your registry with registry cleaner software available online.

3. Remove unwanted data on your hard drive. The hard drive might be filled with unwanted or unused older data like Games, Songs, photos, and others. As these kind of new files are added, your hard drive will get dumped and would eventually cause performance and processing problems on RAM. Thus, your laptop will become slow and crashes often.

4. Use good Antivirus/Adware/Spyware software. Use the best antivirus/adware software and frequently upgrade it. You will have to run a scan once in a week. Some run the scan every day, but all the software has a scheduled scan feature that will automatically scan the system periodically without your intervention.

5.  Delete the unwanted files on the recycle bin, then and there. Whenever you delete the files, use Shift + Delete keys and remove the files completely. But, If you happen to find any files on the Recycle Bin, clean them up often.

6.  Delete the Internet Temp files. If you are visiting a website, intermediate and cookie files are stored to your memory. These are called temporary files, but will remain in your computer memory. As the volume of temporary files is increased, your Laptop will soon get slowed down. So, after using your IE or Chrome or Firefox browser, don’t forget to clean your browser cache memory, then and there.

7.  Disable unwanted start up programs. Start up programs will run every time when a laptop boots up. Not all the start up programs execution will be visible, but will be consuming the RAM’s processing power and slows down your laptop. By using “msconfig”, you should disable those start-up programs which you think is not important to be run during start up. You are not going to delete the unwanted start up programs, but uncheck those programs in the “start-up” tab.

8.  Use your laptop cool and correctly. Don’t place your laptop on a sofa or bed and keep it cool. The laptop needs good air circulation as it produces lot of heat that has to be released outside. Else, the laptop will get overheated, slowed down, gets hanged up or crashed, and may also damage some components.

9.  Use Add/Remove programs to uninstall programs. If any software is not needed, you should remove it. Else, it will consume memory unwontedly and will slow down your laptop. Deleting is different from uninstalling, so you must use the uninstalling feature in the control panel to uninstall the unwanted software.

Following these guidelines will give your laptop an extra 3 or 4 years. Create a backup before doing any changes in your laptop as a safeguard when something bad happens.