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Microsoft Kinect : Our Review and Some details

Microsoft has officially announced the launch of Microsft Kinect. Project Natal will certainly be renamed as the Microsoft Kinect. In case you’ve been left confused by all the hoopla surrounding the Microsoft Kinect, you’ve just reached the right place. Here in this article I will be explaining in brief why everyone is very much excited and what is Microsoft Kinect.. Here is some details and Microsoft Kinect review:

In many means, the Nintendo started a gaming mutiny with the Nintendo Wii. Wii substituted a conventional gamepad with motion sensing controller and made the gaming very much fun once again to a wider section of the population.
Kinect is fundamentally Microsoft’s reply to the Wii. With Kinect, Microsoft has eradicated the controller in total. It is just an add-on for the Xbox 360 which uses a sensor, consisting of camera and microphones, which enable you to interact with the system through spoken commands, gesture and other objects.
Microsoft Kinect review details

Last night at the Galen centre, Microsoft publicly announced Kinect in a detailed spectacle. Amidst profligate performance by Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft showed some demo of few games that will be using Kinect.

They include:

Joyride: Joyride is a racing game and this is the 1st video shown. The player can control his car thro’ various actions performed by your hands and your body, plus steering an imaginary steering wheel and then changing the gears back and forth.

Kinectimals: This game allows the player to train and play with twenty different virtual cats plus tigers, lions and Cheetahs. As lovely as the game is, Microsoft truly wants to fire the chap who keeps coming up with these bewilderingly stupid and mystifying names.

Kinect Sports: Given the powerful successful of Wii sports and Wii Fitness. It is of no shocker that the Microsoft has decided to copy them. The Kinect sport consists of beach volleyball, boxing, track and field, bowling, table tennis and soccer. And once again you’ll be using hands and also entire body for playing. So anticipate the experience to be a lot more physical than your characteristic gaming session.

Kinetic Adventures: With this Kinetic Adventures, you don’t even need to head out-of-doors to get the taste of the adventure. Finish barrier courses or partake in river rafting time trials by swaying, jumping and performing other full-body movements. To have more experience you can play K.A. with up to your mates.
Dance Central: Dance Central is made by the MTV games and on the whole brings “ So you think you can dance” to each family.

Other games demoed are of an unnamed fitness game for martial arts practice and yoga, and a Star Wars game. Microsoft has engaged with the big content providers like Disney to make sure that lots of games are available for Kinect at the launch.

For this holiday season the Kinetic will positively be launched. We’re expecting that it will be launched by October or November. However, we have to wait until Microsoft’s E3 keynote for the official word. Yet another aspect is the Price, which Microsoft didn’t say any comment. Let us wait for the more updates from the Microsoft.

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Microsoft Aiming at Tablet Market

Right now, more than anything, Microsoft needs your money for your tablet PC.

This week in Redmond, Steve Ballmer, CEO said that company will “come full guns” at the mobile technology market, kicking to the control view that the company have become dreary and predictable — views that have many in the industries speculating if Steve has live longer than his value to the company after thirty years as a chief executive.

“We are gonna sell like crazy; we are gonna market like crazy” said Steve Ballmer.

Steve is going total nuts on the overnight success of iPods, and he is anxious to see that Microsoft returning back to relevance in the market which already worth billions.

Now the aim is to get into the tablet market as fast as possible and Microsoft says that the number one job now is tablet business at the company.

Ballmer didn’t gave any indication on how does the tablets look like and even when it will be arriving.

Microsoft did have the models of the cell phones which runs on Win phone 7 OS on hand, but not yet there is no release of any photos of them, citing how the company had loads of works to do to get ready for the launch.

But it is really too much works for the company to handle. Already Microsoft is too late to the Tablet party and each day it delays – or allowing other company to launch substandard hardware in the market with the Win running on it — it falling well further behind iPad.

And the cell phone business might actually be even worse. Microsoft is staggering from the terrible terminate d launch of the KIN phone which is thought to be the initial waves for the Win Phone 7, which had done not anything to improve its reputation as a player in the space of cell phone.

Right now “Getting Crazy” is the Microsoft’s only choice.

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Google, Microsoft Focused on Indian Languages.

If you enter into the Google Office in Gurgaon you will be drawn by the smell of the fresh ground coffee.

Jagjit Chawla, the product manager of Google India quips “We are getting ready to benefit for the subsequent big thing—the Indic Web.”

Chawla says that “Only 7 percent of the Indian People knows English and only 7 percent utilizing the internet. There are only few local languages contents available. The next wave of the Internet users will be from the Indic web.”

Google Microsoft focused on Indian Languages

So big opportunities are available in the sphere of local languages, roughly all the infotech companies worth their name have jumped the bandwagon. When just before two weeks, India announced the new symbol for the Indian rupee, it wasn’t just an forceful declaration about the Indian economy arrived on the world stage, it was as well seen as the symbol of the up coming age of the Indian language scripts in a contemporary avatar.

The traditional Indian writing – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati or Tamil is already making its existence felt on the globular scale. Today Indian typefaces are making the appearance even on a high technology platforms for example software OS.

The Microsoft Company is undergoing loads of researches on the Indian language products. Project Bhasha, for example, is the key landmark in Microsoft’s effort to excite the local language computing and take IT to the heaps, driven by the fact that 95 percent of the Indians are using their local languages rather than the English language in their work and personal life.

“We support Inscript keyboard which is the India’s national standard for the Indian languages inputs. This means that the app can be written in the regional languages. As a tech company, we work with the local partners who are proficiency in languages,” said by the Meghashyam Karnam, product manager, Microsoft India.

A Long back ago in 1996, Microsoft had begun work on the fonts of the Indian system in Windows for a new OS. Many fonts were developed in many Indian scripts like Punjabi, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil first with the OS Windows 2000 and later in the OS win XP.

It is no shocker the Microsoft, software giant saw an opening in the Indian language market even many years ago and started off with the localisation of the OS Win 2000 and 2 Indian languages – Tamil and Hindi. And now Microsoft supports twelve Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, Konkani, Oriya, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu and Punjabi.

Today, in India the web are not relevant to the majority of the users as there is lack of regional content. On the net there billions of pages but only 40 million Indian language pages are the there on the net.  Now you can type in English and you can get in Indic text. This was local need stimulated software. It began with Hindi and the Research and Development for this happened in Bangalore.

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Microsoft will give its employees Free Windows 7 Phone.

It’s good news for all Microsoft employees! Microsoft is ready to give free smart phone that runs on Windows 7 OS for each and every employee. This would put the reported 10,000 iPhone users from Redmond in dilemma on which phone to use.

Free windows 7 phone

This news came across in the Microsoft’s common Social communication channel, Global Exchange (MGX). The news was that nearly 93,000 employees in 100 countries would get a smart phone from an undisclosed vendor. Microsoft has been employing app developers, recently for its Windows 7 app development.

Many vendors like Samsung, HTC, Dell, LG and Asus has signed up for the contract of making the new Windows 7 smart phones. The base price of the mobile is expected to be 300$/unit and the total production could amount up to 27 million dollars.

The production of handset being carried out by vendors across several countries means only that the handset can be used with several types of carriers, which in turn result in cost competition. Apple’s infamous iPhone launch was also started with lot of special deals, which resulted in high costs and contracts having high time scales.

On March, according to the Wall Street Journal article, “nearly 10,000 Microsoft workers were having iPhone, which has attracted the attention of Steve Ballmer (CEO) and would have made him uncomfortable on hearing the statistics. The article also commented that Microsoft had modified its reimbursement policy for banning phones that does not run on its own Windows 7 OS.

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Microsoft hiring developers to build apps for Windows 7 mobiles OS

Apple and Google are well developed in the field of Mobile and Mobile applications. And now, Microsoft is picking up its pace now by introducing many handsets and building mobile applications for its Windows 7 mobiles by employing developers. The senior director of Microsoft Todd Brix said that, “Microsoft is giving financial support with various free tools and test handsets for development and marketing. Also, the company is ready to give funds even if in any case the apps are not selling as expected.”

Microsft application store

Microsoft has refurbished its flagship handset OS Windows 7 in order to make up for the loss in shares to Apple and Google. It is necessary for Microsoft to build more apps on navigation, games, music and others for its future handsets to attract its customers. ABI Research analyst Kevin Burden said that, “Few developers are unwilling to sign up till they are sure that Windows phone would attract its consumers.” Burden added that “They still don’t want to admit that windows apps would arrive in future. If they are ready to pay if something bad happens then this may look a good strategy to get many developers to work for them.” Brix said that, “In Redmond, Microsoft has got similar strategy of compensation programs for its older versions of Mobile OS and also ready to give larger funds”. Microsoft is not ready to say how much they are ready to fund.

Brix stated that, “We are ready to invest more money and resources to draw more developers for Windows 7 phone in order to make them to work better with it to achieve success for us. We are ready to invite and work with all of them. According to Steve Ballmer (CEO), Microsoft has ‘missed a generation’. Microsoft needs some boost up for its mobile development field“.

According to 5 people from Microsoft, the company has approached 4 app developers and made them settlements (funds and resources) in order to develop apps for windows 7 phone before its release. The information was not revealed fully as it was confidential.

Apple has about 225,000 apps available for the iPhone, while devices that run on Google’s Android operating system have access to some 65,000. Apple and Google’s Android phones have got nearly 225,000 and 65,000 apps respectively. But, Microsoft had got only 246 apps at the end of 2009.

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